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Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog

Uncharted Waters Online, a MMORPG developed by TECMO KOEI will be derlivered to the world with! August 2010, UWO will be live to North America and European Regions! Explore, Battle and Conquer to Make History!

Author: UWO_NEWS

How to use shared storage

Posted by UWO_NEWS Saturday December 31 2011 at 5:09AM
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Its the most expensive item in the cash shop and people are a bit hesitant to spend so big so I will explain how it works clearly

its 19,999NC and only lasts 30 days

you get 999 storage for trade goods but you can only set it to 1 town 1 type of trade good also eats 1 slot of the 50/50 space if you want to use variety of different goods,additionally it gives you 50/50 space for items/goods which can be recovered from any bank and 1 ship can be stored. but to transfer the storage to another town/register it, the storage needs to be empty and the only single town registered is the place where you can recover the goods you can't make goods magically appear on the next town

ship storage / stow allows you to store 1 ship you can retrieve it from any bank

notice how the cannons (goods) on the upper left also eat one space of the 50/50 and 7 of the 999
50/50 slot does not allow non trade able items to be transferred like guild cards but ducats are okay to move to your alt

The Noob Adventurers Handbook to XP

Posted by UWO_NEWS Sunday December 25 2011 at 7:12AM
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Adventure is the hardest class to lvl in UWO both in any stage of the game and is usually the last to be maximized by expert players because it is very time consuming and there is no way to speed the process if you are playing alone.

This guide was original made by starcrossed I did not follow it but it is very useful and correct.

How to gain quick experience and fame as a beginning Adventurer:

This can be done solo but has better results in a group as you get nearly twice the fame if you all turn in the quests at once.

Step One - Getting to Athens:


All three Intermediate schools complete so that you have the three Adventure job permits
500 adventure fame, which you should get from the schools.

Helms person for skills.






Once you have the prerequisites, you will need to take a trip to Seville so you can begin what many of us call the 588-91. This refers to the quest rewards that the quests give, 58,800 ducats and 9,100 ducats respectively. You will need to go to the Adventure’s guild and speak to the Mediator to begin one of these quests.

588 - The Middle of the Atlantic
This quest gives a reward of 58,800 ducats. All it requires is sailing west from Seville until you find an island chain that consists of three small islands known as the Azores. Once you are amongst them, you use recognition to ‘discover’ the islands. You then return to Seville and turn the quest in, netting a few hundred exp and fame as well as 58,800 Ducats.

91 - The Tip of the Iberian Peninsula
Because you cannot repeat a quest, you need a filler quest after you do 588. This quest is normally a quest to Faro for 9,100 ducats known as the Tip of the Iberian Peninsula. It is quick and will allow you to start 588 again quickly. However, if this quest is not available any quick quest to Malaga or Lisbon also works to speed up the process. You will need to do this until you reach 2,000 adventure fame.

Step Two - Raising Archeology






For step three, level 4 Archeology is required. The quickest way to do this is to head to Genoa. In Genoa there is a level 1 geography quest that takes you to Naples to speak to the scholar and then find an item in the Naples melee combat zone. Once that is done, you can turn the quest in at the Tavern and pick up an Archeology quest that sends you back to Genoa to speak to the Scholar there. This quest sends you back to Naples to dig another item. You will need to repeat this process till you have level 4 Archeology.

To maximize this process, you should be in a group. Pick a person to go first to discover the item. Everyone else stands back far enough that they cannot discover the item yet. This person with get between 20-40 proficiency. You then allow a second person to come dig while the original person stays in place. The second person and the first person obtain 20-40 proficiency, allowing the first to now collect 40-80 proficiency in one trip. You do this until everyone has discovered, then next time allow someone else in the group to go first. Take turns, work together.

An alternate way to do this step is to reach level 2 Archeology, then repeat the Archeology school quest to Tunis repeatedly in a group until you reach level four. This, however, requires you almost be finished with Advanced Adventure school.

Step 3 - Arriving in Athens:


2,000 Fame


Arabic - Can learn in Genoa Merchant GM

Greek - Can learn in Naples Merchant GM

Treasure Appraisal - Can learn in Lisbon Adventure GM

Unlock - Should have learned when switching to Excavator

This is the final step in fame farming for beginners. With this quest line, in a group, you can easily obtain 10,000-15,000 fame in just a few days of constant, determined farming. Possibly even 500-1000 an hour if you do it right.

You will need to go to Athens. In Athens you will need to pick up the quest the Sultans. This quest will send you to Beirut where you must speak to the Scholar. The Scholar will send you into the Alexandria wilds to discover something. Turn this quest in at the Alexandria Tavern and pick up Mourning a Greek Tragedy quest which takes you back to Athens to speak to the Scholar and discover something in the Athens wilds. You can run these two quests repeatedly and make possibly 100,000 ducats every 30-60 minutes while gaining massive fame and experience.

