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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

More specific information on the terrain expansion New Towns, New Air Fields, plus more.

Posted by hyoslvr2 Thursday February 28 2019 at 5:46PM
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1.35.17 is primarily Terrain Expansion Release. We have added some towns in the north above the zeelands (including two new airfields) and towns in the southwest corner of the map. For those in HC, Area51 will now be the "Training Grounds" and that is where brigades will bounce to. This release will also be introducing the new "old" bunkers to some of the new towns. Both the Pentagon bunker and the AB Bunker. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback. Enjoy!

World War II Online
Version - February 2019

This release brings totally new towns onto the map and has a large number of other terrain fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the map to show only two Infantry spawns in the Talmas AB

  • Fixed a floating building in Empel and Tielt-Deinze FB

  • The Vise West AI pit, Temse AI ATG pit, Vliss Hangar AI, Liart AI Tower/ATG pit, Reims AF AI pits and Hastiere AI MG pit is now repairable

  • Moved a Kaarst Dus Depot, Habay-Arlon Fb inf spawn, Eghezee Building, Cambrai AI and Tents, Albert - Corbie FB, Ieper-Lille, Aubigny building, Talmas depot, Jodogne - Wavre FB, Haybes buildings, Florenville road, Eghezee - Namur FB, Londinieres - Foucarmont FB and Lechesne - Vouzier FB from being clipped into a berm

  • Removed vegitation from the Temse Depot, Liart Depot, Lockeren-St.Nik FB, Havelange East Depot, Nandrin Depot, Bouillet Depot, Seclin - Lens depot, Seclin-La-Basee depot, Seclin-Lille Depot, Eeklo AI pit, Bailleul, Frevent building, Saulty building, Aubigny building, Bruay building, St.Pol AB wall, St.Pol AI tower, Bethune AI tower, Villers- Bretonneux depot/AB bunker/Vehicle spawn, Lumbres depot, Escoeuilles Depot, Assigny building, Samer AB, Lier - Schilde FB and Roermond West

  • Fixed a floating bush in Waterloo

  • Added a gunner to the Knokke South AI, Niklaas South AI tower, Rocroi AI pit, Berry-Au-Bac Docks, Reims South AAA AI, Lille NW ATG AI, Maubeuge ATG AI, Boulogne South ATG AI pit, Abbeville West AAA AI, Walsoorden NW AI pit, Metz North docks, Brussels NE-NW AI tower, Andenne, Jodoigne building, Tienen building, Tienen church, Oudenaarde AI Tower, Chimay AI pit, Deinze AI pit, Margate AI pit, Cambrai AF AI, Dunkerque Docks, Mendig, Wissant, Calais, Boulogne, Fressenneville North/South AB, Montreuil, Berck Plage, Dover, Antwerp SAB AI tower and to the NE sector of the town

  • Corrected the issue with the Florenville SE ATG AI

  • Updated the orientation of one of the Orval AI tower and Oudenaarde AI pit

  • Updated a Reims West Dock AI pit and a Signy MG AI pit so that it's no longer sunken into the ground

  • Shifted a Betheniville-Sommepy Depot, Spontin Depot and Hannut Depot so that it no longer clips into other buildings

  • Updated a Spontin AI pit, Oudenaarde AI pit, Talmas depot, Zandvliet building, Bertrix and Liege South AB barracks so that it doesn't clip into a building

  • Removed the Japanese flags from the Berry Au Bac-Reims Depot and the Roye-Marqueglise Depot

  • Corrected an issue at the Chauny-Jumencourt depot which was causing a CTD

  • Removed AI from the Cambrai AF Hangar

  • Moved the Dunkerque shore AI so they aren't in the water

  • Made an invisible object SW of St.Ricquier disappear

  • Shifted the Montreuil Infantry spawns so they are not longer blocked by the AB wall

  • Moved around the Ypenberg AF hangars

  • Removed some extra boxes from Varengeville - Sur-Mer

  • You can now exit the Liege West AB barracks and West ab Breda barracks

Adjusted Content

  • All Training Grounds have been moved to Area51

  • The new Barracks have been further optimized

  • Removed an extra road in Reims

  • Moved the Waterloo city flag icon so it wasn't so far away on the map

  • Enabled damage to the Dinant Road Bridge

  • Removed the extra Dinant Rail Bridge

New Content

  • The new Pentagon and Town Bunkers have been added to some of the new Towns

  • The Americans now have a Training Area at Area51

  • Added towns: Torcy-Le-Petit, Charlois, Scheveningen, Oostvoorne, Brielle, Briell - Maassluis Ferry, Rozenburg, Pernis, Ridderkerk, Hoek Van Holland, Maassluis, Rotterdam, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Delft, Monster, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Saint Valery en Caux, Cany Barville, Fecamp, St.Aubin Sur Scie, Saint Laurent en Caux, Yerville, Totes, Saint Saens and St.Martin-Osmonville

