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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Campaign #165 is officially underway and already the battles have been fierce

Posted by hyoslvr2 Wednesday June 26 2019 at 10:54PM
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Campaign #165 is officially underway and already the battles have been fierce. Get in-game as soon as you can and help fight for your side! Read further to hear a gripping story from the Allied front lines for the 10 hour battle to capture Frankfurt and for the #164 Campaign win!

Campaign #165

Today at 2:00 PM server time Campaign #165 was officially started with our Euro players leading on the battlefield. Since the campaign began the battles in game have been intense with each side looking to capture ground early for momentum. Be sure to join in when you can and fight hard for your team!

Lafleur remains Axis Commander in Chief and Augetout replaces the retiring Bondpaul as Allied Commander in Chief.


News from the Allied front lines: "THE ALLIED CAPTURE OF FRANKFURT!" by Augetout:

By late January of 1941, it was becoming clear to the axis forces that they had bitten off more than they could chew by invading France and the Low Countries. Initial gains had turned into significant losses in ground, men and material, and as in the Great War, the Allies’ efforts to starve Germany into submission were beginning to show themselves on the home front, and at the front.

Discipline was for the most part maintained, but cracks were becoming ever-more visible as the defeats mounted in intensity and frequency, with the search for someone to blame centering on (also as in the Great War) finding anyone other than Germany’s armed forces to hold responsible.
On the Allied side, despite the successes, stress was high, focusing on whether or not Allied forces should continue pushing, or call a pause to regroup offensive forces and allow for resupply efforts to bring forces back to 100% strength. These discussions culminated in a decision to push forward to Frankfurt, hoping to exploit German supply issues via a maximum offensive effort to end the war.

The forces arrayed did not lend themselves to a high level of confidence on the Allied side. Only 1 link existed to attack Frankfurt from, and it was vulnerable to counterattack by German forces. Additionally, at the onset of the battle, only 1 understrength brigade was available to match up against a Panzer brigade of unknown strength combined with both army and airborne garrisons. A General immediately moved another brigade into the town that served as the base of operations, (Koblenz), and began efforts to cobble together any forces he could gather, in case the battle did not go as planned.
In addition to the understrength brigade, the Allies too had an Army garrison, and had sent flash orders out to nearby Airborne units to stand by, with the goal of using the paratroopers to offset the manpower issues anticipated by Allied leaders. It was an ‘all in’ affair, quite different than the rest of the campaign which it should be noted was conducted in a methodical fashion for the most part.

The first indications to German units in the area around Frankfurt that an attack was imminent were signals from the EWS system, which showed Allied Infantry and Armor units closing on the town. Given the importance of Frankfurt, there was no need to worry that a ruse was afoot, and no expectation on the part of the Allies that a ruse would be of any use to their efforts. Communications went up the German chain of command and troops manned their positions, bent on repelling the Allied attack. Successfully repelling the Allied attack would put the Germans in a position where a huge counterattack would be possible.

On the Allied side, leading elements met with significant resistance, which was expected. Problems slowed any chance at a quick resolution to the battle, as the first wave of paratroopers took a long time to get organized, and were shot down before arriving to the drop zone(s). There had been no time to arrange for fighter escort, and the transports had thus flown with no escorts hoping to overcome a lack of firepower with guile. Subsequent waves of paratroopers met with mixed success in ground taken, but did contribute to the Allied effort via the attrition of German forces.
Initial gains by the Allies met with counterattacks that were partially successful. Meanwhile, the Germans went on the offensive while presumably preparing their forces to attack Koblenz directly. The Allies defended with a minimum of forces, as everyone was aware that victory in Frankfurt meant an end to the war. The Germans constantly attacked the 1 forward bases that made the attack on Frankfurt feasible, but the Allied defenders doggedly held onto the FB in attack after attack.

Campaign 164 was won by the Allies, Plus up coming intermission going old school

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday June 23 2019 at 5:10PM
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Campaign 164 was won by the Allies after a hard fought 17-day war!

For this intermission we have deactivated PPO’s and spawning from linked depots. This is old school driving to the fight.The map is set up for play in the new towns to the north and to the south. Plus, a push in the center with the US. So, there is a little bit of everything for everyone.
Campaign 165 will start on Wednesday 6/26/2019 S!

News from the front, Community Events & Notes

Posted by hyoslvr2 Thursday June 20 2019 at 9:49PM
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Tman :

Welcome wwii-online community! Campaign 164 rages on with the Allies pushing closer to the last Axis factory towns of Koln and Frankfurt for the win. Announcing a new Allied Commander in Chief (CinC) Augetout and finally recognizing two Top Players this week who win themselves a wwii-online mouse pad!


