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World War II Online - News

News from the front line. WWII MMO FPS, Play For Free.

Author: XOOM-CRS

Contributor: hyoslvr2

Crucial Update regarding 1.36 and more

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday November 16 2018 at 3:29PM
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This is a crucial update regarding 1.36 (Hybrid Supply) which is the combination of reintroducing "Town Based Supply" (or Garrisons now) and moveable Brigades that we've had for sometime. Today we're going to show you screen shots and a couple of videos demonstrating some key functions of 1.36. It's now safe to say we are rapidly approaching full testing internally and many of our key design considerations are, or already have come to life. This article is significantly important as a player to review, as it will dramatically alter the Campaign. Join our 1.36 forum discussions (here)Share this article with veteran players!


  • Campaign stability

    • Massive breakouts will be very hard

    • Garrison supply will move systematically, with HC present or not

  • Making High Command fun, without the stress of map management

    • Emphasizing HC to create fun for players on the fly

    • Organizing large scale operations

    • Redirecting energy from map management to cultivating outstanding community relationships

    • Moving brigades is optional with low risk vs high stakes gamble

  • Providing supply for squads and players, at all times

  • Provide a fighting chance for underpopulated side

  • Giving Airman, Sailors and Paratroopers more play options

  • Make the Zeeland Islands a worthy fight again



On first sight, you will notice a tremendous difference in available supply across the game world. This is a key consideration to make sure that with High Command online (or not), the Allied and Axis player base (Squads) will have access to many supply options. This will directly give defenders a fighting chance, all on their own, every time.

All pictures can be expanded by clicking on them.

Here's a closer look of how the front and rear line will look...


Garrison (town) supply will be located...

  • Every Frontline town (linked to an enemy town)

  • One town to the rear of the front (linked to a friendly frontline town)

  • Every Airfield across the map

    • Air Force

    • Airborne

  • Every Docks across the map

    • Including Deep Water Ports (Destroyers / Freighters)

  • Moveable Divisions / Brigades like we have now

    • Available in limited number, moveable only by High Command to supplement game play


We've made joining a Garrison very simple. All you have to do is RIGHT-CLICK on the town, and you'll be presented with a join option. Here it is in-action.



To avoid the North vs South segregation we saw in the early stages of WWII Online, this was a key requirement to allow for Allied forces to change their Garrison's country ownership. 

NOTE: Upon changing the supply from one country to another, it will take up to 6 hours for your supply to trickle in to 100% availability. This is to avoid rapidly swapping ownership back and forth so as to game the system against the Axis, who continue to have only one supply pool to manage and choose from.



Surrender simply means you're cut off from friendly units. This system remains in tact and was included part of the 1.36 design consideration. Here's how it looks in a Hybrid Supply situation:



This is the biggest game changer that WWII Online has seen in years! The Campaign is poised to have a whole different tone, along with the High Command program, which we hope to see many of you return to provide effective FIELD leadership and organizing operations.

Join our 1.36 dedicated forum discussions (here), where you can ask questions, share thoughts. The RATS will be watching closely interacting with you guys. 


Be sure to share this article with our veteran players, who by the way, are able to communicate with us in that forum and even play the game as a Rifleman only. All previous premium subscribers have received a perpetual FREE Rifleman account. There's no reason not to come back and play / rejoin the WWII Online community.


As a hero you will receive a free towing account, NCO and Ammunition Bearer infantry classes, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers.

A Hero Builder is the #1 way to support WWII Online development. Join our monthly plan, the most affordable and effective builder option we have.



Production Update - Game Environment

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday November 11 2018 at 7:02AM
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XOOMSo many good things are happening in terms of Environment Artwork, and today we're going to have several screenshots outlining what that work entails... let's just say this is a pretty big (awesome) update that you want to check out. There's also some investigation and discovery to see what we can do, some fixes to existing artwork, and brand new artwork as well, so let's get right to it. Special thanks to our environment artists: Xl2rippr, Mkw and Morganlines.


YOU, can help all of these initiatives move faster and provide us with the fuel to do more by becoming a HERO BUILDER. It has never been a better time to HERO UP and back CRS.

As a hero you will receive a free towing account, NCO and Ammunition Bearer infantry classes, recognition in-game, closed BETA testing access and a forum for one on one chat with Developers. Are you ready to help make this game better?




