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Peering Into the Afterlife - VoZ Developer Blog

Visions of Zosimos is a Free-To-Play Online Strategy Board and Collectible Card Game! Join us as we discuss design decisions, tactics and art!

Author: VisionsofZosimos

Landslide Victory: Earth

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Thursday December 6 2012 at 4:29PM
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The Earth is timeless. It has provided for all life since before recorded history, and it will remain long after the last of us has passed. It nourishes, protects, and provides. With such strength, it is little wonder that it is harnessed both to nurture and to destroy.

To choose Earth is to choose stability, strength, and endurance. While its adherents may lack some mobility, they make up for it in durability, and given time, can bring forth power sufficient to lay waste to their foes. As with Lightning, Earth too has special abilities it wields against its foes with impunity.


- Creatures of Earth are known for their extraordinary resilience.


The most common of these abilities is, in fact, a pair utilizing inertia. Hulking minions use their added bulk to deflect blows and remain unharmed, gaining additional defense dice. Minions with Momentum use their mass as well, gaining attack dice to inflict punishing blows. In both cases, new bonus dice are added whenever an Earth spell is cast by their controlling Alchemist, and the bonus dice are permanently used at the first opportunity. In other words, once Hulking or Momentum dice are used, successful or not, they vanish and must be earned anew.

But Earth is not merely known for its mass; the bounty of life it supports has an energy all its own, and users of Earth learn to Replenish that energy. This allows a skilled alchemist to heal the wounds of their minions or even their homunculus, though this effect cannot make them stronger than they began.

More than just supporting life, however, Earth helps to Shelter it. Even if it cannot withstand the full fury of an assault, the resilience of these Earth minions helps to reduce damage taken from any source, dramatically increasing their longevity.


- Though known for defense, do not underestimate Earth’s offensive capabilities.


As life grows upon the Earth and becomes more complex, occasionally something wondrous happens. Sentient beings can form incredible bonds of Camaradarie, their underlying connection bringing them great strength. In fact, the more of these comrades there are, the stronger each one of them becomes, striking terror into the hearts of their foes as the legion becomes unstoppable.

Unsurprisingly, creatures and beings aligned with Earth are found everywhere. Those that strive to protect others, those that make use of their surroundings, those that withstand the fury of their foes- all these exemplify Earth. If you, too, wish to endure and build your strength until none can stand against you, Earth will take you there.

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