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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

Why Bioware Will Release KOTORO (or Hang For It)

Posted by UnSub Friday November 2 2007 at 10:34AM
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Okay, first post and on a topic I'm a little late on: the whole Bioware Knights of the Old Republic Online (KOTORO) rumour. The rumour got a little more solid after it was announced that Bioware and Lucasarts have a formal agreement to develop something. But still Bioware is playing the "are we or aren't we?" PR game with KOTORO.

The reason I think that KOTORO (or something like it) will be announced by Bioware is that it's a stupid thing for them to have feed the rumour they know they can't pay up on - and by issuing non-denial denials, they are feeding it. Although some people think that all hype is good hype, the second that Bioware announces that they aren't doing KOTORO but are doing another Lucasarts-orientated MMO (Loom Online, anyone?) then all of that interest will disappear, Bioware or not. People are excited about a Star Wars MMO that is without the taint of Galaxies and that it will be "done right" (which it won't be, but that's another story). Any other non-Star Wars Bioware game isn't going to cut it.

The only way Bioware gets the rumour to pay off is they are developing KOTORO (which sounds like a video game villain to me). Anything else will see players feel deceived by Bioware, which isn't going to help develop a community around their new MMO nor help players feel that Bioware still has their gaming interests at heart  having been bought by EA.


jadan2000 writes:

I agree 100%. Bioware would be fools to make be feeding this rumour and not be making a sw game! But there are two things i do disagree with. 1- im not sure it will be kotor. It might be the new jedi order that took place after episode 6. 2- i think they will do an excellent job because tey will focus on the RP aspect of the sw universe. To me,That is the reason why swg never really felt like you were in a star wars universe.

Fri Nov 02 2007 10:54AM Report
thepatriot writes:

I don't agree that they are feeding the rumor.  They had a big game to launch before announcing any future games and they did not want to distract from that launch.  If it is KOTOR then LA has a huge reason not to announce it (keeping SWG subs from plummeting).  However, I do agree that if the MMO isn't SW, there will be an enormous collective cry of anguish when the game is announced.

Fri Nov 02 2007 11:01AM Report
Bealzagre writes:

"I feel a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced..." Bioware will really hurt their fandom if it is not SW related, that is for sure.

Fri Nov 02 2007 11:38AM Report
soulwynd writes:

A d20 system versus galaxies... hmmm... I pick galaxies.

Fri Nov 02 2007 11:55AM Report
Tenebrion writes:

I'd rather pick a hammer to the nuts than galaxies...

Fri Nov 02 2007 12:50PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

I do think its a Star Wars MMO but I am not sure it is on the kotor time line.  It would make more sense to keep kotor a single player game and make a whole new universe on the time line for New Jedi Order.

Fri Nov 02 2007 3:03PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

As cool as a KOTOR MMORPG would be I am actually hoping for something different and new coming out of this Bioware/Lucasarts collaboration. The MMORPG genre needs some real innovation and creativity from the next generation of games...something Bioware/Lucasarts could deliver.

Fri Nov 02 2007 6:38PM Report
Shanks123 writes:

im actully just plain exited about a bioware mmo. Bire ware has made some of the greatest sp rpgs's of all time and i dotn care what they make there mmo ill play it.

Fri Nov 02 2007 6:54PM Report
soulwynd writes:

I will gladly hammer your nuts for you, Tenebrion.

Fri Nov 02 2007 7:08PM Report
BlitzBlade writes:

I agree and I do hope we get the word soon

Fri Nov 02 2007 7:23PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Well, Bioware could actually make another game with Lucasart and make a totaly different MMO. And I doubt that Biowares fans would get angry if theyre developping an MMO based on Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter nights.

Doesnt really matter, Biowares is known for their brilliant games, whatever they make Im sure it will be different from whats out on the market now. Not that I mind a KOTORO but Forgotten Realms Online is just as good :D

Fri Nov 02 2007 9:26PM Report
bomber009 writes:

I'm a huge Star Wars fan have been for years and I've read over 100 books in the Expanded Universe and a few comics also.  I think the KOTOR era would make a better Star Wars game online than when SWG is set, and SWG was a horrible game pre-CU and post CU.  I wouldn't mind seeing a Star Wars game set during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion.  However personally I hope it isn't a Star Wars game, there are too many details to keep straight and too much control over what can be done.  Some other game would be awesome, however the fact that Lucasarts is involved tends to make one think it will be Star Wars related eventhough they stated that The Force Unleased, upcoming single player game would be the last Star Wars game they were involved with.

Also I'm worried by the fact that Bioware was recently purchased by EA.

Sat Nov 03 2007 4:28PM Report
blackthornn writes:

curse of monkey island online :P

Sat Nov 03 2007 6:10PM Report
UnSub writes:

Bioware are covertly feeding the rumour by not squashing it. If it's not true, they need to say so now so their real big announcement isn't overshadowed by people's disappointment they went for Maniac Mansion Online instead of KOTORO.

Sun Nov 04 2007 3:02AM Report
grimfall writes:

Bioware is listing a 'New Next Gen Game' on their site, which is different from their MMO.

I doubt they have been working on a game for 20 months and just now 'entered into an agreement with Lucas Arts to create an interactive entertainment product'.  To me this says that the MMO definetly isn't Star Wars.

I think that it's most likely their own IP.  Maybe Dragon Age.

Sun Nov 04 2007 4:36AM Report
Shohadaku writes:

Of course it's KOTORO. Bioware has a unamed sci fi mmo, and just signs with lucas arts.

Realize the only reason it has not been announced is because of Force Unleashed. Lucas Arts needs to push this out first.

KOTOR is a great timeline for a mmo. Freedom of new stories. I have faith they can come through with a nice MMO

Wed Nov 14 2007 10:28PM Report
Amarsir writes: What do they inherit from KOTOR? An established time period and names, and a little bit of backstory. Oh and a name. They could develop anything Star Wars related and get all that. Lucas arts just has to be sure they stick with their strong IP instead of trying to invent something new. But it's not going to have much in common with the KOTOR we know. The game to me was all about action cues, multiple party members, following a story line, and changing the environment permanently through your actions. None of that translates to an MMO. Bioware is as good as anyone. But Lucasarts needs to get out a Star Wars: We Promise Not To Screw It Up This Time. What the sub-brand is isn't so crucial. Thu Nov 15 2007 3:02AM Report
Kenny3000 writes:

Well said Amarsir i agree. if LA can do this then they can put the mmo in what ever sw time period they want for all i care. Only as long as SOE isnt alowed to touch

Wed Nov 28 2007 8:21AM Report writes:
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