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My views on the industry, current games, technology and everything else I want.

Author: Vindicoth

WAR puts the MM back into MMORPG.

Posted by Vindicoth Tuesday August 19 2008 at 4:57PM
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No, this game is not the messiah. No, you will not be happy if you only want to PvE. It will not dethrone WoW and the class that you wanted to play is not in the game (Hammerer, Choppa, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Blackguard).

What this game does do though, it does very well. Warhammer puts the Multi Massive back into the Online Role Playing Games. The moment you leave your newbie town and see 20 completely random people who may not even know each other, working together to complete a common goal, a smile will probably pop up on your face. When you enter a new zone and see that there are 2 Warbands nearby, one PvEing and one RvRing nearby you, each 10 minutes away, and you don't have to beg for an invite, you'll probably " Woah " in disbelief. When you enter your first Battle Camp and see the red swords crossed only minutes away, and the call for help in your local defense channel, you'll feel patriotic and want to defend your control points. When you take control of your first Hell Cannon and launch a barrage of green goo at your enemies in a first person shooter mode, you'll likely shit bricks. Simply put, you will basically be incapable of NOT finding a group.

Keep Sieges, Living Guilds, Open Parties, Public Quests. These are all key words you have all heard before, talked about in videos, rumored innovations that no one has quite seen yet outside of beta. These are all existing in the game. A Living Breathing guild system, that actually levels up with its members. Open parties where YOU look for THEM and join, not the other way around! (Unless you want of course). Public Quests which are continuously happening, allowing even the casual guy to spend 15 minutes for an epic piece of loot if he works hard enough, or hell even gets lucky enough!

The last generation of MMO's we have seen focus on making the game easier for casuals, but this was mostly achieved in a means that made playing your MMO, less Massive. Pick this up here, collect 20 of that there, grind these here. People wanted these things because they wanted to experience an MMO, but not have to put 30 hours a week into being somebody. People didn't want to PvP at low level on their first character, because they weren't leveling if they were!

In Warhammer you WANT to group. You want to RvR in the world, or do a scenario with your real life friends. You go out of your way to help other people with their Public Quests, even if you already have maximum influence for that area, because who knows? You might just be lucky and get the #1 Roll for a bag with a purple item in it you don't have. Maybe you just want the money?

Say what you want about the graphics, or how similar it is to WoW's. How DAoC is a failure in your eyes, or how Darkfall can do it better. I'll be playing Warhammer, enjoying all the hard work that Mythic has put into making this great game, with my friends and also making new ones in this new community experience.

By the way this thread can be opened up for a Q&A session if you want. I'm an Elder tester.

Rekov writes:

My impression is that it styfles the RPG part of MMORPG. Classes are restricted to race, which means if you want to play a Bright Wizard, you must play as a member of the authoritatian Empire. You generally only spend time with the 2 or 3 other classes that start out with your race, at least for the first 10 chapters or so.

The classes are painfully uninteresting. The ability to specialize is pathetic compared to the specialization available in EvE or pre-CU SWG. Classes are also duplicated. The Bright Wizard and Sorcerer differ in name and graphics only, sharing practically numerically identical abilities. Their "unique" combustion and dark magic specials are also the same. Magus is effectively the same as Engineer. Rune priest is identical to the Zealot.

Sure there is RPG, so long as you read the scripts that have been written for you by EA.

The worst part is that the game shows you what it could have been. Train tracks in the dwarves lands could have been a transit system, but no, they are just decoration. Massive 3 deck ships just sit in the harbor, useless and untouched.

Harbor no delusions, this game is well designed, and well executed, but beyond a few bells and whistles, it follows the WoW paradigm to the letter.

Wed Aug 20 2008 2:28AM Report
Owyn writes:

My impression is that WAR is to WOW as WOW was to EQ.  That is - it takes the WOW paradigm (the DikuMUD setup) and extends it to the next level.  It is a logical progression and evolution from our WOW-dominated MMORPG culture.  Where other games have been pretty much straight up WOW clones with new graphics and a few tweaks (Vanguard, AOC), WAR takes that basic setup and then moves forward from it.

Wed Aug 20 2008 8:39AM Report
Vindicoth writes:

Rekov, I think you fail to realize that the class system they implemented was only following the rules that the Intellectual Property holder Games Workshop allowed. They wanted to make a Warhammer game and your idea of classes being restricted to race, and races being restricted to certain sides do not fit into the Warhammer universe. Like I said it's not the Messiah, but what it does do, it does very well.

Something you are looking for has to have its own very unique Intellectual Property that can be controlled and molded by its Developers. Maybe Bethesda can do something really great? Maybe Knights of the Old Republic MMORPG will be what you're looking for, as it fits into that universe.

By the way I disagree about classes being duplicated. An Example being that the Shadow Warrior is the mirror of the Marauder. How are they duplicated? The Squig Herder is the mirror of the White Lion. How are they duplicated?

I guess you are missing the point that mirror classes share the same unique mechanic, just utilized in different ways. You listed the only 3 classes that are the closest. Even the Magus is different than the Engineer where the Engineer has more armor, focused more on their turrets, and the magus has less and more focused on closer combat using their disk as a weapon.

Wed Aug 20 2008 9:48AM Report writes:
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