Edit: Sultans requires Appraisal level 4, Unlock level 2. If you do not want to level that you can alternately get Town Dedicated to Love from Athens to Famagusta.

Things to note:

Any nation can do this.

Quests that send you to a scholar normally require you to read a book.

This method may not be for everyone as they may get bored repeating the quest lines

Capt's Logbook: Aides for Captains

Posted by UWO_NEWS Wednesday December 21 2011 at 2:08AM
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Captain Anjel's Log                                - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite

February 15th, 1495

As you progress through world, encountering the dangers at sea, making great discoveries, or becoming a trading power house, it isn’t a feat you should manage alone. Certainly you can travel with a Company or a Fleet, but also as you attain certain Milestones, you can hire Aides to assist you in your adventures. They can back you up in various roles, with their support skills, or just to keep you company as you travel. They can play a beneficial role in your travels as they develop their support skills you can focus your attention on building your own skills.

Once you reach level 20 in Adventure, Trade, or Maritime, you can hire your first Aide. Choosing one is of course a matter of what needs you have skill wise and which alternate ones you could use. Aides have different jobs so their skill development is based on their background, plus what role you place them in on your ship. The roles available for an Aide to fill are:
Chief Navigator
Store Keeper
Ship’s Doctor.
 These roles will provide a boost to your aide’s levelling in one or two categories from Adventure, Trade, or Maritime. Levelling up these will open the door to more skills and improve the usefulness of your aides.

You can hire up to 4 aides, however you can only bring 1 with you until you reach level 40 in a category. Then you will be able to bring 2 aides with you at a time, while the other two will remain waiting for you in your quarters. Aides are hired in the taverns of certain cities, these cities are: Seville, Lisbon, Venetia, Marseille, Amsterdam, London, Naples, Geneva, Tunis, Alexandria, Athens, Istanbul, Calicut, Portobello, Rio de janeiro, and Jakarta. You might want to shop around to find the right Aide for you as they each have unique skills, characteristics and a language skill(s).

Additionally, you can give your Aide(s) equipment which can boost their effectiveness and make them even further useful. I’ve found that giving them complementary equipment can offer even better opportunities to put their skills to full use as they develop. Having a couple of mates to travel and pitch in with essential skills has helped me seek better opportunities for growth, profit, and completing quests. While the initial cost of hiring an Aide is 100,000, and they have a daily wage, their eventual usefulness more than pays for the cost of brining them on board and investing in their growth. Every captain needs a solid crew to make the most of the opportunities found out in the world’s oceans. So get out there, find a good crew of aides to back you up and build your name, glory, and fame on the high seas.

Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti

Sourece: Official UWO Fan Page

Happy Holidays UWO Sailors!!!

Posted by UWO_NEWS Friday December 16 2011 at 2:39AM
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Official Home:


A tale of 3 pirates Aelita and Me! (Part.11) Capt.Aki's tour

Posted by UWO_NEWS Tuesday December 13 2011 at 4:55AM
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 Captain-Aki-Chan hasn't had much adventure these days because she is currently gaining battle level just enough for her to get her Xebec license unknowingly leveling-up in Stockholm would be a grand adventure.
 when 3 pirates planned to attack her.
 We all know what happened when Captain-Aki-Chan decided to bully someone.  She ended up being a pirate and wasn't too pleased with it. She even warned other players what would happen if you decide to be one and have such a low battle level. 
 So there I was by my lonesome self being all bored and sinking vikings and privateers one by one and resupplying in Stockholm . Then suddenly by the side shores or Stockholm as I left town there were two pirates. Oh nos! they attacked captain Aki-chan! but since she was close to town she ran back >.<" with two pirates and a decent battle level of 20-30 Captain-Aki-Chans level 18 battle was just enough to defend herself and flee!
And so staring out of Stockholm harbor I waited for them to go away with another dutch player. all he kept saying was dangerous.... dangerous..... Hmmm O.K I will just wait for them to go away but they didn't so I tried to move away from town bit they reacted!. ooops! seems they aren't going to go anywhere soon. So I waited some more.....
then suddenly one of them PMed me. his name was Franky
Franky> Tell your armada friends that they want a taste of EIC ships (Or something like that Blah Blah!)
Aika> O.K pls wait
(there were a few more exchange in words and stuff I dont remember I was so sleepy it was 1AM)
So the real fun begins Aelita only the greatest pirate player in the game she can even kick Jacksons butt yay!
Aelita> Im OMW
Aika> O.K he says hes in Danzig
after a few min waiting and PMing Franky we finally caught up with him in Danzig. Alita was able to see him outside and attacked him! but he ran away!. and Aelita was blocked by NPC pirates Darn it!!. But there is no hiding from the greatest pirate since she had search skills  we cornered him in Visby he was all alone now so we had a nice chat about how it wasn't fare that he was only level 27 and Aelita was 50 hmmm I was only 18 when they attacked me >.<" and so I said O.K 3 of you can tag-team. Aelita said for me to go out of the town. Unknowingly he did plan to attack with his other buddies since they were already outside waiting as I left town. Hmm so that's were all the fun began!!!
Soon after leaving the town we moved a bit to open seas we waited for them to approach!
Yup its three against two and me being the lowest level
 The battle begun! we planted mines then suddenly Aelita dashes! forward ignoring the enemy's cannons
errr I took pictures :D
 I less than a minute two of them were sunk!
The Ice melted and the Shark broke his teeth against Aelita's burning fury!