Campaign #164 is approaching the two week mark and the Allies have been pushing the map since the opening salvo. At this point the Allies have captured 6 of the required 9 Axis factories needed for a campaign win. In this game nothing is a given.. as we have seen the Axis rally to capture several towns in the last 24 hours. It looks like this will be a hard fight until the end as the Axis scream “never give up.”


Allied High Command Changes

About six months ago Bondpaul stepped up and accepted the position of Allied Commander in Chief. He brought together a team of senior staff and as a group they have worked to rebuild the Allied High Command. We thank Bondpaul for his time and effort and leadership during a period where the Allies really needed him. He will remain on the CinC Staff to help transition the new CinC.

Announcing the new Allied CinC AUGETOUT. No stranger to leadership himself, Augetout has displayed excellent communication and leadership skills both on and off the battlefield. We would like to welcome him to his new position hope that you all continue to support his efforts at stabilizing the AHC and building a stronger and deeper organization.


We are pleased to announce two more Top Player Awards for Campaign #164.

Top Killer to date: Slpkfor250 – with 1,044 kills in 733 missions. He has a K/D of 2.23 and plays only Axis with the 250 Hispania squad. Congrats to Slpkfor250!

Top Kill Streak in One Sortie: Dfire – with 84 kills in a Matilda MK II back on D-Day June 6th. Dfire playing Allied this map always scores as one of the top players in most categories. He is a force to be reckoned with no matter which side he plays. Congrats to Dfire!

Both players win a wwii-online mouse pad.


Network/Packet Focus and Operation RAT Trap Winners!

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday June 14 2019 at 7:47PM
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XOOMCRS is in the planning stages of finding out how we can handle network communication better with a dedicated focus on making game play experiences better. This would include a combination of reworking / adding code, and doing more to our infrastructure to enable best packet transmissions available. Effectively done, this would alleviate bad connection experiences more by further prioritizing the transmission of critical information (like deaths) so that lag-death can be less of a problem. Today our goal is purely to make an acknowledgment here because we know that this is important for you to hear.

Over the years we have tried a variety of different things, one example includes automatically despawning users who are having a bad connection issue but a more surgical approach will be required. Another example is not long ago we boosted our bandwidth cap up 10x and made our internet/intranet 1 gigabit.

While these things have helped to some degree, we channel all of our world traffic into Dallas TX. Since we have one game server setup which you know as the "Campaign experience," this makes managing this sort of traffic substantially more difficult than other games, where they can carve out 100 players to play in one dedicated area. So naturally the packet transmission by default in that regard is way faster and less management.

This is one example of the many things that CRS has to consider with our entire infrastructure in fact. We manage all of our community pages and tools, support and billing pages, and the entire WWII Online experience. When you look at it from that perspective there's a lot going on and it might help shed light that CRS is not just a game developer, it is a service provider with immense responsibilities.


18th Anniversary/Operation RAT Trap


Huge thanks from all of us at CRS for 18 GREAT years!

Last Thursday marked the beginning of the player events. Players assembled in Rotterdam South Airfield for the event commentary and a moment of silence in honor of those who fought and passed on during D-Day. We are always amazed and honored by our community's attendance. You, our WWII Online Community, is second to none! Thank you all.

Be fore returning to the battlefield for "Kill a RAT" festivities, kills were activated and everyone grabbed their knives for a massive enemy "carving" contest! I don't know about you all, but my fps dropped into the low teens, and was not rendering everyone lol.

Over the next several days, everyone seemed to delight in killing the RATs

  • Friday - All armored vehicles was unlocked
  • Saturday - All infantry was unlocked
  • Sunday - All air equipment was unlocked

Operation RAT Trap on Sunday was amazing! Huge para-drops, large armor columns, and massive town battles ensued. Allied forces took the day, but Axis forces took advantage of the "target rich" environment. Population was near even for most of the day, and was teetering on 4 AO's :-)

As promised, we have a list of the top players who will receive trophies from the anniversary events. Sorties recorded for the awards began June 6th when "Kill a RAT" was enabled, and ended on June 10th when it was turned off. Congratulations to those who made it on the list (RAT's are seeking revenge on kdped02 though hehe)!

Pictured below is a mock up of the trophies and medals that were ordered. If you see your name, please contact me at CHIMM@corneredrats.comto verify your physical address so we can mail them out when they arrive...



Once again, THANK YOU for an amazing 18 years!


Happy Father's Day to those celebrating


Hot fix to correct a few bugs for Version

Posted by hyoslvr2 Monday June 10 2019 at 8:43PM
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CHIMM:  Version

This release is a hotfix for a few issues that came up with the recent release.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated PPOs so that they are unable to be placed on the new Airfields
  • Corrected an issue that was causing ATGs to bounce uncontrollably in some towns
  • Removed changes that were made to sound handling that was meant to help with the Engine Bug
S! Cornered Rat Software