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Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog

Uncharted Waters Online, a MMORPG developed by TECMO KOEI will be derlivered to the world with! August 2010, UWO will be live to North America and European Regions! Explore, Battle and Conquer to Make History!

Author: UWO_NEWS

[UWO Captain's Log] Is School Necessary?

Posted by UWO_NEWS Monday December 13 2010 at 9:22PM
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Captain Anjel's Log                          - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite



December 1st, 1494

Ahoy, I’ve been thinking a lot as I set out from port about where to go in this tale of mine. There’s such a world filled with wonders and activities to record I sometimes find myself at a loss as to which I would want to commit to parchment next. However a conversation I came upon in the tavern has sparked my own thoughts. I remember being a young sea rat, looking to make my mark on the world through bravery, courage and no small amount of cunning. I built up my confidence and swaggered into the local Guild Office to seek my fortune, only to have it soundly pointed out I didn’t know a thing and should attend schooling.

School I thought, school was a thing for scholars and those gentlemen who sit around teas houses discussing politics and art. Not serious sea dogs who want to voyage, discover, and plunder. Yet off I went to school, to learn the various classes that I could chose from and how to handle my ship in all manner of situations. I won’t life to ye and tell ye it was a pleasant experience, there were many a time I wanted to run off and get drunk with some lass than sit through long winded lectures about disasters and weather.

Of course I found the practical aspects of school helpful. The beginning sea combat tests, the various ship components and materials for survival and the like were interesting and I did learn a thing or two as I got my hands dirty doing actual work. The rewards were really the only thing that kept my sail upright and facing forward. I nearly fell asleep during a few of the tiresome lectures. While the information might have been important, my heart was yearning for the open ocean and sea air not a stuffy class room or running hither and fro through town trying to find some up tight instructor.

I learned some things though I’ve forgotten a good part of it all, and it leaves me to wonder if School really does benefit anyone aside from some of the real work. Was the Guild Master pullin’ me leg when he sent me to school, just wanting to see me suffer and have my head filled to bursting with nonsense that I could easily find in a book or through talk with me fellow sea dogs?

I often wonder if I really needed to go to the place or not. Could I just have learned as I went and found much of the same information out on my own hook? I surely don’t know, I’ve asked many a tavern mate over a mug of rum about this and the answers vary. I’ll put it to the young lads and lasses who follow me to debate the question. I have no answers for I look back and I see the balance of boredom versus rewards. The time spent traveling just for a quick chat by the Shipyard, against time spent actually at sea learning as I go, exploring and finding things out for my very own self. Mayhap it’s just how I found the things, and with it behind me I can complain while others in it, see a benefit I’ve not found.


Safe Voyages,

Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti