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Vendayn's MMO Blog

Here is my blog for MMORPGs.

Author: Vendayn

I don't need to play a single player RPG just because I solo

Posted by Vendayn Tuesday July 29 2008 at 9:23PM
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It seems pretty common...a bunch of people wanting others to play the way they want to play and  saying that I should play a FPS or single player game since I solo.

First, I do group, and in fact I like to group...problem? I log out every 15-30 min to take a break. I also don't have a lot of time to group because I do other stuff besides sit on my chair 24/7 doing nothing but playing. I can sometimes plan to stay on longer if I decide to group for something, but usually I can't do that.  I usually just stick to PvP at endgame since I can solo in PvP and if I want to group, I can do that to.


Okay, so why do I need to play a single player RPG if I solo a lot in a MMO? I've played RPGs from morrowind, to oblivion to countless others...they last 2-3 days and then I am utterly bored of them. No economy, no chatting with people and it gets really boring. I even tried a few final fantasy games and they only last 1-2 days usually. I find single player RPGs very boring compared to MMOs. Just because I solo doesn't mean I should not play a MMO just because people think grouping is how it should be. My first MMO was Asheron's Call, and I wasn't forced to group once...BUT I grouped plenty of times, I loved having that choice to either solo or group...and I could even get awesome items solo too if I wanted to, I wasn't forced to group to get the "Uber tiems".


And the multiplayer part of the "MMORPG" doesn't mean I need to group with others, I've played plenty multiplayer games (for example battlefield 2 and battlefield 2142) and I played a sniper and never "grouped" with anyone, I was on my own a lot of the time.

So why should I go play a single player RPG or some other genre (which I find they are boring compared to MMOs) just because I solo a lot in a MMORPG? And its not just RPGs, I've played FPS/RTS/Strategy games as well, and MMOs last A LOT longer for me than games in other genres.

Loke666 writes:

Well, it is true. But you can actually play most games solo, no problem. The only thing is that the top gear is usually not possible to get or you at least have to farm a lot and buy it. I really dont mind solo players and play solo 50% of the time myself and it havnt been a problem. Some guild dont want solo players but you just have to live with that, and most dungeons are tough or impossible solo. But you can still access most of the content so Idont see a problem.

Tue Jul 29 2008 9:32PM Report
HumbleHobo writes:

Agree 100%.


I love to solo in MMOs.  I've also gotten the whole "Well, Go play a single player game" attitude from people.  The point is, I enjoy a world with people in it, even if I never group with them.  It feels more alive than just a single player world.

I would like to see a ton of mini-PvE raids, instead of a dozen or so huge ones.  Something that can be between 1-5 players (scalable) that might take 15-30 minutes to run including a wipe, where class composition doesn't matter.  WoW has already figured out that the 5-man and 10-man raids are more popular than the 25 or 40-man raids.  

No one wants to gather a group for an hour, then run an instance for an additional 4 hours.  Cater to the casual crowd and the solo crowd, and you have yourself a moneymaker.


Tue Jul 29 2008 9:51PM Report
Cursedsei writes:

Yeah, the only problem is that the elitist hardcore raiders (the ones who love those 40mans) feel deprived because of all the casual gamers. The ones most likely telling you to go play a singe-player game are them. They love the elitist status, and dont want casuals to get something that even begins to challenge their gear.

Wellfare epix was being thrown about by them thanks to the arena and badge gear, because casual players could get them. Its also the elitist players that laugh at Retribution paladins and other such classes...

which is probably why I have such a disdain with them. Its annoying having these people in their bleeding-edge-"look at me" gear telling me I cant dps and such.

I'm sorry if I'm being biased, but I havent come across a single person above T6 that hasnt acted like a douche towards the way I spec.

Tue Jul 29 2008 10:01PM Report
compwitch writes:

I agree completely. As a mainly daytime player I rarely have the option to group, unless I want to team up with a load of barely adolescent "leet speakers" who are so loot orientated that it's simply not worth the effort. For me, most MMORPGs are about exploration and character development, not what gear you've got and how hard you can hit with it. So I solo.

Tue Jul 29 2008 10:44PM Report
sifudoja writes:

Some people are very hard to get along with, and many don't even try. Alot of them are hard core groupers / raiders, and they get mad when other players aren't forced to group with them, because if people aren't forced to, they won't have anything to do with these jerks, and those aholes are stuck standing around town LFG. Those are the people that tell you to go play a single player game. You don't serve any purpose for them, so in thier eyes you should not be there.

