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Project Vex: A First Step

Project Vex is currently in the design phase. This web-log is dedicated to my thoughts, theories, and progress in relation to Project Vex. I invite everyone to take a look and donate a few thoughts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Author: Velexia

The Solution to Permanent Death in Project Vex

Posted by Velexia Saturday March 28 2009 at 9:07PM
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The surreal pain begins to subside, as you lay in the cool grass, staring up into the fading colors of the vibrant sky.  Your body feels heavy... and weak.  The world begins to slip away, like the last vestiges of a dream.

The void...

Something so familiar... this feeling, you know this presence.  You've felt it so many times before...

I'm not done yet... not yet...


Bright searing light... tingling nerves... thick air filling lacking lungs...

Once more into the breach...


You have died, but you're not quite finished here.  There is still much you wish to share, and to experience.  You have chosen to resurrect.  The Goddess has accepted your choice.  You come to in a safe location amongst those that will care for you.  What worldly possessions you once had are with you no longer.  Your appearance has changed (player selects the new appearance), and given this new opportunity, you may wish to change your name as well...  This phenomenon is bizarre to some, but not unheard of, not in this (strange) world... you may be able to convince your friends that you are your old persona returned. 

In terms of game mechanics, you retain all of your past experiences (such as skills), though you will likely never recover your old possessions (not very hard to replace anyway, it's just stuff).  Your old affiliations with NPCs will be restored by going and interacting with them again.  If you had a community, you will find yourself within that community once again, if not, you will find yourself in an out of the way place, or possibly within another community that will take you in.  You will be in a weakened state, and it would be unwise to place yourself in danger for a period of time while you recover from the experience.  If you desire to remain anonymous (to prevent your enemies from striking at you again) you easily have that option, though reuniting with old friends (PCs and NPCs) may break your anonymity.  You may change your physical appearance, your name, and even your gender, though your "race" will remain the same.

These resurrections are not an endless supply of "get out of jail free" cards however.  All characters begin with three, and can, at any one time ever have a maximum of three.  These are Karmic "points," and they can be gained and lost throughout your character's life.  There are three ways to lose Karmic points.  The first, is to resurrect.  The Goddess requires that you use a Karmic point to return to the life you were once living.  The second, is to murder (murder in Project Vex is covered here).  The third is to be involved in an atrocity.  The Aspects (special spirits that observe the actions of all beings in Project Vex) determine when these second two conditions are met.  An atrocity can include orchestrating the cold-blooded murder of another, without actually actively participating (such as sending an NPC assassin to kill an innocent member of your community), or it can be something like destruction purely for destruction's sake (burning down a forest for no particular reason).

To regain Karmic points, there are three paths.  The first, is to show mercy to an opponent whom you could kill without it being considered a murder.  The second is to perform a grace.  The third is to relieve the world of a being that has negative Karmic points (the maximum amount of negative Karmic points is yet to be determined).  Similar to an atrocity, a grace is determined by the Aspects.  A grace can include restoring life to a barren land, or life to a fallen comrade (which still requires a Karmic point of the fallen comrade).  It should be known that the ability for one character to restore life to another is an exceptionally rare thing.

Generally, things that promote life are graces, and things that take away from life are atrocities.  A grace or atrocity can also be built up slowly over time by various deeds on a smaller scale.

It should also be known that a character can rapidly lose Karmic points (one per 10 minutes, lets say), but regaining Karmic points takes much longer (one per 24 hours perhaps).


"...This body holding me, reminds me of my own mortality...  Embrace this moment, remember...  We are eternal.  All this pain is an illusion."