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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

WWIIOL: Battleground Europe Open Beta Weekend Event Begins Today!

Posted by BEMotormouth Friday May 28 2010 at 12:50PM
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Public and Community Relations Manager, Playnet Inc.

Cornered Rat Software is extending a very special invitation to veteran players as we wind up our 1.31 Open Beta-- unlimited free access to our 1.31 Open Beta for this weekend only! We have a couple of events planned including 'Kill-A-Rat' and a planned battle for the Bridge at Remagen. This should be lots of fun with lots of old and new players slugging it out.


We're reactivating thousands of player account from the last 3 years and granting them access to the Beta server so they can preview all the goodies that lie in store for the release of 1.31. Current subscribers are invited to participate and get the word out to old buddies.

System Requirements for v1.31

WWIIOL:BE Summer Budget Build

1.31 Open Beta Weekend Schedule:

Thursday, May 27th

1.31 Beta available for download HERE (bottom of post)

Friday, May 28th

3PM: Beta Server Opens

7-10PM: Kill-A-Rat

Saturday, May 29th

1-4PM: Combined Arms Combat Event at Remagen

On top of all that awesomeness (and there's a lot of it!), if returning players log at least one sortie they will be eligible to win one of many great prizes including:

-One of three (3) 1 year WWIIOL game subscriptions
-One of three (3) Official WWIIOL Beer Steins
-One of ten (10) Official WWIIOL T-shirts

See you this weekend!!

The Rats

Reactivate your premium subscription now

Forget your password? Recover it here!

Get your 1.31 Decal!

Fine print:
*Accounts will be reactivated for Beta server access only from 12:01amCST May 28th, 2010 to 11:59PM May 31st, 2010.
*Prizes will be awarded in a random draw by CRS on Tuesday, June 1st. Players must log in at least 1 Beta sortie between May 28th and May31st to be eligible.
*To be elegible for the new '131' decal, your premium subscription must be active during the open Beta and through the live release of 1.31.)

bvewwer writes:

Couldn't log into the beta server.  Looks like they didn't reactivate old accounts.

Fri May 28 2010 10:32PM Report
Sirca writes:

Well, had no problem accessing the beta server using my formal as for "spreading the word out to old buddies".hmm. I am afraid I will not as I am not impressed at all by what I saw. Thanks but no.

Sat May 29 2010 3:27AM Report
BEMotormouth writes:

The accounts that were activated were from January 2007 to Feb 1st 2010. If you fell in that range and your account still wasn't active, please visit and someone will try to get you going.


Sat May 29 2010 10:10AM Report
Hrica writes:

what about us guys who bought the game almost 10 years ago?

Sat May 29 2010 10:40AM Report
eric_w66 writes:

Hrm, the graphics aren't 1990's, they're not top of the line, but I doubt Saorlan has machine capable of what it would take to use top of the line graphics on a gameworld with no real boundries (half the size of the REAL europe).

Jump? While it would be nice to be able to "step up" over some obstacles, how often did infantrymen in World War 2 "jump" carrying 100lbs of gear? Not too often. No bunny hopping is a good thing. As for collision, being able to walk through a friendly is an anti-griefing measure (and performance enhancer). Being able to "walk" through an enemy? I can't remember the last time I did that. I usually SHOOT them you know.

Sat May 29 2010 1:20PM Report
Sirca writes:

Well, my main concern is that I do not see much visual differences post 1.31; while the immersion is really good technically this game remains in stone-age. No new toys neither for years...except for two new planes versions, no vehicles eg. spaa.

I am really sorry but that was a rather long wait for not much at the end. I am disappointed to say the least as I was eager to give it another try :(

Sun May 30 2010 3:39AM Report
odinfish writes:

I was disappointed as well. I'm sure the current active subscribers will enjoy these upgrades and these improvements were in dire need in my opinion, but just not enough to bring me back.  Graphics...not what one would expect for 2010 which is fine. The game and concept is great but when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'd rather reach for Return to Caslte Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory...sorry, they just have better graphics and offer more immersive qualities.