This is The Rich Brat Complex. They don't give a crap what other people want, they demand thier way and they demand it now. The will do whatever they can to get thier way, be it trash talk, forum whinning or even making thier own games, whatever it takes.

 They themselves are the center of thier universe. Their heads are so big that the actual planet may possibly revolve around thier huge heads one day soon.

Until they find a way measure maturity and put a minimum maturity level on games, we are stuck with these brats.

One option we do have is to convince some of these gold selling / powerleveling companies to start a "rent a friend" service for these brats, so they can continue to be completely anti-social yet still have people to play with, instead of creating gameplay mechanics that alienate a large portion of their playerbase. "Wonder Wheel!"

Personally, i miss having great single player rpgs that add a multiplayer function so you can play with friends for enjoyment and good company. I always hoped these games would evolve into massively multiplayer games, but it seems that breed died and the current MMOs we have today evolved from something else, what exactly that is i do not know.

Hopefully with games like Fable2 coming, there is still a chance to see this evolution happen. If companies like Lionhead decided to dedicate 5 years towards adding content to a single game like fable that had a great multiplayer component, the sky's the limit. So i say let's take a step backwards in order to take a million steps forward in the right direction this time and we might see more MMOs reaching 15 million subscribers in the future.

Tue Jul 29 2008 11:43PM Report
Ironic writes:

Amen. I solo every MMORPG i can. Sometimes you have to group for certain things, but the majority of my play time (99%) is in a solo capacity.

Wed Jul 30 2008 12:25AM Report
t0nyd writes:

the way I play...

75% solo

25% small group

 Problems arise when Group - Raid gear is of major importance in PvP aspects of the game. If gear is everything in PvP and I must raid to get gear, screw blizzard... umm... I mean that game...

Wed Jul 30 2008 1:35AM Report
Kataal writes:

I agree that you don't HAVE to, and I think you should be able to solo in MMOs. I just can't stand when peopl expect MMOs to be BUILT around solo play, and even to have solo play be as easy as group play. It makes the whole idea of an MMO one big oxymoron. While i think it should be POSSIBLE to solo in MMOs, I think it should be MUCH harder than when in a group.

Wed Jul 30 2008 2:03AM Report
craynlon writes:

i agree

mmo should mean that the multitude of the players influence the world in contrast to "you need at least 4 people to do anything"

in entertainment you find the adventures of individuals like zorro or groups like robin hood or individuals sometimes binding together like justice league.

grouping as it is handled in general in mmos also seems more like a construct of the computer games limitations.
- why do you hear whats said by someone in your group thats miles away ?
- why dont you hear what someone sais right next to you when that person  is in another group ?
- why dont you get damage, why do you get healed by area of effect casts of mages of your group ?
- why isnt it possible to get one more beyond 6/8.. people in that group ?

when the village is threatened to be burned down by the black dragon why wouldnt all the heroes in the area just go to arms and charge the weapon instead of forming grps/ raid formations first ?

Wed Jul 30 2008 3:07AM Report
daltanious writes:

I agree completely with original post. I like MMORPG for same reason. I'm not asocial at all, I like to help if somebody need help (with going to quest together or just helping with suggestions on chat) ... but myself prefer questing solo, is more challenging. And much less problem with limited game time. Also have problems with eyes when 10 players at same time use all their skills imaginable ... all that blinking, lightings, ...I really get headache from this.

But unfortunately as loke666 noted, good gear one can get only from raids. This is totally unfair! I struggle to solo a lot of times just as I would be part of raid, maybe much more. I must plan much more carefully doing quests if I do now want to run from graveyard. And I have no choice to get such great gear like somebody having a lot of time (or maybe doing only this) to actually participate in raids. I spend a lot of my free time behind computer.... but because of job or other things to do ... I regularly quit for about 5 or 15 minutes. And this is out of question for raids.

The worst moment with wow for me was when trying to get epic horse for my warlock. I have spend pretty a lot of gold, working hard ... only to discover at half way of quest chain that I will have to raid few times to complete quest chain for epic mount! WTF?! That was the first time I maybe hated wow and I was pretty furious. Then I have tried for weeks to get in some group just to get my mount but was unable. Or some group just started or group was full. Or I have to quit. And when I eventually managed to get in group .... a lot of times half group was missing soon and quest was over.

But overall for now for me is the best of all times.


Thu Jul 31 2008 3:45AM Report writes:
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