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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2


TMAN:  Salute WWII Online Community! Today's update will cover changes to the capture timers which have gone into effect today; two top players awards, some veteran tips and advice for surviving a bit longer in-game, and of course World War II Online's 18th anniversary is coming June 6th, and we'll have some events to announce here shortly which will include player prizes - WOOT!




Recent in-game polling has shown players looking for a little bit faster capture speeds. We have slightly increased the capture speed for 1 infantryman (about 15 seconds), and we have accelerated 2+ user capture speeds quite a bit. You'll notice we do not go beneath 60 seconds as a maximum capture speed.

Balanced capture timers remain in-effect (here's how balanced capture timers work - article). Which means if you're underpopulated, you'll have a bit faster capture speeds, and if you're overpopulated there will be a little bit slower capture speeds. We think there's a decent balance here between the large influx of player feedback we've received and the stability inherent in 1.36's game design. We need to keep players interested and the map dynamic.

Amount of Cappers Old Timers New Timers Change
1 225 seconds 240 seconds 7%
2 205 seconds 120 seconds -41%
3 180 seconds 90 seconds -50%
4 160 seconds 80 seconds -50%
5 135 seconds 70 seconds -48%
6 120 seconds 60 seconds -50%
7 105 seconds 60 seconds -43%
8 90 seconds 60 seconds -33%
9 90 seconds 60 seconds -33%
10 75 seconds 60 seconds -20%
11 60 seconds 60 seconds 0%



This is a clear demonstration of how your feedback is being incorporated into actionable solutions, whether that is features or fixes. Thank you for your participation in our in-game surveys and those which are e-mailed. It is always important to participate in them and pay close attention to them.


Announcing the Top Killer for the Allied side so far in Campaign #163 is:  MATAMOR with 2,321 kills and 2.88 K/D.  A powerhouse for whatever side he plays on. Great numbers mata!

Announcing the Top KD ratio to a player with a minimum of 150 sorties so far in Campaign #163 is:  SMOOTHIE with a KD of 60.33.  Yeah that’s right… 194 sorties and 181 kills with only 3 deaths.  Most of Smoothie’s kills come from hi well aimed sniper rifle! 

Congrats to both players who will receive a wwiionline custom mouse pad.



Taking towns is part and parcel of the WWIIOL experience. It's where 99.9% of the really meaty action takes place, and it's often where most of our squads play out (mostly) friendly rivalries with their pals on the opposing side. Whether you're fighting to liberate Europe or popping over to the "dark side" to change history, towns are a critical element of the warfighting experience. Here are a few things that happen when you're on an attack objective (AO):  

You will be found.   

Nine times out of ten, someone, somewhere, has an FMS being deployed in what may look like the most insane of positions. Early deployment is going well, you and your squad mates are spawning in one-by-one, and you rally up for the first charge into enemy territory - and BANG - you've all been dropped by the LMG gunner who saw the truck coming in and thought, "Well I'm having some of that!"  

Top tip: Don’t drive to an AO alone. The more trucks you have going in multiple directions, the more chance of getting your FMSs up and your team into town before the enemy can react.  

Realizing that this really isn't going to be easy.  

Ever been in that position where you've faced ridiculous levels of resistance merely getting into that spawn CP in the middle of the biggest fight of the night? Frustrating, isn't it. The spawn is the lynchpin of every attack and taking one, two, or even three can swing the balance decisively in your side's favor. If you don't move quickly to lock it down, it'll slip from your grasp and signal the knockout blow to the attack. Don't be afraid to commit everything you have, and give everything too. Sooner or later that resistance will crumble and you'll want to be there to claim the glory for capping the spawn.

When players get desperate, they spawn tanks.  

Tanks are curious little things. They look cool, do some severe damage and provide some much-needed spice to an attack that would otherwise get bogged down very quickly. But they're also a serious defensive multiplier. If you're pushing a town and you start seeing calls on your chat saying that tanks are spawning in then it'll be pretty safe to assume that the defenders are either very nervous or very annoyed. WWIIOL is famous for the emotion and competition it elicits, and there's no other game like it. No one wants to lose, but if you've got an entire armored battalion coming at you, it pretty much means squeaky bum time for this AO.  

Top tip: Anti-tank guns are the bane of any tank commander's existence. It's one thing to grab one in a hurry, but another thing entirely to bring the right one for the job. A powerful and well protected Anti-tank weapon will help you maintain control when you need it most.  

Forward Bases are more vulnerable than you think.  

You've landed FB duty. It's cool, though, because someone's got to do it, right? Same idea with attackers. You don't have to be "good" at it, you just need the sheer nerve to sneak up on an FB with a couple of your squad mates, watch the other side spawning kit, hit them with everything you've got. Forward bases are at their most vulnerable when the attacking side is committing to the bunker rush to finish off a town. A well-executed counter-attack from the rear will either catch the opposition completely unaware (it's the SWEETEST feeling to kill off an FB at the 11th hour if you didn't already know), or do just enough damage to lure the bulk of the attacking force back to the FB and thereby buying your side some breathing space. Try it on the next attack, you might find yourself a new in-game hobby.  Don’t forget bombers can now be used to help destroy the vehicle spawn at FB’s.  Expect more bombers and more AAA to greet them!




