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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

The Big One

Posted by XOOM-CRS Saturday March 29 2014 at 10:39AM
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Cornered Rat Software

What is a wargame ? Most gamers are familiar with shooter style games that run across a variety of era's and back-stories.

Traditionally, WWII (Second World War) is frequently a strong proponent of this genre of shooter games. Only one MMOG based on the "shooter" gamer has really presented a full on hard core wargame experience however.

More than a decade ago, a small band of gamers got together, formed a company and created World War Two Online. The object of the game was to take the shooter style game, on as many levels as possible, and combine them into a full blown war in which all players on many different levels waged a campaign to take over the world, as modeled in game. This meant tanks, aircraft, even ships, combining with the traditional shooter participant, the infantry to create a totally player driven war that functioned from High Command planning the strategies and operations all the way down to the rifleman, the mainstay of frontline combat.

Even supply was a factor, with Production Factories updating the weapons, tanks and aircraft to follow the evolution of the war over time. Players could manually run supply missions to bolster their defenses when attrition threatened to strip them of what they needed to defend against major assaults by the enemy. Extra supply could also be stockpiled in advance to prepare for a major attack planned for anywhere along the front-lines.

This war is fought over the single largest gameworld ever created for the purpose, including northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and parts of western Germany. Campaigns can last as little as 3 weeks or as long as 3 months. Victory is determined by the players and it is easily the toughest, scariest battle you'll attempt to win as a gamer. Starting out in 1940 with the Allies comprising British and French troops and weapons, if the time line reaches 1943/44 without a victory, the American Army joins the battle.

World War Two Online is still alive today, and still the most unique wargame experience of any MMOG currently available. The big news is that while the fans of this game are currently engaged in Campaign 99, the big one is just around the corner.

Campaign 100. The 100th war campaign of Germany versus the Allies. Tanks and towed guns, fighters and bombers overhead, all controlled by actual real time players, combine with infantry using machines guns, rifles, demolition charges, mortars and anti-aircraft guns ... fast armoured cars and mission supply trucks ... all determined to take over the world and wrest it from their enemies control.

The makers of WWIIOnline, Cornered Rat Software, are offering a range of 100th Anniversary specials to celebrate this huge event with their long term players and supporters. Accelerated experience and level gains are going to be in effect for all players. Weapons and equipment not normally available for low ranked players and Free2Play accounts will be available for this special campaign.


Come join the party. Old veterans of the game and new players alike, all in the biggest, baddest, most hard core war any game can offer. Be warned though, this one is not for the weak at heart. It's tough, and because the campaign game is so vast in the range and variety of tactics, strategy and the combat itself is so brutally YOU'RE DEAD BUDDY if you don't play it smart ... the learning curve is steep. Doing well at this game is a huge achievment, and perhaps why it's die hard fans have stuck with it for almost 13 years. Don't be afraid to tell someone if you're new, they'll look after you and teach you how to be one of the killers, rather than one of the corpses. Joining a squad is a good idea.

Campaign number ONE HUNDRED. Don't miss it. It took over a decade to get there, and that's pretty huge.



Join the many returning players and squads for Campaign 100. By resubscribing you are able to access your old account and records. Additionally you will help make more improvements to the game that has brought so many great memories to us all.

Need help?

100 Campaigns of WWII Online

Posted by XOOM-CRS Friday March 7 2014 at 11:19AM
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Written by XOOM
Chief Marketing Officer, Playnet Inc.


The Community is getting ready for Campaign 100 and it's time to unveil what the Rats have planned to make this an exciting celebration for everyone. We'll have weekend unlocks, increased experience earnings and exceptional campaign game play being carried out by all of our fans. Squads are reforming specifically for this special occasion, and by all means it is a celebration for the entire WWII Online Community past and present. Come join us for a great time, get in early to rally with your squad and shake the dust off.

Play WWII Online for FREE!


Campaign 100 will be a completely player driven campaign, there will be no special events occurring as this is what most of our players have indicated they'd like to see. So instead to make this a great experience for returning players and our new community members, we're opening some doors to give them a taste of the great equipment and game content we have available.


Each weekend we will have an unlock for our free to play customers. The caveat to this is previous week unlocks will follow. This means that if you are in Weekend 2, you will receive the unlocks from Weekend 1, and so on (they keep adding up).

In addition to these unlocks, rank restrictions will be set to their absolute minimum opening up the use of ranked equipment to all ranks.

Campaign 100 Weapon Unlocks!


Both premium and free play customers will receive increased XP earnings for the following areas.

Capture Facilities: Experience earned in association with capture, guarding or stopping a capture will be increased five (5x) times its normal amount.

Mission Leaders & Mobile Spawns: Mission leaders setting Field Resupply Units (FRU's) will receive a 5x bonus for each player spawning through their MSP/FRU.


The Rats will broadcast when Campaign 100 has started to the entire WWII Online player base via our newsletter mail, social media and other platforms.

We need your help to force multiply this message now to our friends back in time. Be sure to rally up with your squads by all means, mass forum e-mail, previous e-mail list, facebook, phone call etc.


Heads up, we'll be running another Rat Chat sometime shortly after Campaign 100 concludes to answer some questions and give you some intel on progress we're making. This will be done in similar fashion to our last one with a basic agenda going out first followed by a live Teamspeak discussion. - We'll report more on this after the festivities.

All of us at Cornered Rat Software Salute our Community and welcome returning and new customers. S!