This building is presently in-game but needs to have its secondary damage state reactivated. Due to some tech reasons (like clipping and such) it was deactivated long ago, so we asked Xl2rippr to do his magic and get it back online. This shows you a new approach on how we plan to get rubble to look, we're aiming to go back to that charred "burnt" look.


Xl2rippr: This one very much inspired by the French style of buildings during the era. This building is fully enterable and contains a large number of rooms, as you can see.  The damaged state will feature the center part of the structure ( the tower ) being collapsed.


Morganlines: These are in-progress shots for the restaurant, a hotel, an apartment, bakery, butcher, and telephone shop!

Mkw: Take notice at our goal to provide roof access for WWII Online players, we are looking at several new ways at achieving this.

This is the Bakery.

This is a kitchen in this building.

Here is a unique side-building view look at most of the interiors

Here is an apartment building currently being developed.

Here is a new hotel being developed.


Here we'll demonstrate to you a couple of our explorations to make your game play environment more realistic / believable within the game engine. It's a variety of adding new textures on the ground tiles, manipulating grass textures / models, making grass taller to reflect fields, and of course cornfields.

First here is the taller grass, as you can see compared to the German infantryman, it stands much higher, enabling concealment of troops.

This is a quick test of replacing the grass model.

Here we test a dirtier ground texture for different environments.

<img width="650" alt="" src="" data-cke-saved-src="" 400"="">

And here is more of a farmland texture on a terrain tile.

An infantryman stands next to a cornfield with some taller grass as well.

A quick shot of a small corn crop.

Up close and personal to the corn crop to see the detail.

Close up of the corn crop as it goes into night.



Planned Service Outage (Nov 8th)

Posted by hyoslvr2 Wednesday November 7 2018 at 9:34AM
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Our Colocation (where we store our servers) internet service provider has informed us that they are performing maintenance on November 8th, between the hours of 1:00 am through 5:00 am US Central time (7:00 am through 11:00 am GMT). ALL WWII Online services will be effected and returned as quickly as possible once they've completed their work. Facebook, Allied Discord, and Axis Discord will be our means of communication during this time. This maintenance cycle is entirely out of our control and is presumed to maintain best performance. We'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding. S!

Recent CPU Fix frees up server bottlenecks and info on Town supply system

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday November 4 2018 at 5:29PM
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This Wednesday we released a critical CPU Fix that is already producing good data, resulting into an overall 40% reduction in the total number of automatic despawns, which occur when there is packet loss. In addition today we'll give you some short notes on how 1.36 is developing as the team has made some good strides. We also have a fallen soldier notice to inform you of.



We've been talking a lot lately about the CPU Fix and how critical it was for us to remove an unintended bottleneck occurring on our servers. Now that we've implemented it this Wednesday we're seeing the live campaign servers performing much healthier, with better lines of communication between clients and server.

CRS remains committed to continue to reduce this number down more so and we are strategizing more methods by which this can be done. The purpose of this mechanism in the first place (auto-despawning) was to remove certain users whose packet loss was so extreme that it would go into an unrecoverable state where players would be unable to kill them, and they'd warp / be hard to track via the predictor logic.

So you should anticipate better third person rendering with more timely feedback, whether the other player is running, being shot, going prone or aiming, these things should all looks smoother and be more responsive. 


One of our key deliverable items has been completed this last week which relates to the visibility of garrisons on the game map. Since these garrisons (towns) will be activating and deactivating based on the campaign's movement, we don't want to see the whole game world filled with garrisons because that will confuse players according to the design that we set forth. 

Remember, there will always be 1 frontline garrison, and rear garrison(s) adjacent to the frontline's rear. This is the town based supply component. We do aim to have move-able supply as well which will allow High Command to have options for creating more dynamic game play experiences. This marriage between Garrisons and Brigades is what we call: Hybrid Supply.

