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Vendayn's MMO Blog

Here is my blog for MMORPGs.

Author: Vendayn

I don't need to play a single player RPG just because I solo

Posted by Vendayn Tuesday July 29 2008 at 8:23PM
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It seems pretty common...a bunch of people wanting others to play the way they want to play and  saying that I should play a FPS or single player game since I solo.

First, I do group, and in fact I like to group...problem? I log out every 15-30 min to take a break. I also don't have a lot of time to group because I do other stuff besides sit on my chair 24/7 doing nothing but playing. I can sometimes plan to stay on longer if I decide to group for something, but usually I can't do that.  I usually just stick to PvP at endgame since I can solo in PvP and if I want to group, I can do that to.


Okay, so why do I need to play a single player RPG if I solo a lot in a MMO? I've played RPGs from morrowind, to oblivion to countless others...they last 2-3 days and then I am utterly bored of them. No economy, no chatting with people and it gets really boring. I even tried a few final fantasy games and they only last 1-2 days usually. I find single player RPGs very boring compared to MMOs. Just because I solo doesn't mean I should not play a MMO just because people think grouping is how it should be. My first MMO was Asheron's Call, and I wasn't forced to group once...BUT I grouped plenty of times, I loved having that choice to either solo or group...and I could even get awesome items solo too if I wanted to, I wasn't forced to group to get the "Uber tiems".


And the multiplayer part of the "MMORPG" doesn't mean I need to group with others, I've played plenty multiplayer games (for example battlefield 2 and battlefield 2142) and I played a sniper and never "grouped" with anyone, I was on my own a lot of the time.

So why should I go play a single player RPG or some other genre (which I find they are boring compared to MMOs) just because I solo a lot in a MMORPG? And its not just RPGs, I've played FPS/RTS/Strategy games as well, and MMOs last A LOT longer for me than games in other genres.