  • Added Coastal's Armory for the Field Marshall fundraiser

  • Added additional links from England to the new French towns


Cornered Rat Software

Great information on the expansion of France and Holland, tiers and much more

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 22 2019 at 7:02PM
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There's quite a bit of information here for this Friday's update, with an all new Game World expansion (France and Holland), the re-introduction of the original City and Pentagon Bunker and several terrain bug fixes making up version 1.35.17. We also have some more Tiers in the form of half years approaching. And we'd also like to announce some Community Management changes along with our newest CRS Staff member additions.


I'd like to officially welcome aboard "BMBM" as our newest RAT at Cornered Rat Software. Bmbm has been responsible for many of the recent work pertaining to new vehicle implementation and is consistently learning how to grow and build our content set. He's also been helping with the implementation of reworked spawn lists aiming to make them more historical.

Also, I'd like to congratulate "TMAN" on stepping up to the Community Manager role. BLKHWK8 will be moving over to the Assistant Community Manager role and continue supporting the Allied Forces along with the CM / CRS team. 

And last but not least, I'd like to congratulate "PITTPETE" on becoming our second newest member of CRS. He'll be stepping up to the Support Team Lead where he'll be helping our customers with technical and billing support. Pittpete has been doing this very successfully for sometime now and is deeply dedicated to the success of WWII Online.

If you're interested in participating at CRS, please check out for technical and non-technical opportunities.


We're excited to announce that after a lot of planning and preparation we'll be transitioning the Campaign experience to include new "HALF" years. You'll continue to see Tier 0, Tier 1 and so on according to the database and in-game world. But these new tiers means equipment will be introduced into the Campaign a little differently.

You can see what that looks like with all of the Tiers laid out in advance by going to our Premium Discussions are in the "Barracks." 

Join the forum discussion here!


This is a really important Terrain Pack that is nearly ready for deployment - going through the final checks of testing as we speak.

Here are some of the important notes about the release (official readme to follow around release time):

  • NEW! Remake of the original bunkers that you've been asking to return! Available in a variety of newer cities.

    • City Bunker

    • Pentagon Fortress Bunker

  • Massive expansion in southern France.

  • Expansion in Holland, more towns in the Zealand Islands.

    • Rotterdam is a new key city.

    • Den Haag moved and completely redone.

  • Two new Airfields in the northern section of the Zealand's.

  • More links to England.

  • More details to be announced with official readme.







Become a Hero Builder at and help us continue to deliver on these great achievements. Thanks for playing WWII Online!



Hybrid supply Update and Videos, RDP Effectiveness and More

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 8 2019 at 8:48PM
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 This weeks report highlights several videos that were released this past week including a live stream as XOOM shows the progress of 1.36 Hybrid supply, an official tutorial video release "The Rifleman", and Campaign #159 Map and Stats video. Also in this report, I also discuss RDP bombing and how it effects the supply needed to attack/defend towns in the campaign, and a word from LaFleur, Axis CinC. Read it all here...


Highlighted Videos of the Week

An impromptu live stream by Xoom occurred yesterday discussing/displaying the 1.36 "Hybrid Supply" developer beta product. Many players joined the stream and asked many valuable questions about the most anticipated change in WWII Online. As stated by XOOM in the stream,  "The hardest part is done, now it's just fine-tuning the project". After the adjustments are made (end of Q1 2019) the High Command teams will get a chance to "put it to the test" before it goes live! Yes, it is coming to fruition!


The second tutorial video was "officially" released. The Rifleman Class is one of the most versatile units of WWII Online. This video gives you a brief introduction, but it is up to YOU to make it menacing for any enemy you encounter!


We're already fighting Campaign #160, but we thought we'd take a look back at Campaign #159. See how the map moved and some of the top stat lists.


RDP Effectiveness 

There are so many "strategic" levels of WWII Online. RDP (Research and Development) bombing is just one example how a few players can devastate an entire side!

We see the available weapons as we spawn in, but what happens to that "weapon" if you get killed? ALL weapons take time to rebuild before they are displayed in the supply list for you to spawn with 100% factory output:

  • If you "RTB" (Return to Base), your weapon (rifle, smg, tank, etc) returns to the spawn list within 3 seconds

  • If you are "Rescued", your weapon returns to the spawn list in 15 minutes

  • If you are "KIA" (Killed in Action) or "MIA" (Missing in Action), your weapon will take 12 hours to return

In the image above (text chat images were taken today), you can see the Axis RDP is at 95% destroyed. This effects the "KIA" and "MIA" timers to rebuild those units, and will take near 30 hours for 1 rifle, 1 smg, 1 tank, etc. to return to the field! Every kill makes a HUGE impact on your available supply, thus the ability to attack/defend towns effectively.

