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Uncharted Waters Online Publisher Blog

Uncharted Waters Online, a MMORPG developed by TECMO KOEI will be derlivered to the world with! August 2010, UWO will be live to North America and European Regions! Explore, Battle and Conquer to Make History!

Author: UWO_NEWS

[UWO Captain's Log] Which class to choose?

Posted by UWO_NEWS Wednesday December 8 2010 at 3:09AM
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Captain Anjel's Log                              - by David "AnjelusX" Slauenwhite
November 25, 1494
Anjel’s Log:This is my first entry, and while I want record my adventures, trials and tribulations, I also want to provide some information for the hearty sailing men and women who follow me on their own grand adventure. The best place to begin is finding your place among the many classes there are to experience in the game. Classes come in a wide range of flavours broken up into the 3 main categories of types which offer any brave soul a chance for glory and fortune. Within those categories are three levels of classes which go from Beginner, Intermediate, and Master Classes so you know you’re achieving success as you grow from your first job to the next. All of these offered me a healthy choice of skills for each class has a selection of favoured skills.
Experiencing the rolling waves and completing quests and making your mark will allow you to go up from Beginner to Master Classes. Reaching the next stage of class increase the number of favoured skills and even leads you eventually to Expert and Master Skills. I should explain a bit more about favoured skills for at their basic function they are skills that one particular class does really well and you can obtain them without any level requirement from the Guild Master of that particular category. First though, I’m going to break my log entry and include some of the noteworthy information about the three categories of class types in UWO to give a better picture of the various types of classes and characters possible for you to try and master.
Adventurers are those bold, brave explorers of the known and unknown world. Adventurers voyage outwards looking for exciting new sights, amazing new animals, and relics of the past. In the time period UWO is set in, the world was still a vastly new place with a great deal to find, explore, and discover. This will appeal to explorer type players who simply want to travel the game world finding its many secrets and checking the various available environments. Many of the skills in this class deal with exploration of destinations, searching for artefacts of past civilizations, and discovery of biological wonders. From statues of the Greek gods to various flora and fauna there are tons of discoveries to be made by those willing to take the time and travel the world looking for them.
Anjel's Log:Setting out I've always had a keen love for adventuring and exploring. As I looked through the options I had for my first adventure job, I chose Excavator and fancied myself as an Indian Jones type, sailing out to hunt for artifacts, and digging up the past. I really enjoy hunting down the statues of Greek and Egyptian Gods, or making off with some treasure like rare items and a nice pile of gold."
UWO is built with a robust trading system that can change due to player interaction with the markets and it’s not just about moving goods from city to city. Traders have various skills from price negotiation, to production, and refinement. There’s a depth of system that appeals to merchants and crafters alike who want to ply their savvy on the high seas buying and selling goods from distant ports or selling their various wares to other players. There’s profit to be had for enterprising players who work out good trade routes and production lines but also remember the Uncharted Waters axiom “Buy Low and Sell High!”
Anjel’s Log: I discovered early on that trade is where the money is to be made. I learned a lot from many of the sea dogs I ran into in the taverns about production and getting the best money for my efforts. Deciding on a class for this was largely a matter of where my home country was. Being from Venice I opted to select skills for a Food Trader. Plucking chickens and producing feathers helped me make some good initial money and levels for my Trade category.
No game set in this period of history would be complete without battle and UWO delivers on this side of the spectrum as well with various battle classes that focus on the combat of the period. From Naval Officers fighting off pirates along the coast and pirates hell bent on riches, sinking merchant men and carving out their own fortune on the high seas. The roar of cannons, the desperate class of ship to ship melee, ship positioning for the best broadside effect on the enemy. With various skills to assist a player in their preferred style of ship and land combat, Maritime classes live, fight, and die by their skills and tactics.
Anjel’s Log:Ah the roar of cannons and the clash of steel can be thrilling and I was excited at the prospect of taking to the seas and sinking pirates. Turning my broadsides on a scurvy blighter was satisfying as brought me fame and experience. Taking that in mind, I decided to enlist myself as a Junior Officer in the Venetian Navy. Using the favoured skills such as Ballistics improved my combat abilities to harass the menacing pirates in the Mediterranean.
Class Changing and Skill Development
Anjel’s Log:As I wrote above, there is a wide range of classes in the three categories and each class has a selection of skills that are favoured. Fortunately my friends, skill development and obtaining skills are not tied exclusively to one particular class or category. You can take the skills you really want and build yourself up depending on what your own goals are. For myself I wanted a range that allowed me to pursue my passion for archaeology while allowing me to trade effectively and more importantly defending myself from pirates on the sea and on land. I certainly like the fact that I can change classes and build the skills that really interest me or suit my style. Changing classes is beneficial not only to acquire certain skills I want, but also it affects skill growth and xp growth. I found that while I was sailing under a certain class, those skills from that category grew faster xp and I gained a higher amount of fame.
Being able to use the skills I have acquired regardless of which class I happened to be at any given moment. I did however make more headway using skills for my class type. Many skills, both passive and active grow from the performance of the skill so I made sure to use my skills whenever possible to train myself up. Let me give you an example; Fishing gains experience and levels the more you fish, Ballistics (a Maritime Skill buff that enhances cannon range) grows every time you activate the skill in battle, and so on. Which makes class changing beneficial to skill growth but also you will level that category faster if you are a class within that category.
Anjel’s Log: Let me finish this entry, with some notes I’ve collected on Fame. Gaining Fame is important, and besides who doesn’t want to be famous and gain some glory as they travel the known and unknown world? Here is some of things I’ve discovered that I’m more than willing to share.
The other side of character growth in UWO is Fame; Fame is gained in various ways in the game. Quest completion both guild quests and the story quests each nation has. You also gain fame from successful discoveries, profitable trades with NPC Market Keepers, and Winning battles. As you progress through the game fame is required for opening up new aspects of game play and ships. (I will touch on ships more in a moment in regards to classes.) You gain fame also at a higher rate when  you are the a class type of a particular category; such as when you are an Archaeologist, you will receive more fame for discovering the Statue of Isis compared to if your character was a Food trader. So to gain higher amounts of fame in the three categories is also a beneficial effect of Class changing and experimenting.
Many of the ships in UWO have various requirements made up of the 3 categories, and there are of course adventurer ships, trading vessels, and battle ships that have a prime requirement of their main category. However, as players progress, ships will have secondary and tertiary requirements of the other two classes. Well rounded characters are very successful as they expand the game play experience and can work in tandem to bring both wealth and glory to a player as they explore the world of UWO.
Anjel’s Log:All in all I’ve found that Classes are a fundamental aspect of ones adventures in UWO. I also know that with so many choices, even the bravest men and women will have the option to build a unique character they can enjoy and explore the many features and areas of the world. Working out what skills you might want and changing classes to build your character can provide an even more exciting experience and help you to see just how far you can go in UWO. So take to the seas my friends, explore, make millions, or battle for dominance. Explore and find what really works for you and enjoy the game!
Fair breezes and Safe Seas,
Captain Anjelus Xavier Infiniti