Sun May 30 2010 7:52AM Report
levsix writes:

I have been playing off and on since 2001. I logged into the open beta. I have a system that exceeds the "recommended" specs and was stuck in the 18 - 28 fps range. Granted, this was in a town with a full mixed arms combat (planes/tanks/infantry/guns). I can't see how this won't alienate a good portion of the loyal player base. My Intel 2 quad @3.2 ghz, 750 watt psu, 4 gb ram, gtx 275, with current drivers is hardly top of the line but even using the bare minimum "best performance" setting did nothing to improve my framerate. I understand that it is a beta but I fear this transition may hurt the game rather than help it in the short term. I say this as someone who appreciates both CRS and the game.  I know that implementing a new engine is a huge task and there are countless potential conflicts on the end user's side that can diminish performance. I guess I'll go screw around with the options some more and see if I can get it to feel right.

Sun May 30 2010 7:47PM Report
[Mordecai] writes:

Just a reminder to anyone reading the above comments that this game is not Call of Duty or Battlefield. Those games have predefined levels and are built on state of the art graphics engines with huge development teams. WWII Online is made by a very small production team with a dated graphics engine. Even more than that it is a huge seamless world with massive combined arms battles. You can spawn in walk all the way across Europe without ever hitting a loading screen. You can be dogfighting at 30000 feet then swoop down to ground level and attack infantry and tanks on the ground.

Games with small levels and limited connectivity of players (32 or 64 players max) will obviously allow for higher detail. A game like Fight Night can include the highest detail possible because it is just 2 characters in a boxing ring. However with a game like WW2 online, where you can see over the horizon and actually go there if you want; you cannot have the same level of detail and maintain any kind of performance on a consumer PC.

That being said I believe that CRS could do more to improve the graphics but I think they are unwilling to alienate much of their playerbase whom tend to have outdated PCs. Many of the people that play this game play it because they can't afford a PC to run games like COD Modern Warfare. And again this is still beta for the new version so perfomance issues are still being hammered out.

Graphics aside the gameplay is some of the best I have ever come across and I have played almost every modern FPS on the market. No other game comes close to the combined arms, massive battles that can be seen in WW2 Online. Closest I have seen is maybe Planetside.

Mon May 31 2010 9:36AM Report
levsix writes:

 I have never come back to a game so consistently over what is now almost a full decade. I don't even care about the graphics to be honest. My system is far from archaic or outdated (exceeds recommended specs) and I was having some issues with the open beta, My friends also had some serious issues on systems that exceeded the recommended specs. . I know , I know, that is why it is a "beta."  I'll hope that it is in good shape when it goes live. I'm supporting CRS on executing it well.


It is absolutely nothing like COD , as the previous commenter mentioned. You can see for miles and it it is amazing when it all comes together in a huge battle. The game is not without flaws but I have had my most intense PvP experiences in my sensual gaming career in WW2O. The world is persistent.

I recommend that people grab the trial and give it a try...

Tue Jun 01 2010 3:32AM Report
neofit writes:


Hrica writes:

what about us guys who bought the game almost 10 years ago?


Ditto, and then were last billed in October 2006 (just checked my account)? Not worthy? Nevermind then.

Tue Jun 01 2010 4:40AM Report
Corto writes:

With about 40 fps on average (gtx280), performance wise the experience was ok for me.  Since I usually kill from about 200-300m out, ragdoll effects didn't impress me that much.  I applaud the general terrain enhancements though, since they increase immersion in an already immersive world (despite the general feeling about gfx, this game stands out for me personally as far as gameworld is concerned).

Things to be worked on before going live:

- lag / warping units (much more than what I remember from the live game)!  This was especially awful in the remagen battle.

- cthl

- I played this game for years (in the past) and for the first time I experienced the "concussion bug" as lmg (twice).


Conclusion for me is that I had fun. :-)  Not sure that it's because 1.31 though.  I usually tend to come back to WWIIOL every few months.

Tue Jun 01 2010 2:09PM Report writes:
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