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Violette's Ponderings

I like to ponder about the deeper issues in the lighter linings of things

Author: Violette

Goodbye, massively multiplayer graphic games

Posted by Violette Thursday October 23 2008 at 4:11PM
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This entry won't be taken to kindly on an MMO site, but I don't care.

There are so many reasons that led me to make the decision to uninstall and stop paying for every MMO I used to play.

It had nothing to do with the virtual friends I made, but everything to do with the content.

I realized I will not find IMMERSION in an MMO.

Graphics spoon-feed and weaken synapses.

Roll play is mind-numbing.

An MMO is opium for the masses.


I am leaving. I'm going to the land of MUDs, and I don't plan on coming back.

Why MUDs?

Free, innovative, progressive, immersive, engaging, intensely roleplaying, imaginative, colorful, rejuvenating, deep, intelligent, truly fun, never boring, free, dangerous, enriching, powerful, rich.

Offered freely by dedicated coders, area builders, and administrators. Offered by people not motivated by greed. Games that exercise the mind and imagination, that make me a better person in a way. Plotlines and player-driven guilds, organizations, and history.

I can't sing enough praises and I am completely enthralled.

The paragraph below is one of the reasons why my back is turned on graphic multiplayer games:

"Armageddon takes place on the harsh desert world of Zalanthas, where life is a brutal struggle for physical and economic survival in a world devastated by ancient magicks. The oldest roleplay MUD around, Armageddon features code showcasing an original magick system, the think command, an extensive crafting system, pc tattoos, NPC intelligence, languages, plotlines driven by the players, an ongoing history, and much more. Roleplay is required, and players are strongly advised to look over the website to get a feel for the game before submitting a character. One players's comment: "I view this not so much as a game, but as a work of art.""


Take care, everyone!

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