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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Focusing on our Squads

Posted by XOOM-CRS Saturday April 30 2016 at 12:04AM
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Today we'll be talking about our plans to help our Squads communicate better with each other, retain their members and centralize communications in our new forums. We'll also be mentioning some concepts in development regard Squad tools, and some ideas to improve the Host Squad program. 1.35 development is going strong and we've squashed several bugs that generated crashes. We're preparing for another Open Beta in the near future once we've completed some important items relating to routine game operations. More details inside regarding Open Beta and release plans.


We've been working quietly behind the scenes in what turned into a major project migrating to our new forums. Our forums currently have our entire history in them, which is over 6 million posts, hundreds and thousands of users, threads / topics and more. So that's been the delay in releasing, that and now most of our resources on 1.35 at the moment which is intentional, we need that deployed more and we have forums that are online at the moment so it can wait.

So where do squads come in all of this forum chatter?

We're pleased to announce that we'll be providing an outstanding solution in the future for squads when it comes to forums. CRS will be providing squads who wish to have their forums centralized in our main game forums their own group and subset of forums, which will be completely controlled and moderated by squad leadership.

Here are some of the features you can expect to receive.

  • Consultation from CRS's forum administration team to help configure.
  • Current squad members will be automatically placed into your group forums (reads directly from game database).
  • Create any number of categories and subcategories for groups to operate in, and set permissions and limits for groups on a per category basis.
  • Squad leaders can create their own roles within the group, assign any of the permissions they’ve been allowed to those roles, and assign roles to other group members.
  • Squad leaders can set permissions on the content within their group based on the roles that they have created. All permissions for the content type are available.
  • Squad leaders can decide how they want to manage memberships to their group. Groups can be set to automatically accept new members, queue members for approval, be invitation only, or closed altogether.
  • Squad members have their own member titles, ranks, and post counts within each group which can be customized by group leaders.

This selection of tools will be provided at zero additional cost. Our goal is to help provide resources for our squads to grow healthy and communicate better, retention and growth is key.


YOU, can help all of these initiatives move faster and provide us with the fuel to do more by becoming a HERO BUILDER. It has never been a better time to HERO UP and back CRS.

As a hero you will receive a free towing account, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers. Are you ready to help make this game better?



Our Community Development team is a passionate group of community members with technical skills. They have managed to thus far bring back to life the World @ War Gazette and we're now getting the e-mailer function in order, where players will receive direct notification for outstanding efforts if they've been on the home page. (Big thanks to SNIPER62, B2k and Drloon for their efforts S!).

So when we talk about Squad Tools, we're referring to Squad leadership being able to manage their Squad roster outside of the game. The would include things like...

  • Promotions
  • Demotions
  • Removals
  • Updating text fields

We also want to strategize about how we can get side-based Squads interacting with each other and provide some better tools on how they can generate events (Operations) together in a secure way. There may be some cross-over here where we look at the HC Tools potentially to help manage which Squad is officially apart of their side as some sort of balancing mechanism to ensure integrity of operational security. So think of the Side forums, but expanded on with a more direct approach.


We have some plans to improve the Host Squad program, to make it more attractive, less chaotic and overall more effective. Here are some short notes from my white board after some quick discussion.

  • Fix auto-remove script from members who are not promoted as member after 7 days.
  • Two Host Squads simultaneously, 1 Axis, 1 Allied.
  • Create algorithm that states after player has spawned in to a side, and logged in X amount of sorties, be eligible and placed into that side's current Host Squad.
  • Provide daily summary e-mail of new members to Squad Commander.
  • Provide e-mail to player about that specifics squad placement and important squad info (TS / Site / etc).


To summarize this awesome update, I'd just like to remind you all to prepare for a big influx of players for 1.35. We've got a lot of people waiting for this stabilization update, and we'll be running a "Welcome Back Soldier" program two weeks after we've released and everything is stable.

World War II Online is officially marching forward and getting things done. We routinely share our appreciation to you all for your efforts and subscriptions not as a way to reduce the significance of the message, but because we're genuinely grateful and believe in our future. Our team is working every day to improve the game.

Finally, we're preparing for our future and the frequency of our design meetings and the velocity of our development efforts are increasing. NOW IS THE TIME TO RETURN TO WWII ONLINE!

Spread the word and let's get our soldiers back in the fight, please share this message with them.


I'll be running a LIVE feed here tonight to chat with our players and go over some of these details.