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Vicarious Existence

To blog about what is going on in the MMO genre from a casual MMO player's viewpoint.

Author: UnSub

The End of Hellgate: London - Servers Won't Come Back After Maintenance

Posted by UnSub Saturday February 7 2009 at 10:04AM
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One week ago Hellgate: London (HGL) died.

Or rather: it's US / European servers have been shut down as HanbitSoft - the current owners of the title - has indicated they will continue developing the title for other markets. Which might see the US / Europe servers restart. Or not. Things really aren't clear.

What is certain is that HGL shut down those US / EU servers. One of the few reactions to this shut down was this blog that revealed the pearl of some players not knowing that HGL was shutting down. Okay, I can get if you didn't play HGL you might be confused about what was going on, but for those people actively playing the title, how could they have not known that HGL was shutting down (which suggests that, even right now, there could be players currently trying to log into the HGL servers and wondering what is going on)?

It's this kind of information that must make MMO customer service people weep.

AlienShirt writes:

Well they can all blame Flagship not HanbitSoft.

Sat Feb 07 2009 2:28PM Report
UnSub writes:

Very true. That HGL even still exists currently is thanks to HanbitSoft.

Sun Feb 08 2009 8:30AM Report
reploidx writes:

Flagship should of just put all the multiplayer stuff into single player for those who enjoy playing the game

Sun Feb 08 2009 11:53AM Report
Jcdx writes:

Namco sent 2 or 3 mails with a warning about game's termination. If people who played wonder why game isn't working then they either can't read or properly configure spam filters.

Sun Feb 08 2009 6:54PM Report
razor19112k9 writes:

this is the last I saw on it

Recent Headlines for HellGate: London
Going Free to Play
Posted by Keith Cross on Jan 26, 2009
25 comments in our forums

Despite the game's stated end date of January 31st, HanbitSoft, the developer and publisher of Hellgate: London says that the game will continue to run as a free to play title.

Although it is slated to stop operating in the West on January 31, multiplayer online title Hellgate: London will continue on here as a free-to-play game, according to comments from Korean publisher and developer HanbitSoft.

The announcement comes in spite of a decision by Namco-Bandai, which co-published the game through an agreement with Electronic Arts' EA Partners, to terminate the game's servers.

Sun Feb 08 2009 7:36PM Report writes:
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