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Cabal2 Archives - Urza's Blog!

This is the copy of my blog from C2Archives as I want to share it with the MMORPG community!

Author: UrzaKeFrostgard

ArcheAge - Black Despair

Posted by UrzaKeFrostgard Sunday August 17 2014 at 3:37AM
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Well, this is not the name of guild but my thought while playing ArcheAge. ArcheAge is so far the best game I have ever played but as I am a perfectionist I start to despair while thinking about the head start...

The last headstart in which I took part was the Wildstar one, ah Wildstar the freakin' straight forward theme parks offering you, get level 50 while gathering, attunement, raid, gg...

Well I like the fact that in ArcheAge starting with around level 10 you have to make huge decision that change your future, well you are able to do everything in ArcheAge true but lets take a short look on the first 50 gilda stars.


There are three huge starting plans you can realise with about level 25 after you got your 50th gilda star. First you can buy your first ship, secound you can buy your first farm house or third you can buy a farm wagon.

If you do not take the ship you need a friend of guild mate getting the ship first and you will increase your production with the farm house with addition storage space while you secure a huge piece of land für yourself, but in the same moment not taking the farm wagon your gold income will be way lower while your production is increased. While you take the ship first you are able to do intercontinential trade runs for gilda stars both, your production and gold income will be lower. Last if you take the farm wagon you will increase your gold income while maybe getting problems with your supplies.


For someone who wants to "perfect" the headstart it is a huge pain in the ass, but I had never have that much fun setting up my plans for a headstart. It is like clicking on the machining folio to calculate the mats/gold cost of the farm wagon itself. Damn I had to laugh so hard. Everything in this game is just so huge. Even the choosing of the faction had become the a real deal in the last two days. That for I could do nothing but to switch around friday evening from beta to alpha as I needed more time to get accurate information. While the racials slightly benefits the eastern faction for the land combat the western faction get that benefit in the naval combat. But in terms of economy we are on a diffrent planet. Just cold blooded calculation the available farming and housing plots on the eastern continent are perfect for trading. While the western continent offers a way smoother and easier leveling experience. Both are viable but depending on your starting plans for the first month one could fitting better than the other.


Back to the diary, the last two days I have learned a lot about the infrastructure of both continents, labor to xp and crafting/farming. Did you know a 16x16 scarecrow is 300 logs? Well I have also realised that your farming space, even if you are going for characters for the 8x8 is not enough to provide you with enough land to get your 3rd and 4th trade runs quest done with 4 characters. You need friends/guild mates or you have to plant hidden farms in the wild because even with the public farms you have not enough land (for the nuian/elves this is 100% clarified - firran/hara I have started calculation) to safely cultivate all needed ressources. Neverless public farms are great for every starter and you should plant and harvest everytime you get the possibility to do so.


For the next days I have planned to take deeper look into the eastern continent to clear up my despair!