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Your economy and you.

Posted by Vexe Thursday September 25 2008 at 8:08AM
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you know that the American economy is sinking; and fast. This effects every market and even shows in the world economy as major nations start to lose money. With no possible solution in sight, everyone is being effected. People are losing money and things that they used to love.

This will inevitably effect the MMO market if not now, but at some point. Games that were just hanging on by their small fanbase will probably fall off the edge as people have to unsubscribe or not buy their game because they are saving up money. People won't be able to pay with credit cards anymore because of the lack of credit. American companies will have to cut down on staff. Games will take longer to make and employees might quit. These are some issues that need to be looked at.

For those of you who think that the MMO market is safe cause it has yet to be hit in a major way, I'm sorry to say, but this market will be crippled if the economy keeps going down this quickly. The market relies on a lot of people who have money and free time to use to play their game. If people no longer have enough money and have to work longer to get what little money they need to live, then the market will crash. And it will burn.

European players comprise a nice bit of the gamer population, but this number is not enough to keep MMOs alive if they are spread across the entire population of games. Foreign games will be more abundant than not and most American games will go out of business. small games will no longer havea a chance to live. Free to play games would really be the only franchise left, and they would even struggle from the lack of people being able to afford to advertise with them and lack of players willing to pay for things.

This is the grim picture I paint for you if the economy continues in this downward spiral. I'm not saying it will happen. I'm just saying that this will most likely occur if the situation gets bad enough. No one else is touching on this issue. I thought I might dabble a little in the discussion.



With the credit like it is, most people wouldn't be able to use credit cards. How would we overcome this? One option would be phone payments. You would call a number and the charge you selected (1 month, 3 month, etc.) would be charged to your phone bill. Another option is to but some pre-paid cards or use debit cards. Although I'm not so sure everyone will be able to switch.

A snail mail option would most likely be accepted for some games, where you have to mail them your money. Of course if it doesn't get to them, you're out of luck. Also, it's not too great to send money through the mail. Of course, they would have to keep accounts for two weeks after the payment expires because of the time it takes for mail to get to them.



Game companies will have to cut down on employees, limiting how vast a game will be or how long it will take to make it. Content will have to be cut. No one would be happy abot that. Althought there are a bunch of ways this can be worked around.

Player Content has huge potential for taking away the burden of a lot of burden from the staff of the games. With players making a lot of the content, then that's less work for the staff to have to do. Also, the idea of players makign their own quests are already being implemented in some games and will probably become more popular after a while.



With the players losing their money, all of the games will have to lower their subscription (or other) prices, bringing in less profit. They will have to mave their prices closer and closer to the cost of production. I'm not sure how this can be avoided. We just need to pray that the economy won't get too much worse.


These are the problems and maybe a few solutions. Althought I doubt much can be done, hopefully the industry won't take a fall. I pray it doesn't.

Ok, look. (about WAR)

Posted by Vexe Tuesday September 23 2008 at 8:07AM
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I have been waiting for this game for a very long time (ever since it was first announced) and I DID buy it launch day, not having enough time beforehand to play the beta and such. Now this is my first impression/rant on the topic of WAR, so if you don't like individual opinions on this topic, I suggest you leave promptly as to not get angry.

This game honestly feels like WoW with the pace ("gameplay speed") and graphics of LOTRO. That's what it feels like to me. I honestly feel like I'm playing some kind of WoW mod with mildly enhanced graphics every time I play the game. I've been playing for a few days (not the whole week, but at least a good deal of it) now, and it still feels like this. I've basically quit at this point, because although it is fun, I really don't want to play a game that feels like a less polished version of another game.



The UI in WAR is nearly identical to that of WoW. Even the windows look the same, but with different colors and textures. All the buttons do the same thing that the WoW ones do when you start out. In fact, the only original thing I have actually noticed in the UI is that it's customizable. I know I can change the interface and everything, but when I'm trying to get a feel for the game, I want to actally have to get a feel for the game. I want to feel like I'm learning something new and different. I don't want to repeat what I was doing on another game.

Although I will say that it's saving grace IS the customizability, and it is very nice, but it's not enough to make me feel good about this part of the game.



The graphics in WAR are somewhat disiappointing. The greenskins have some nice models and shading, I can't really say much for it other than that. It looks to me like a grittier and darker version of LOTRO; but the grittiness is taking away from the game and making it bland with greys browns and very dark greens. I like war-strewn landscapes as much as the next guy but when I'm starting a game I don't want this many dull colors. I want vibrance. I want a landscape that can make me feel like I'm immersed in a living world that isn't monotinous.

On that topic:



The combat in WAR feels like WoW combat, except it seems a little slower and less active. By this I mean that the animations are slower and abilities take longer to cast/activate and that it's more standing in one spot and loking at these animations as you kill stuff. Not only that, but the skills you earn are few and far between. I might get two on rank 6 (there are ranks instead of levels) but only one on rank 7. One that isn't even useful.  The spells I did get weren't too exciting. There wasn't anything I could really get pumped at.

Back to the combat:

To me it seemed boring and repetetive in a bland landscape. A less polished and less exciting verson of the WoW combat system.



I will honestly say that I was so turned off by the game that I didn't level my character past rank 8.  I just completely lost interest. You quest in one zone until you finish allll the quests and then you move onto the next zone which is more of the same, except that the setting is in a dark forest instead of a dark town. I found nothing to look forward to and propel me forward and nothing that was really redeeming about the game, save for a few things. I will list those things at the end if I have enough time.



Everone has their own opinions, and this is mine. This game honestly feels like a mod of WoW that has less races and classes. It's too slow for me, and there isn't enough variation. To me it is a major disappointment and I make this entry with a really bad feeling in my sotmach.

Don't say that I'm only comparing it to WoW cause it's the only game I know. I really don't like WoW and I never really played it too much at all. I'm saying this because it's how I actually feel.

Here are the game's features that almost made it interesting.


Saving Graces:

Realm v.s. Realm

Public quests

Customizable interface

The fact that the magus class is always on disks.


(in response to comments)

Steuss made the point clear. The point is that this game can't hold me past rank 8. I don't want to play the RvR and all that other stuff if I have to grind quests (public or not) alllll day. It's not worth it. And half of you didn't even read the whole thing before you commented. Or if you did, then I guess I did a poor job getting my point accross. This is my personal opinion and I specifically said that to try and get you people to accept a point of view instead of bashing your own in everyone's face. I don't care if you like the game. Go ahead and play it. I won't.