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Peering Into the Afterlife - VoZ Developer Blog

Visions of Zosimos is a Free-To-Play Online Strategy Board and Collectible Card Game! Join us as we discuss design decisions, tactics and art!

Author: VisionsofZosimos

Eternal Tundra: Ice

Posted by VisionsofZosimos Monday February 11 2013 at 6:50PM
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In the beginning, there was only Fire and Ice. Fire is endless change, and thus the light of creation. Ice is far more than simple frozen water; it is preservation and a lack of change. Old hatreds, enduring empires, ancient principles- these things are all influenced by Ice. As such, it makes sense that those who channel Ice excel at preventing change, and maintaining the status quo.


- Creatures of Ice direct what change they cannot prevent outright.


The first thing an Ice disciple learns is the ability to render creatures Impervious to a specific type of change. It is simplest to prevent change from sources that are not physical, but such immunity is impossible to maintain for all types. Instead, each is aligned with a particular element; even a mighty bolt of lightning can do no harm to a creature rendered Impervious to that element.

For physical sources, from the blow of a weapon to the strike of a homunculus, it is necessary to expend energy actively to Block such attacks. If you are prepared to offer up such elemental power, such attacks can be prevented from having any effect on you or those near to you. Be warned, however, such power must be given each time if such violent change is to be prevented.

A more advanced technique is to use Ice’s namesake for both attack and defense, while preserving range of motion and movement capabilities. This brings with it great power, but such frozen creatures eventually Thaw, slowly reducing their increased power until only the creature itself remains.

It is possible for talented alchemists to delay violent change for a time, rendering a creature Numb to its effects. Note that this protection only lasts for a time upon receiving such an attack, but it allows a creature to continue to act normally no matter their grievous wounds. Sadly, after this protection runs out, the full effects of the damage are felt by the creature.

Only the most skilled of practitioners can go beyond preventing change, to directing it. This can allow a creature to Deflect a blow, causing another willing creature to feel the effects. This may seem like a detriment, and indeed one cannot reduce the damage redirected in this way. However, it can allow a less important creature to take a powerful blow. Creatures already Numb to their wounds can be Defected to with impunity, though they still feel the effects when their protection fades.


- Though many are built for power and defense, some Ice creatures are made for speed.


Ice creatures can be found in any place far enough from the light of creation, often in the old forgotten places of the world. As such, they are far more numerous than one might expect, and alchemists with talent can draw them from their hidden places to do battle in the Afterlife. The element holds great appeal for those who wish to achieve and then maintain power, its effects felt long after it is but a memory. Any element can bring you strength, but mastery of Ice can make you a legend.

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