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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

DC Universe Online E3 2008 Video: Batman looks Grumpy!

Posted by UnSub Wednesday July 16 2008 at 4:30AM
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Jim Lee has made a not-really-that-surprising (if you'd been following the DCUO MySpace news, that is) appearance at E3 2008 to show off the first in-game video of DCUO. General reactions have been that it looks okay, but is a bit clunky / unsynchronised in combat.

Firstly, I found the huge amount of time devoted to Jim Lee being in charge of DCUO being pure filler. Especially since he's been using his Wildstorm Studios to develop the art rather than work on most it himself. Can you really see any other developer getting the kind of love letter that Lee got in that video? Raph Koster? Brad McQuaid? Rob Pardo? No, I can't either. Especially since Jim Lee is really a limited draw card - comic book readers might recognise his name, but the general video game playing public is going to be clueless about him. It really says to me that DCUO didn't have that much to show off and padded it with some talk of what little name talent they have on board.

As for the in-game footage, some of it is very nice. Flash running up a vertical building looked great. Quite a bit of the combat looked out-of-sync though, with reactions taking place a long time after the blow was landed. Also, DCUO has been in development for 3 years and the video looks like it is still pretty early days. Good enough for alpha, sure, but ChampO looks to be in better shape in a side-by-side comparison.

Just so I'm not totally negative about it, seeing the number of objects that were picked up in the video did a lot to raise my interest in DCUO. Comic book games should be all about property destruction and it looks like DCUO have got this part right. How it plays in reality (such as, how hard it is to target the right opponent rather than the car off to the left of them) remains to be seen, but that aspect has raised my interest.

Also, it was nice to see a lot the DC characters in there, even if some were just shown in passing. Seeing Sinestro, Bane and Black Adam is more interesting to me than seeing the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

So, I'm still a lot more interested in ChampO, but having DCUO as competition / an alternative has certainly made things more exciting.

Devildog1 writes:

The main problem with the game that I see is that it is being done by or with SOE! There are a lot of trust issues that they have yet to rectify with thier persent and former player base. So I'll pass on this one but the character graphics did look great!

Wed Jul 16 2008 9:31AM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

I think the game is still in Alpha phase thats why it looks a bit clunky.

Wed Jul 16 2008 3:19PM Report
UnSub writes:

It might be alpha footage, but it is what they've chosen to go with.

Apparently DCUO will be playable at ComicCon. That'll be interesting to see.

Thu Jul 17 2008 11:58PM Report writes:
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