1.36 Core Features to be completed:

  1. Supply in Every Town (95% Complete)

  2. Supply Switch after capture (90% Complete)

  3. Other capture mechanics [like who owns the town when it gets capped] (100% Complete)

  4. Activate/Deactivate Towns for Front/Back/Rearline (95% Complete)

  5. HC Country Owner Switch for Allies (90% Complete)

  6. Handling frontline Airfields (75% Complete)

As you can see the first iteration is approaching completion. 1.36 has required some trial and error on our end, and through that process we've been able to plan more effectively on how to accomplish the tasks. These are listed as core features because they represent basic functionality. This is what we're aiming for on initial launch. Notice I say initial, because there will be multiple iterations to refine it and add to it. This is something we're committed to doing and recognize day 1 delivery will not be in its final form (aka: work in progress).

We have several developers now working to push this through to delivery. We know it has taken some time, but we are ever confident that it's going to do great things to relieve the pressure valve from High Command officers, allowing them to refocus their leadership on building exciting missions, operations and overall massive game play. It will also give the player base a fighting chance regardless of population imbalance because supply will be available in every battle - no matter what. Re-supply operations will be restored. And certainly better than the original town based supply, the Allies will be able to modify who owns the town so they do not get into a British (North) vs French (South) situation.



Our hearts are heavy this morning, as we learned that former RAT and long-time community member, “JAMMYMAN,” has passed away, surrounded by family on October 29th, 2018.

Jammyman created and ran some of the most memorable Special Events and was the lead of that team. He was an avid flyer and spent quite a bit of time in the Luftwaffe - German High Command.

He was a guy who cared about our game immensely, selflessly served, and didn’t ask for a whole lot.

After 28 months of battling cancer and the toll grown so great, he asked for the WWII Online community’s assistance - something he had never done before. The WWII Online community rose up and helped provide some cushion in his final days. To all of those who contributed towards his GoFundMe - we salute you, and I know directly that it meant a huge amount to him. Well done community, your final act of kindness was most definitely received.

Please feel free to share a story that you might have of him, perhaps in-game screen shots, or anything else that we can share his memory from.

We will add him to the fallen soldiers memorial at the earliest opportunity.

Gone, but not forgotten. !S




Recent and previous player reports and .bug's led to an internal investigation of our Network system and found some alarming issues that spurring the need for the upcoming hotfix. SCKING, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team Lead, reports his findings below.

Network Investigation by SCKING

Over the past couple months, our Operations and Development teams have been investigating performance issues with the game. We have made several changes on the physical network, changing hardware, and now we will be coming out with changes in our software. Our next hotfix ( is primarily aimed at our network communications both internally (server<->server) and with the client (client <-> server). We were having an issue where the networking was eating up a large amount of CPU usage on the servers and we have gone in and fixed it. In the process of fixing the CPU issue, the Dev team decided to do some clean up of the networking code as well. We are currently in the final stages of testing to make sure everything is working how it should. In doing this fix, our hope is that we will see some improvements with death lag, auto despawns and other oddities in game. We are hoping to be complete with our testing soon and have a release sometime next week.


Black Smoke

Also included in the upcoming fix, no more black smoke. This was a lighting issue in game that occurred for a few minutes when it's dusk and dawn in game. Game lighting has been tested and fixed.


PPO Adjustments

Some PPO placement and cool down timers will be adjusted in the hotfix. We believe this will enable squads the ability to fortify their "zone of control", increasing battles.

  • Ammo Cache

    • enemy facility minimum distance reduced by 50% (200 meters)

  • Sandbags

    • build time reduced by 25% (15 seconds)

    • cool down timer reduced by 40% (45 seconds)

  • Gun emplacement bunker

    • build timer reduced by 10 seconds

    • cool down timer reduced by 23% (3.5 minutes

  • Foxhole

    • build timer reduced by 34% (10 seconds)

    • cool down timer reduced by 63% (45 seconds)

    • timeout value (time without player interaction before it disappears) doubled (30 minutes)


Campaign 157 Status

As of this article the Allies own 73% of the map. Tier 3 equipment entered the battlefield (US troops, Tiger tanks, etc) providing huge battles... Bastogne, for one, was an epic battle yesterday for both sides! Campaign 157 is far from over.


Thank you for your continuing support! See you in the battlefield SALUTE!


