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Vendayn's MMO Blog

Here is my blog for MMORPGs.

Author: Vendayn

I noticed something with MMOs

Posted by Vendayn Wednesday July 15 2009 at 1:11PM
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The MMOs that have lasted me the longest are...

(no particular order)

Asheron's Call (first MMO, 1999-2001)
Ultima Online (about a year, then they changed it and added neon colored mounts...)

Star Wars Galaxies (for a few months, but I got in at the wrong time, because when I was really getting into it they changed it)

Eve Online (a few months again, might give it another shot)

Now lets look at the non-sandbox MMOs (no particular order)


Everquest: a few days

Everquest 2: A week

Asheron's Call 2 (a couple weeks)

City of Heroes (a couple weeks)

Guild Wars (less than a week)

Lord of the Rings Online (2 weeks)

Age of Conan (a week or two)

Tabula Rasa (a week, plus a few days of beta)

(and I might be missing some, but those are ones I found that I played when searching through the game forum section to the left)

Now sort of an exception is world of Warcraft, that I played for 2 to 3 years (off and on), but every time I made it to "end game" (around level 50 before expansions, then around level 55-60) I got incredibly bored, and remade my character. I really only played it since my friends played it and kept wanting me to play, and my cousins played it and wanted me to yeah. But I never truly had fun with it like I have the sandbox MMOs. Surprisingly I lasted a while though.


So looking at my list...looks like overall, the sandbox MMOs (at least for me) have lasted the longest in game time played. And I was trying to think of why...and the only answers I could think of were:


An open world

generally have awesome PvP that isn't instanced (instanced PvP, lamest idea ever...woo I'm going to play capture the flag! lol)

Housing or even player cities or stations (non sandbox MMOs tend to lack this)

Skill based instead of class based (class based, I can NEVER pick a class that I like. So I always make lots of alts. Skill based gives more freedom too imo)

And there is a risk vs reward usually...for UO before they changed it, I really had to be careful otherwise I would lose all my items on me. If there is just a reward and no risk, then it isn't really exciting or fun. eve Online if you aren't careful, lose your ship and all the modules on it. In themepark MMOs, I could not care less if I died...I'll just kill my character to teleport to the nearest town. No risk at all. In WoW I have to repair or get rez sickness...I never cared about that though, so I never cared if I died, there wasn't a lot of risk. And I didnt even care if I died in was boring, never exciting like it was in UO or Eve Online. It felt like I was playing an FPS where I respawn and it doesnt really matter if I died or not.

Well that about sums up this.

fansede writes:

 I dunno you played WoW as long as AC. I cant be bored with a game and subscribe for it for two years no matter how many friends play it. I bet you had some good times.  According to your own blog you cancelled EvE, UO and SWG only after a few months. You couldn't convince your friends to play these games?

Don't apologize about liking WoW. It is a good game. The MMO Hardcores will beat their chests and say how ez it is, but chances are they play it to this day.

Wed Jul 15 2009 5:55PM Report
Vendayn writes:

I did enjoy WoW, until I got to max level. I enjoyed playing each of the different races/classes, but at max level, I always remade. The journey there was a lot of fun though. You are right, I did have fun learning how to play the different classes...just the end game was not for me at all. I enjoyed the storyline a lot, but battlegrounds and raids aren't my idea of fun.

I didn't think to add this in, but one thing about AC and Eve.. the world/galaxy was sort of dynamic. In Eve Online control of the systems changes, in AC when I played back then had events and stuff that changed things. I remember halburg (think thats right? Forgot the town names, been too long) got destroyed and a crater was left in its place.

WoW and the other themepark games...the world doesn't change. Stuff is added, but nothing really changes. This is probably one of the bigger problems I have. In Eve, things change a lot...alliances get destroyed, huge wars and stuff.

As for friends, my friends only played WoW (was their first MMO), which they don't play anymore, take too much of their time say they...this is with 6 friends of mine, most of my friends don't play MMOs and stick with consoles. And no one in my family plays doesnt really work out too well.

Wed Jul 15 2009 6:22PM Report
Vendayn writes:

Also the reason I left the sandbox games:
Asheron's Call: Played for 2 years on Morningthaw and Darktide, which was quite a long time, especially since I started my first MMO when I was only 11 years old. Being young...I was extremely immature and pretty "in"famous in the game. Asheron's Call 2 was announced around the time I left, and I moved to AC2, which was really disappointing because it was nothing like Asheron's Call. If I read up more on it, maybe I would have been less disappointed or not bought it at all. I did LOVE the engineer class...building walls and turrets :D that was awesome

Ultima Online: Well, they sorta did a SWG and totally changed the game. Plus...they I'm not kidding...neon pink and other neon colored mounts...

SWG: Well...we all know what happened to this one. I loved it, but then things totally changed.

As for Eve Online...first trial I did I played a week, second trial I played for 2 to 2 weeks and a half, 3rd trial I subbed for about a month or so, and my latest trial (sometime last year) lasted me about 2 months. Not sure why I never stick with it, because its an awesome sandbox MMO. But might start up again.


Wed Jul 15 2009 9:32PM Report
jeddak writes:

The kind of mmo's I have liked the most are not popular with the masses or they have changed them to try and draw the masses or at least better numbers. I too like skill-based games and I like open pvp mixed in with the non-pvp folks (too me it gives the pvp a purpose otherwise it tends to be pointless..not always though).

So far the only game that hasn't conformed to the standard business model is Eve Online who started small and slowly worked their way up. And while I liked it I never really got into the pvp or with the right people or maybe it was just me.

Otherwise, these game developers are business first, creativity second and anything that we as the masses want they tend to toss it in. If more folks were content with taking a game as it was designed instead of just looking for options you are used too having the mmo world might be different. In other words, we get what we pay for and any Developer either has to be crazy, small or dedicated to their 'vision' (verant with eq was like that till they finally caved but it was their design that most mmo's have copied over the years).

We are the enemy. (the short version).

Wed Jul 15 2009 10:48PM Report
rsreston writes:

Yeah, an open world (more like SWG, where you can really go anywhere, unlike WoW's), open PvP (finally someone who agrees with me that "capture the flag" is lame), and most important of all: danger (coupled with reward). That's why F2Ps are so boring to me - too easy, waste of time.

Recently, I've been fiddling with Ryzom - open world (even with a lot of barriers), open PvP (although I haven't tested it yet), skill-based, and the fact that I had to observe a pack of "wolves", waiting for the moment to attack when one of them strayed (because they were too strong for me as a pack)... I really felt like hunting, having to use strategy, instead of the barging in like most other games (and it was a beginner's mission, tutorial, like "fetch 3 wolf guts", but with that catch!). Btw, crafting (and harvesting) seems complicated as SWG's, so one might find Ryzom something very interesting - 21-day trial and 11$ sub.

Thu Jul 16 2009 2:17AM Report writes:
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