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MMORPG - Epic Fantasy - The Unity

The start of a possible great journey. We will like you to be part of. Currently there are 4 volunteers in the team, who are friends and wanting to make this game a reality. Interested in Helping? Email:

Author: UnifyEnt

Blog #1 - Introducing The Unity

Posted by UnifyEnt Saturday February 14 2015 at 4:18PM
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Hi, I appreciate the time you are taking to have a read through our Blog. We are a new team of friends with the same idea for an Epic Fantasy MMORPG that we are planning on taking on. We understand with MMORPGs they take time, patience, money and time again. This is not idea we thought of last night and that we are looking to complete by next week. We are taking each step carefully and seriously ensuring no mistakes are made and that our vision comes to reality. My name is Bill, I am the project lead for The Unity, we are looking to roll out a Epic fantasy MMORPG which I will explain a bit more further down.

Some of us have experience in programming and art, which helps. We know that further down the line we will need to increase the team and add others with specific expertise.


The Unity

This is the name we have decided upon for our Epic Fantasy MMORPG. We feel this name goes best with the main story lines, that we have planned. I won't go in to too much in our first blog, I will touch more on the basics we are planning.

First things first, what is this game about? We are still in the process of designing a map/world we feel would suit the game. What we are trying to do is implement aspects from other games and TV Series like GoT, Skyrim, Neverwinter whilst obviously adding our own features. So, Why The Unity? In the world there are 7 Kingdoms who hold their own territory and rule their own lands, within these 7 Kingdoms there will be Houses and lesser Houses (Very much like how GoT is set up, only that the 7 Kingdoms in The Unity will actually be Kingdoms and not Lord Paramounts, etc). We want players to try and take control of the game as much as possible. Allowing 90% of all positions on the game, be it King, Lord, a Knight, a Blacksmith or a thief. There will be a complete list of Jobs or positions open to players. Within each Kingdom there will form the houses both Upper and Lesser, these can be player managed also. Very much like Guilds. However if you do not want to be part of a house or in the King's army, you can take up arms and create a band of assassins or thieves, raiders the list will go on.

The created players will join the world as nothing (No player is born of nobility) but work their way up the ladder they wish to climb. The aim of the game is totally in your hands. We will add different cultures to different Kingdoms and different aspects that may help you in your decisions. Leveling will be different also, people are getting bored of the WoW-like Exp leveling, with classes only being able to use certain equipment or weapons. That will not be an issue with The Unity, if one day you want to try your hand at Hunting Boar with a bow, and the next day fighting in your Lord's war with a two-handed great sword? So be it. Leveling will be used against the weapon class when you use them, and degrade when you don't use them, to determine your efficency with that weapon. 

With Skyrim and Neverwinter, they both have unique features we like. Skyrim, being you can attack anyone anywhere and suffer the consequences, and Neverwinter with you being in control when you block, dodge or attack the enemy. These are features we are looking to add also.

I will include more details in the next blog, as I do not wish to bore you all with too much to read.


Next Steps

We are currently working on our Story boards for the PvE side of the game. We are looking to add both PvE and PvP as well as a new type of Player Versus, as well as that the player models and the cultures and world/map.

We know this will take a good while to complete, and wish to make it absolutely perfect.


Thank You

If you have any questions, or wish to offer assistance feel free to contact us on or skype: unifyentertainment

I appreciate the time you have taken to read our first blog. We will be looking to release a blog every 2 weeks to update on our position and where we have got up to. I enjoy reading other journeys, so it will be nice to read through this later in to the year.



Unify Entertainment