A continuation of our recently released poll on Facebook

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday October 19 2018 at 2:28PM
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As a continuation to our Facebook poll released a couple of days ago, we want to continue the collection of feedback to determine our course of action come completion of our Roadmap. We believe it is time for us to plan a bold course of action to modernize WWII Online and bring it into present day standards to the best of our ability. So this week we'll be asking you to provide your valuable feedback to the table so we can better plan the path by which we can achieve maximum support. Please head over now to our [Survey: WWII Online's path forward and YOUR thoughts]. We need everyone to participate on this one. Development continues currently on our Roadmap and this survey is not stalling any effort. This is purely an exercise in planning and feedback gathering. The options provided may not produce the final outcome - S! ty


Ryan VS Mitch Streamer play off, plus... PPO player placed objects, Hybrid Supply...

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday October 12 2018 at 4:39PM
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As we enter the last few months of 2018, CRS teams continues to make great strides on their Roadmap items. Our terrain breakthroughs have enabled us to repair many issues these past few months, placing new objects (bunkers, buildings, etc), and (soon) expanding the map with new towns. 64 bit conversion is nearing its final development stage, and was not an easy task. Hybrid supply is just around the corner with a brief overview listed below. We have an amazing volunteer team that is passionate and dedicated to WWII Online! 

Hybrid Supply 

Within the next few months, Hybrid supply will be introduced. Our initial release will include the core features, new features/updates will be added as things progress. Core features will include: 

  • Supply in every town "Garrisons" - Every town will have its own basic supply. The supply list will not have the same quantity of equipment as we have now, and quantities will be discussed as we near the release. Only the front line towns and the towns linking to those will be available, and will not be movable by HC (High Command).

  • Brigades - Supporting brigades will have additional equipment that HC can move on the map, similar to the system we have now. They will act/move with cool down timers, and will "fallback" as we see them now.

  • Air and Navy supply - Any town with either an airfield or dock will have accessible supply, regardless of front line status. Paratroopers will be available as well!

An extended Intermission will be scheduled (mini campaign) as Hybrid supply is implemented. It's purpose is to acquaint the HC teams with their new tools. 


Ryman vs Mitch this Sunday!

Our two resident streamers go head to head this Sunday! Live streams from both will be displayed on a new page of our website, as well as the"spectator" (or buzzard view) of the battles. 

  • Ryman8989 and his trusty(?) knife will lead the Axis efforts as they attempt to regain a foothold of the map. Sign up in the forums to join the Axis efforts, and voice coms will be conducted in the Axis Discord channel!

  • Mitchsw, a well known "technical" player, will lead the charge of the Allied assault. Sign up in the forums for your place in this epic event. Voice coms will be conducted in the Allied Discord channel!

It is rumored that they will be honored as "RATs" for the event, and "Kill a RAT" will be live to track their progress. Who will be victorious? View the event video here!


Fallen Soldier Beck395

It is with a heavy heart to report the long time community member, James Beck (aka BECK395), had passed on earlier this week caused by a heart attack. His obituary can be viewed here.

A special in-game ceremony and "cease fire" is being planned for this Saturday (October 13th) at 9 pm US Central time. Event location will be announced in game as the details are finalized.


Updated Bunkers

This past intermission players were able to check out the progress of the new bunkers. Many skirmishes evolved, and almost all were in awe of the structures! The new bunkers will replace some of the existing bunkers in the game (not all), and are slated for the next patch. Who remembers the "pack the bunker" calls? 



Campaign 157 Status

Allies came out swinging and continues to push the map East. As we near tier 1 equipment, will the Axis be able to break the Allied momentum? You decide - log in NOW! 




Several Important Topics to discuss...

Posted by hyoslvr2 Friday October 5 2018 at 5:53PM
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We have several important topics to cover today: Campaign 157 starts tomorrow and it'll have all access for the first week. On the 14th we have a live campaign event. We'll also provide some more information about two priority tasks we're working on, lag death and bomb performance.  Many developments are in the works by CRS as announced in our recent Rat Chat and delivery of the roadmap remains the game plan. Lots of great things are happening here! Here's Soundcloud recording from Xoom if you'd prefer to hear this in audio format.


Here's some important information about the upcoming Campaign:

  • Start date: Saturday, October 6th.