 Aelita made sure she personally meet Franky on his ship but he ran away. So she decided to just blow him away

 It all ended in less than 5 minutes but was a tremendous amount of fun! I'm not angry with the EIC or MTC for shooting me at the rear and trying to sink me I guess these three were acting on their own.
But to make the same mistake will only unleash Armada Fury! Aelita is a member of the Spanish Armada and currently the Number 1 pirate ^^, we have other strong members too but they prefer not to be pirates
Before leaving them I left then an important message
Be good now!
It's fun to make friends and dangerous to make enemies

So Franky and me are friends now ^_^

Capt's Logbook: Communicating

Posted by UWO_NEWS Monday December 12 2011 at 7:05AM
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Captain Anjel's Log                                - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite
February 10th, 1495
The oceans of the world are vast, but even when there is no one on the horizon, we do not sail alone. There is a plethora of ways to communicate with other voyagers as we make our ways through the adventures, trials, and discoveries within the world. Look over them, there are many to be used and perhaps a few that would be good to have additionally. Taking a closer look is the theme of this entry, for even though we might spend our days at sea alone moving towards our own goals and achieving our own fame.
The primary method of communication is the chat, within which are several different modes. First of course is to simply speak or “Say”. This talks to those in the immediate vicinity to you and is a great way to communicate, greet, and start up conversations with other voyagers in your close proximity. It is commonly used in the taverns or when you’re standing/sailing close by someone else. While it’s not private, it is of course the first mode of the chat, which is standard with any game.
Next is the “Party” mode which when you’re in a Fleet with other players, working towards completing a quest or simply taking a journey together. Party mode allows players who are Fleeted together to chat, discuss plans of attack, compare notes, or simply enjoy each other’s company as they sail out into the unknown. It’s a great way to keep your team members current on plans and to build a tighter group as you travel and adventure together.
“Tells” are fairly simple and straight forward of course. They are straight whispers between voyagers, a secure way for one person to speak to another about anything they want. Following that is “Shout” which is really the opposite of “Tells” in that it will reach out to players within the area on a larger scale than normal “Say”. For instance if I have something of vital importance to say to the citizens of Venice whom are in town I can shout out to them and they will all see what I have to say. Mind you it’s very public and not really something to be used for casual conversation it is great ways to get the word out about something; or to look for more Fleet members and even recruit Company members.
This brings me to Company chat, which of course is for members of the same company to talk and discuss anything and everything related to life, the seas, and of course company business. This mode reaches all company members regardless of where in the world they might be at any given time. The last regular mode is “Chat Rooms” that you can create and invite other voyagers into for a lively discussion without the fuss of having to form a Fleet. It provides a secure way to have a private conversation with other players no matter where they happen to be and can be expanded or shrank as the room creator desires.
There is a special chat mode that is exclusive to new players and lasts until a certain point following finishing the school quests. This is the “School’ mode, which allows players from all nations to discuss and share their tips, discoveries or ask questions from other players who are further along in the game then they happen to be at that moment. It can only hold 200 people at any given time, but it’s a great forum for players regardless of nation to discuss anything that comes to mind as they move through the world and learn about the trials the oceans hold.
Missing from this, which I truly believe is something that would be very useful is a “Nation” mode which would allow voyagers to discuss and chat with all the other people within their nation. It would be great for times of war, help with taking over ports through investments and building on the new colonies available in the new world. Another addition that would be good to see is perhaps a “Jobs” mode that would allow people to join and discuss the finer points of being either in the Adventurer, Trade, or Battle jobs that are available in the game. This would be a good extension of the School channel for voyagers who might find themselves stuck on a problem and need to reach out to others whom might know the answer to their job or quest related questions.
A part of the chat system, though separate is the Friend’s list which allows you to build up a list of select other voyagers you regularly talk to, fleet with, or may one day form a company with. You invite players to your friends list and can use it to invite those same people to one of your chat rooms. You can also send mail via your friends list so that if one of your friends happens to be off on shore leave and not around to talk to, you can send them a letter for them to collect later.
All in all there are many ways to reach out and communicate with other voyagers, and allow you to build up good friendships through random encounters, Fleeting, Companies, or simply during the school phase of play. A few more options would always be handy and we can hope that they might one day be added, until then…
Fair Breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti


