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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

WWIIOL: Battleground Europe News Update April 14, 2008

Posted by BEMotormouth Monday April 14 2008 at 12:21PM
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Last weekend saw complete upheaval on the battlefields!  The Allied forces, under the leadership of
soldiers like "Jpanzerj" and "Sparky78", massed together for a gargantuan push that left the Axis forces fighting tooth and nail to try to stop them.  Despite efforts of exemplary soldiers like "Jaylaney", the Axis army was pushed East until their High Command reluctantly surrendered.  Campaign #43 ended with an Allied victory, and an Axis vow to exact swift revenge!See the latest campaign status by viewing the online map at

Playnet is pleased to announce a special 14 day free trial offer to encourage new recruits to swell
our ranks!  Each week, the trial player who scores the greatest number of kills in selected categories will be awarded a free 1-year subscription to "Battleground Europe". A rank bonus, unlocking additional weapons and equipment, will be awarded to those trial players who perform above and beyond in their duty to defeat enemy forces.

NO credit card is required for this trial!

All trial users who create an account can win prizes for weekly high score and will be automatically eligible for a chance to win a Sony Blu-Ray BD-ROM.
See the trial information page for more details at

Thursdays Rat Chat with DOC was a huge success, with close to 100 people logged in to discuss the damage model. Players peppered DOC with so many meaty questions that the chat lasted nearly 2 hours! Topics covered included:

Want to show your love of the game in everyday correspondence?  You can download the latest art pack here which includes WWIIOL banners, signatures and screenshots to customize your desktop and email.


Every week players send questions to the development team, mostly with questions about game mechanics and future features.  Senior Producer Dana "GOPHUR" Baldwin tackles a few for this weeks PRODUCER INTERVIEW.


That nice video about the damage model reminds me the need of provide some "visual feedback" for ricochets. Is it possible to add some kind of visual feedback for big armour piercing shells?


That's certainly on Martini's wish list for post Unity II. In addition to displaying the penetration or non penetration marks we do know if a round is going to riccochet though we probably won't track physics on them for too awful long we can probably show some effect when a non penetrating round riccochets
(click to watch video)


Is there any way planes can select what enemy units they do not want to see, ex. 'no infantry' to help with the horrible lag spike during heavy battle that prevent you from accurately bombing targets and inadvertently darting yourself into the ground?


Sure. They can reduce their vis limit which will naturally weed out infantry first as they are last on the list for units to draw. Alternately you could try bombing from a safer altitude. I know, I know, where's the fun in that!?


Maybe medics (proposed feature, not implemented) could give the soldier some sort of temporary boost like morphine. [It would act as] one last boost to give everything they've got to the battle, but ultimately they would still die. That is unless of course they use the boost wisely and RTB instead.


Drugs are bad mmmkay? No morphine, but we might be able to give a boost, though I'm not sure that a gaping chest wound plus a happy pill would really put a soldier back in the fight. About the best use for a medic that we can see is allowing someone to get a "RTB" or "Rescued" instead of a "KIA".

* How rounds are tracked post penetration
* How fires and explosions work
* What is going to be changed or improved in the future regarding ATG models
* And many more

An AAR and link to the chat MP3 file can be found here.
Thank you to all who participated!