    • Server will come offline at 6AM server time (GMT -6)

  • Spawn delay, set to a 10 second maximum

    • This will alert players of when your side is overpop / opposing side is underpopulated

    • 10 seconds is negligible and will give the defenders a slightly better chance, without generating frustration

  • Persona screen delay for overpopulated side doubled from 60 seconds to 120 seconds

    • This will further encourage players joining to assist the underpopulated side

  • Factory Rebuild time: 48 hours

    • The time it takes for a factory to repair itself from an attack

  • Re-Supply Timer: 15 hours

    • The time it takes for a unit lost to being returned

  • Brigade Movement Timers

    • Frontline: 60 minutes

    • Rearline: 15 minutes

  • New Allied Commander-in-Chief: Hateract

  • New Axis Commander-in-Chief: Lafleur

  • All users this Campaign are requested to participate on the official Discord (voice comms) servers

Please support these new CinC's to the best of your ability! We want to encourage all of you to remain playing the game even when things get a little tough with the Campaign. The single most important thing for the game is to continue to login and have a great time. High Command officers and Squad leaders are especially requested to keep logging in / stay strong as you are the core leadership component of the game.

We also want to encourage all of our squads to make a point to meet up more routinely and re-establish your squad nights. It is vital to rally routinely and go into the game as an organized force. Squads working with other squads to create operations is also really integral. Rally up!


Many of our current Steam users have never experienced what it means to be a "premium" subscriber. Therefore we'll be opening up all access for the first week of the Campaign to generate interest in the premium subscription and help boost in-game population.

  • All current free players will receive full access

    • This includes organic and Steam users

    • This includes veteran accounts who currently have a Rifleman only

  • Rank requirements will all be set to "1" during this time

  • Premium subscription is available for all users, and we hope you love it so much, you subscribe!


We'll be live streaming an event that is streamer versus streamer, and you'll be able to watch on our home page their perspectives.


We wanted to take a moment here to acknowledge and indicate movement is occurring on three priority items that the community has been mentioning:

  1. Lag death

    1. We are evaluating our auto-despawn mechanism and refining

      1. For lower end connections, if packet loss is too extreme they are despawned

      2. If you're experiencing auto-despawns...

        1. Check this support article for tips / solutions

        2. Several players have upgraded their bandwidth/personal ISP and have reported huge improvements

    2. We're communicating with our provider to check health of our ISP pipeline

    3. An internal investigation of network communications is in the planning

    4. Our internal packet management code is being audited and refined

    5. Code refactoring for CPU performance

  2. Bomb performance

    1. Bombs are still being worked on, and are not considered yet complete

    2. Production team is prioritizing completion

    3. Historical accuracy remains the focal point

  3. New town links causing issues

    1. Roye - hot fix prepared and standing by

    2. Collecting other .bug reports to verify anything else is showing up

The production team also wants to kindly remind everyone that the Bomb performance stuff is really important to get right and is not capable of being rushed without error. Your patience is appreciated what you have in-game at this time is not considered the final iteration.

We all plan to continue to communicate via official updates and in the forums. We know that these are some big changes that are highly requested, making the game and its ballistics / HE / damage models to be as accurate as possible. This means changes will occur and adjustments in your game play are bound to occur. CRS is equipped with extraordinarily accurate information that we're working to incorporate. Our guide post is historical accuracy, it is not favoring one side versus the other - we do not benefit from that, nor have we ever. CRS is unbiased and our goal is mission success for all participants of WWII Online. 

As we develop new terrain and introduce it to the game, there should be some anticipation that some unforeseen issues creep up. We're monitoring things closely and Merlin51 is knocking out issues and documenting them / incorporating improved work flows to avoid things going forward. Terrain is pretty finicky, some grace and understanding is requested here. Let's just be glad we're seeing terrain development again and hey, Paris is on the map!


We wanted to provide a kind reminder that supporting our developments and progress. We know this may seem obvious but we hope to encourage you to either step up to a Hero Builder if you've not yet done this, or to become a premium subscriber if you are not currently.

CRS has big goals to achieve this year and maximum backing is vital for us to see some of these development items through.

Become a subscriber at, click special offers and see what's available. Here's a quick tutorial on how to update your billing method.

Thanks for your tremendous support, let's drive this Roadmap to completion! 



This week we'll discuss upcoming PPO (player placed object) changes to emphasize more building of fortifications, which is planned for our next game update ( We also want to give you an update on the Campaign state, and an upcoming High Command (AHC & GHC) combined summit to improve community planning. Finally we want share with you how your .Bugs and .Reports are an important component to our development lifecycle, and walk you through the process of what happens when we receive these.

