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My Game Ideas

Okay you can sure figure out that this will be a blog, where I'll write up game ideas. There will probably not be any storys for the games, I'm more the gameplay developer. And this is the only place I wrote these ideas, I don't even have' em on paper.

Author: Vapiant

Extreme Action War, has to be pro, and not wannabe kindergarden game.

Posted by Vapiant Wednesday February 4 2009 at 5:33PM
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Well the first one, is a idea I wrote in a post at some othere guys topic.

So I made these 2 ideas because there's a lot of games, that has an opening video with some cool war, well in those games you don't ever get to fight in a war like that, a massive war.

First war idea - Future Mecha Game

Well I'm kind of fan of mechas, and I'm also thinking to make a game that has an explanation on everything!

So there for I'll have to make up a lot of stuff, how the mechas where made and how they have been developed etc.

I expect to make the mechas from 5 to 20 meters high, and then the players will be able to design' em just like they want to, give them as many

Well this is to make it all more advanced.

It's simply a user-programming application, which means that the user has to program something himself. It will make the user's able to adapt his gear to his/hers advantage. I'll start discriping an example, Imagine you bought your self a mecha, then you have to make it's AI (atificical intelligens), you'll have to program everything, how it has to move it's arms, legs, it's scanning what it should say when it discovers something, but you of cause has to have the items in the mecha before you can use the abilitys, like you need a webcam in(or attached to your computer, before you are able to take pics of your self with your computer.

You could program the mecha, to hide perfectly behind a stone, scan the stone's shape and place it self so the opponent would be unable to hit you.

You could program it to, automatically point the weapon, in the direction, of an enemy, what part of an enemy it should hit, depending on what kind of enemy it is, but it won't be like aim-bot so it says headshot, headshot and headshot, the mechas will be able to take a lot of damage.

AI System

The AI for the enemy's which will be war machines, they'll be on different difficulty levels so newbes will have a chance, but at highest level they'll be very clever at tactic, remember where there enemy were last, figure where he could be now ... I don't have time right now to finish the AI this were just a little example see you!

The Story of the Game

It all starts off, when a war starts up out of nowhere, or nobody knows why, some people think it's just madness, and some think it's a hidden secret.
The war had after 30 years taken more than 3 billion lives of the 8,6 the earth had.
War machines was evolved and every week there were a new one nothing was good enough, and every thing seemed to be out of control, but time have changed sins that, welcome to the massive war!

I will maybe continue, or maybe I'll start over (on the story)

And I'll find up new materials for the world of the game.