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Cabal2 Archives - Urza's Blog!

This is the copy of my blog from C2Archives as I want to share it with the MMORPG community!

Author: UrzaKeFrostgard

ArcheAge: Setting up class

Posted by UrzaKeFrostgard Thursday August 14 2014 at 6:24AM
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In a few hours the beta server will go live. Time to set up my class!

As I already have played CBE2 and the alpha I have to possibilitys. First I could try out a possible starting combination for release (Battlerage / Songcraft / Archery or Battlerage / Defense / Archery) or I could go another way and play something I will not use at the 4 day headstart like Vitalism or Sorcery first.


Well since you can level all skill trees I will have all trees maxed but the starting trees are very important for some reasons e.g. quest speed, kill speed, utility, movementspeed, group viablilty, trading and pvping? And that are just some short thoughts.

As the leveling of the alt trees are mainly grinding you can either solo or group grind. With Battlerage / Defense I am totally fine grinding solo so I can level one tree at a time. With Archery you can grind in a group and level two trees at a time. Also the Battlerage quest and kill time is really great. With Battlerage / Defense / Archery I would have a great build for getting all other trees up.


Also in mind I guess I am playing Ebonsong main (Archery / Shadowplay / Songcraft) I would have Archery already on max with group grinding Shadowplay and Songcraft to max option.

BUT with Battlerage / Songcraft / Archery I would profit from the great movementspeed increase from Songcraft reducing the time I will need overall while Battlerage still killing mobs fast and some healing potential from songcraft while playing 2h mace. I would also be able to support in group play and CCing from Archery / Songcraft.


Well Battlerage / Songcraft isn't nearly as good as Battlerage / Defense for solo grinding. Group grinding for my main build would be in this case (Archery / Defense / Shadowplay) for beeing able to get my main build + solo grinding capability.

As I want to get perfect start on release I will stick this time to Battlerage / Songcraft / Archery as I already tried Battlerage / Defense / Archery in CBE2 and I will maybe try out a caster tree 1st in the next CBE, alpha or later this weekend.


So I am going for: Bloodskald


About the armor and the weapon choice, since weaving is great I will start with a nodachi swapping later to 2h axe or hammer! The armor of my choice will be the plate armor as many enemys dealing physical damage!