You can check the RDP% status by typing .rdp in the chat bar while in game.

Typing .factories in the chat bar will display each factory facility, and its status.


Axis Message from CinC LaFleur

Congratulations to all Axis Officers and Soldats for a well-earned victory in Campaign 159! We crossed over to England in the closing days of the campaign and then had short intermission before beginning Campaign 160 on Monday night. The opening days of Campaign 160 saw the Axis quickly drive to capture towns on our South flank down to the border. The opening Allied deployments had additional brigades poised to break out in the North, but our strong defense prevented the loss of any towns beyond the initial drive on Jodoigne. The Allied gambit failed and left the South under-supplied and ripe for the taking.
Axis forces pushed in the Center towards the river line and by Thursday we had a foothold in Haybes to cross the river. In the meantime, the Axis drive in the South resulted in the surrender of all Allied towns on a line from Virton down to Fresnes, with Axis forces reaching Verdun. Late in the week the Allies sent additional supply South to counter-attack and recaptured Verdun and the airfields at Etain. Battles in the North continued, with Schilde changing hands back and forth.
Axis HC recruitment remains strong, with two new officers joining the ranks this week and a total of 9 cadets in the training. Squad JG51 will be the first to formally enter the Squad HC Alliance program upon graduation of its next cadet. JG51 will soon be the named/designated squad for 3.Jg.II Luftwaffe brigade. Other squads are in the process of having cadets trained to get designated brigades as well. In other news from the OKW, SHAGHER was promoted to Country Command CO and REDLEGS was promoted to Armee Branch XO.
Intelligence reports indicate that superior Axis in-game communications and cooperation among squads on objectives were a key factors in our Campaign 159 victory. The Allies are aware of this, and they have put together a strong team in AHC that will try to use these same techniques to steal back a victory in Campaign 160. We should expect strong opposition and coordinated attack and defense from the Allies through the current campaign, so we will need to step up our game even more in the coming weeks and use what we have learned about tactics and supply in the updated brigade strength/unit environment. Early days will require coordination with the Luftwaffe and truckers hauling 88s to blunt the onslaught of Matilda tanks the Allies will through at us. Work together and help your comrades by keeping them supplied, marking targets, and using waypoints in missions.
When we work as a team, we move West – and that's the goal!
LaFleur – AXIS CinC




Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday February 1 2019 at 3:43PM
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Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week. Several bug fixes, two critical ones (DLL and DPI), increased player placed object lifetimes, some art updates, bomb ballistic coefficient updates and more. Plenty of good things going into this one. We're continuing to make improvements where available and these notes do not reflect the entirety of our efforts here at CRS (such as 1.36 hybrid supply [which is nearing closed beta] and finding network improvements). The #1 way to support WWII Online's game development, is to become a Hero Builder subscriber (learn more here).

WWII Online: Version - February 2019

This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes

  • The FlaK36's (88) collider has been adjusted so it doesn't hit the top of the FB tent

  • Bombs that were not showing explosions are now fixed

  • The British M10 and Achilles decals have been fixed so that they are no longer upside down

  • Fixed a clipping issue for the Fuel Tanks, Loading Docks, AF Bunker, Castle Wall, Mansion Stairs and Church

  • The Mobile Spawn box will now remember if it has been unchecked

  • The PzIIc and Pz38(t) commander's view has been fixed to be in line with the gunner's view

  • Corrected an issue during installation that required external DLL files to be installed

  • Disabled High DPI scaling by default

Adjusted Content

  • An "Instrument" view (num-pad .) has been added to the FlaK36 (88) in order to assist players with seeing in front of the shield

  • The Credits have been updated

  • PPOs now have a 120 minute life span

  • Tank Traps and Gun Emplacements will have a 240 minute life span

  • Bomb Ballistic Coefficient (BC) values have been updated so that they are closer to the real-life values

  • The Netcode3 option is now removed from being in the Preferences menu and will be forced to being enabled

  • Country flags, next to town names, have been updated to look better and sharper

  • The M10 and Achilles internal sounds have been updated to match other units

  • The gunner's forward view port for the Pz3-L and Pz3-N has been unblocked

  • The old crew members for the SA 37mm have been retired and replaced with updated crew members

  • The internal art for the Churchill tanks has been updated

  • Keysie has been added to the Fallen Soldier Memorial

  • The Sdkfz 7/2 SPAA's Bofors has been replaced with the Flak37 model

S! Cornered Rat Software