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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2


This weeks Community Report is geared towards Campaign 161 and the changes that camin the patch (terrain patch). There were numerous terrain fixes, new towns, placement of the new (upgraded) bunkers in selected towns, and much more! Allied High Command (AHC) welcomes their new Commander in Chief (CinC) Bondpaul. Read the full article below...

Campaign 161 Begins

Campaign 161 started off with a bang as we started in Tier 3 - 1944 equipment. This decision was made by CRS leaders as the Allies have had little playtime with the USA personas, and the new British toys (M10 Achilles and Sherman Firefly Mk IC) since they were introduced. The last two Campaigns have been dominated by the Axis who claimed victory just as the Tier 3 equipment rolled in. Among the excitement for Campaign 161 is the map expansion See the Readme below. Allies have made a dash for the new Holland towns North of the Zeeland area, can the Axis hold their territory? Log in to find out! 



The patch included MANY terrain bug fixes, adjusted content, and new towns in Paris and Holland. Listed below is the last two sections of the readme, click here to read the full patch release notes.

Adjusted Content

  • All Training Grounds have been moved to Area51

  • The new Barracks have been further optimized

  • Removed an extra road in Reims

  • Moved the Waterloo city flag icon so it wasn't so far away on the map

  • Enabled damage to the Dinant Road Bridge

  • Removed the extra Dinant Rail Bridge

New Content

  • The new Pentagon and Town Bunkers have been added to some of the new Towns

  • The Americans now have a Training Area at Area51

  • Added towns: Torcy-Le-Petit, Charlois, Scheveningen, Oostvoorne, Brielle, Briell - Maassluis Ferry, Rozenburg, Pernis, Ridderkerk, Hoek Van Holland, Maassluis, Rotterdam, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Delft, Monster, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Saint Valery en Caux, Cany Barville, Fecamp, St.Aubin Sur Scie, Saint Laurent en Caux, Yerville, Totes, Saint Saens and St.Martin-Osmonville

  • Added Coastal's Armory for the Field Marshall fundraiser

  • Added additional links from England to the new French towns

As you can see below the map is filling up nicely, but our terrain editors are nowhere near finished.


The upgraded Pentagon and Office bunkers were added to some of the new towns...


Not mentioned in the patch notes - some towns AND Forward Bases (FB's) now have climbable Anti Infantry towers! 



Bondpaul Introduced as Allied CinC

Campaign 161 begins a new era for the Allied forces and their High Command as Bondpaul steps up to the CinC chair. Below is his After Action Report (AAR) post as Campaign 161 erupted:


GREAT events on the horizon for WWII Online! Log in and keep an eye out for our reports SALUTE!