The Traders Equation

Posted by UWO_NEWS Sunday December 11 2011 at 5:28AM
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Know you know how to be a Spanish merchant and gain money, but what about leveling up? Well that's easy one of the best players in UWO taught me none other than Dary. This is how he showed us

Basic Profit Exp = {(profit + merchant lv + 1) / (merchant + 1) / 100 }

Gloss exp =

- Basic Profit Exp * 4 (if over 100k)

- Basic Profit Exp * 2 (if over 10k but less than 100k)

- Basic Profit Exp * 1 (if less than 10k)

Specialty exp = Min( 500 , {quantity* specialty distance * 50 / (merchant lv + 50)})

Specialty combo bonus exp = { (Gloss exp + total of specialty exp ) * (number of specialty goods over 50 quantity -1) / 5% }

Net merchant exp = Gloss Exp + total of Specialty exp + Specialty combo bonus exp


Getting over 10k is your first goal.

Then getting over 100k is your next goal.

selling over 50 quantity of specialty is good. if you have only 45 then get 5 more somehow for specialty combo bonus.

Confusing huh well give it a try! whiskey, pepper, Ruby combo in a Spanish port and see what happens or you can bring muskets and sherry to the Caribbean

The Skill Secret (Part.2)

Posted by UWO_NEWS Tuesday December 6 2011 at 11:20PM
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Part 2 of the power levelling skill by Master Dary

I'm putting off penetration for one reason from here. 

accuracy/reload/ballistics gain proficiencies based on number of cannon (slot) you hit whereas penetration gains based on damages you are dealing.

So, penetration is harder to power level compared to other 3. It is said to be more efficient to rank up 3 which ranks up with the same conditions, then rank up penetration with high accuracy/reload or high accuracy/ballistics with good cannons.

The quest you want for this is 104k quest from Tunis (requires R5 gunnery so get someone to help you introduce you the quest if you do not have R5 gunnery). We just want enemies with higher armor so we can keep shooting them without finishing the battle. (+ their shots are week and week in melee so you can reduce their numbers if you want.)

The ship you want will be adv galleon or B.Galleon or T.Galleon. You just need falcon( 8 ) or falcon(2) b/c falcons have high reload and speed (which is accuracy of your shots to give you more proficiencies) and low damage (so you won't kill your precious enemies).

The ideal class is certainly canoneer. If you are not lvl 28 yet then you should get there as quick as possible before you start doing this.

Trading Skills -

Im not going to talk much details here but this is a good time to training your trading skills at loss. Like you can trade between Jamaica and Santiago for gold dusts continuously without bothering to bring them back to EU. 

This is also a good time to train account skills so better to do more short-distance tradings than long-distance tradings.

The Skill Secret (Part.1)

Posted by UWO_NEWS Monday December 5 2011 at 12:59AM
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You want to know why a lvl.30 maritime player can sink a lvl.40 well here it is UWO ship battle is 50% skill 49% equipment and 1% lvl so player who grind skills instead of focus on levels will give you a big surprise if you think you can just pirate anyone you see along the way

Evasion/repair/rescue/firstaide -

(assuming we have S.America permit)

you get proficiencies on evasion when you dodge shots with evasion on. So the conditions to maximize the efficiencies will be...

1. more enemy ships
2. enemy shots are low in accuracy (no skill + low speed cannons)
3. You boost evasion
4. put cannon evasion figureheads
5. enemy shots shooting against the wind direction. (you can dodge more this way)

the best condition to meet 1 and 2 is considered to be a quest from Rio. The enemies are 10 galleys without any cannon skills with fire cannons. (fire cannons have lower speed which is accuracy)

for 3, you should be able to boost 2 at least.

for 4, you need to buy tons of them from Calicut. To reduce the damage on your figurehead, you should have cheap armors and cannons (like cedar plate + falcon( 8 )

for 5, you need to see the wind direction when the battle starts and position yourself on the edge of the battlefield and continuously getting hit without killing any enemies. The best ship for this is galleon. (T.Galleon or B.galleon or adv galleon any will do) You should only load lumbers to repair yourself while doing this.

The best class for doing this is body guard.

This is a sample data for someone who did this for 17 hours in Rio.

Evasion?4 (750) > 13(10991)
Rescue?4 (1550) > 7(136)
First Aide?8 (1250) > 11(1938)
Repair 11 (800) > 12(7244)

During this time, you will get this in 9 hours or less if you have 30% prof up.