SCKING – QA Team Lead talks about the upcoming Release

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday May 24 2019 at 10:25AM
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Happy Friday! I had asked Xoom if I could do the Friday Dev report this week in order to talk about the development that is in the pipeline and my team is currently testing. We are working on which is our first release after the big release of Hybrid Supply. We aimed for this release to be a “Maintenance” release to try and focus on the little bugs that have been around. Both the production team and development team have been focused on these tasks. That doesn’t mean we have ignored adding a few features to this release as well.

Some fixes we have in this release are:

  • Offline Clones are finally fixed. They can finally be placed in whichever direction and be killed as well.
  • Many model texture fixes and even some new textures. The R35 will have a new texture, several of the infantry weapons will have new textures, some tanks have had minor texture fixes as well. The ultra bright interior of the 251 has been changed.

  • Added the Barb Wire PPO to the Italian Rifle, Flak38 to depot and FMS spawning.
  • Fix some tracer round issues with both JU87s as well as the Vickers.
  • Many terrain fixes as well as fixing clipping issues into many different building types have been taken care of.
  • Improper ownership data showing in some towns should now show the proper information.
  • Bomber EWS will no longer show in the Mouse Hover on towns.

We are still working on a few other fixes that we hope will make this release but haven’t finished testing yet. With the limited resources we have, we weren’t able to fix everything that we wanted but already have another “Maintenance” release planned for the near future that is populated with bugs we could not get to in this release and will add more as we find them.

Some new things that are planned to show up in this release:

  • AAR will now have a tab that will list what you killed and show you the name of the person who was operating that weapon.
  • Contact report removal by the player that placed the contact report.
  • To add more targets for the bombers, we have added the ability for bombers to partially destroy a Forward Base. You will still need to get boots on the ground to finish it off, but bombs can now destroy the vehicle spawn and the others tents but can not damage the infantry spawn. This will also draw more bombers towards the FBs which in turn will give the AA guns more targets at the FBs. And maybe with more bombers in the air, it will spur on more fighters.
  • We have updated Brussels airfield with a new design

The lists above are just some of the fixes that will be a part of We have approximately 80 tickets in this version. As long as we do not run into any hiccups, we plan to release around the end of the month.

As a small volunteer team, we at CRS are putting in a lot of time to help try and better the game for everyone. Our community is very passionate about this game and everyone has a different view of what is best for the game. We appreciate your subscriptions. Without your subscriptions, keeping the servers running, so that we can all play the game, would not be possible. Attached are just a couple before and afters for the R35 and Sdkfz251.


SCKING – QA Team Lead

Community Report

Posted by hyoslvr2 Wednesday May 8 2019 at 3:50PM
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In today's Community Report we will give you the details of "Operation Catapult" our next live server event and also unveil our new weekly Top Player Awards. We have also included a report from the front lines from Redlegs.

JOIN “OPERATION CATAPULT” on Saturday starting at 12:00 PM server time or 1:00 PM EST or 5:00 PM GMT.

This is our latest High Command server led event and will take place rain or shine! Expect huge battles on Saturday so rally up your squaddies and join the Welcome Back Soldier FREE event! This is a great opportunity to highlight the very best of our combined arms game with multiple big battles on the map. Catapult has no ending time so we hope to keep high energy gameplay going into the evening.


Be sure to download discord for voice comms and better gameplay



Tonight we launch two weekly “TOP PLAYER” awards for two randomly selected categories from our CRS game stats site at The Community Management Team will announce on Tuesday’s two TOP Players who will receive a customized mouse pad.

This week we are pleased to announce the Top Killer of Campaign 163 to date:

Dasei88 with 1,026 kills in 704 sorties and holding a K/D of 2.48.

We are also please to announce the Top Kill Streak in a Sortie in Campaign #163 to date:

Davrosio who had 64 kills in an A13 MKII on May 7, 2019.

Congrats to them both!



Redlegs – Deputy Chief of Staff for the CinC

Last week saw the rollout of Campaign 163, and with it, the first full campaign of Hybrid Supply. Players and HC alike both took to the new format eagerly, and great battles ensued. Coordinated efforts were found at almost every battle between infantry and tankers, Luftwaffe and ground forces, and all players working as one to penetrate a city’s defenses or repel Allied assaults on our turf. We’ve even seen a substantial increase in overstock missions being conducted, helping give that extra edge to a town seeing a fair amount of action. Axis Forces have seen modest gains early up and down the front, but our foes have pushed back as well in recent days, proving that this map will be hard-fought and that victory will not be easily earned.

As always, the fight rages on! Tell your friends about Welcome Back, Soldier, and get in game to help push Team Axis WESTWARD!!!!