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Project Vex: A First Step

Project Vex is currently in the design phase. This web-log is dedicated to my thoughts, theories, and progress in relation to Project Vex. I invite everyone to take a look and donate a few thoughts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Author: Velexia

Project Vex, Free to Try

Posted by Velexia Sunday May 3 2009 at 8:42PM
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I am still far from finally determining what method Project Vex will use to bring in revenue, but this is an option I am considering.

Because characters have no levels, but the spirit of the characters grow in power over time (allowing for even more powerful characters to be created in the future), I could use this to create a way for new players to try the game for free.

For an indefinite period of time, players could play the game free of charge, and do absolutely anything they desired, however, upon character death, that character's experiences would not affect the spirit, and thus the new character would be created from scratch.

In this way, players could experience the full game to an extent, but in order to truly progress in the game they would have to end their trial mode.


For the full game, I am considering about $10.00 a month.


Please let me know what you think!

redcap036 writes:

So when will you release a link to the website?

Mon May 04 2009 1:53AM Report
tubelight writes:

 Good question raised by redcap :P

Mon May 04 2009 6:12AM Report
Velexia writes:

I'll begin development about 5 years from now, I'm working in other mediums first.  A PDF file in about 1-2 years ("table-top" RPG) followed by a book.

Mon May 04 2009 2:17PM Report
Velexia writes:

In the meantime, I would appreciate comments that actually address the content of the blog, thanks.

Mon May 04 2009 2:36PM Report
odinfish writes:

Not interested in the content, sorry to be blunt.  And talking about beginning development in about 5 years, lol...and then the finished product in another 5 most likely.  *falls asleep*

Sat May 09 2009 9:18AM Report
Rezeyu writes:

Actually,  8-10 year turn around isn't that bad for a serious project. Hell, many 'mainstream' games with full development teams barely make a 5-6 year deadline.

In any case, I'm not sure this is teh way to go. Yes, you will grab some customers based on continuing their playtime.. however many people not accustomed to the permadeath scene (even your system), might go "oh well." and uninstall.

It's generally not a good idea imo to try your sales pitch immediately after a negative action (like dying). Most game demos/trials try ending on lighter notes, such as earning an achievement, leveling up, getting an epic item, etc.

That way the player's desire to immediately play with whatever they just earned overrides their desire to keep their money.

Mon May 11 2009 3:06AM Report
Velexia writes:

Well the idea here is that your spirit is what levels up, and thus  in order to save that "spirit xp" you would have to pay the monthly fee, otherwise, you mjerely create a new character from scratch and keep playing for free.

I see your point though.

Tue May 19 2009 8:04AM Report writes:
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