PPO Adjustments in the works

When we set out to give players more opportunities to create their own game play environment, we wanted to make PPOs (player placed objects) accessible and easy to use. As a way to promote further building of the game environment, we'll be making adjustments to cool down timers and build timers. Take a look at the changes incoming as part of the next game update,

  • Ammo Cache: enemy facility distance reduced by 50% (200M)

    • This will give the trucks and NCOs better ability to supply friendlies on the front.

  • Sandbags: build time reduced by 25% (15 seconds)

    • Cool down timer reduced by 40% (45 seconds)

  • Gun emplacement: cool down timer reduced by 23% (210 seconds / 3.5 minutes)

    • Build timer reduced by 10 seconds

  • Foxhole

    • Cool down timer reduced 63% (45 seconds)

    • Lifetime value doubled (lasts longer) 30 minutes

    • Build time reduced 34% (10 seconds)

We hope to see you guys building bigger and better fortifications and zones of control so game play on the frontlines can last longer.


Campaign Status

Currently - Axis own 80% of the map and continues to push West. Allies have made several amazing defensive stands despite the odds. We have seen GREAT comebacks in the past... can the Allies rally their troops or does  the Axis machine have too much momentum? Log in NOW to seal the fate of Campaign 156!


HC Summit in the Works!

Axis and Allied High Command will be hosting a "Summit" to engage with squads and players alike. These summits are a great way to express ideas and concerns with your HC leaders. We will keep you informed as the date and time is solidified.


The .Bug and .Report

These are your direct lines to CRS in-game, and every report is reviewed by their respective teams.

.bug - This sends an email to the Quality Assurance Team for review. Your reported email is very detailed including mission and location coordinates as well, so make sure you stand near the object as you type the report (if it's a physical object you are reporting). Typical uses of .bug reports include:

  • Terrain issues - trees inside of buildings, floating objects, etc

  • Weapon functionality - no ammo upon spawning, black smoke (being worked on btw), weapon malfunctions, weapon penetration issues, etc

The QA Team then attempts to duplicate the report inside a mirrored game server then report their findings to the appropriate team. It is advised to describe your issue with as much detail as possible.

.report - These reports are sent to the Game Moderators (GM's) only. The GM's are hand picked players tasked with enforcing our Terms of Service (TOS) that you agree to as you log in. Typically used for reporting in-game issues like player harassment, exploits, racial slurs, etc. Click here to view the Terms of Service article.


Did you miss the Rat Chat?

There was a lot of information revealed in the live Rat Chat! Many topics were discussed included 64 bit progress, new equipment progress with images, "Hybrid Supply" (version 1.36) status update and walkthrough, new bunker walkthrough (pentagon and office bunkers), and so much more. You can view the recorded live stream here, or listen to an audio synopsis on Soundcloud here!


Rat Chat Notes (After Action Report) Article Here


Live Rat Chat :Sunday's Rat Chat (12PM/noon Server Time, GMT -5), held on

Posted by hyoslvr2 Sunday September 16 2018 at 1:27AM
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Attention WWII Online Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen! Requesting maximum participation at this Sunday's Rat Chat (12PM/noon Server Time, GMT -5), held on "Zoom Meeting." We will be discussing upcoming developments and showcasing our current progress on several items which have not yet been revealed publicly! Of course we'll be setting some time aside to answer your very important questions as well. We'll be live streaming this event on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. Full details on how you can join the interactive component of this meeting within the article.


Rat Chat Briefing

We will be able to have up to 100 interactive participants and 10,000 view-only participants, along with everyone watching on our Facebook / YouTube / Twitch stream(s). There's plenty of room. In order to be heard by voice, and ask questions directly to the Rats, you'll need to follow the link below to access the interactive component of the chat.

Date & Time Zone Breakdown

  • When: Sep 16, 2018 12:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    • 10AM Pacific

    • 1PM Eastern

    • 5PM GMT

How to join the interactive chat

Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Or iPhone one-tap :

    US: +16699006833,,815172881#  or +16468769923,,815172881# 

Or Telephone:

    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): 

        US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 646 876 9923 

    Webinar ID: 815 172 881

    International numbers available: