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This is Sparta??? What`s the most important thing in a guildwar!!??

Posted by TyPhoidLuLu Tuesday March 11 2008 at 12:36PM
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           I just wanna share with you guys whta happened during our first guildwar in Cabal Online USA. I know most of you might say "here we go again" or "yeah we`ve done that before" lines but ehehhee I really can`t help but share it. I`ve played lots of MMORPG and I`ve been through every guildwar there is but this event tops it all...^^

           Anyways, so me and my guildmates were planning on having a guildwar with one a guild called "EXTINCTION" . We were so busy skill grinding, lvling up and upgrading equipments so that we won`t get owned easily during the war. Our guildmaster announced to everyone to "BE HERE FOR THE GUILDWAR" she even gave the time and meeting place ehehhehe..^^ The next day.., 9:00 pm PST we were really getting excited..!! We can already feel blood rushing through our veins as we prepare for battle, our body thirsts for the blood and screams of our enemy..!!!..0_o (kinda exaggerated ei..!!?? ehehhe) so, we finally meet up and when i got in the meeting place I was like WTF!!!!! where the hell is everybody..!!?? there were only 20+ of us in there!!! however those 20+ guild members were already pass lvl 100 so I still see a glimmer of hope...^^ However, when the enemy guild arrives...all signs of hope faded...........................THERE`S LIKE 50 OF THEM!!!!!!!! omfg.!!! i mean every member of their guild was in there even the newbies..>!!! T_T LISTEN: u might think that newbies can`t do anything on a guildwar, but they can be used as part of your guild`s battle tactics, take it from me...^^ during our guildwar they were used as a diversion, that way our attention was on them while we completely ignore the fact that there`s a high lvl player for every 3 newbies that sorrounds each of us ..!! it`s like a cover up.. you are soooo focused on killing the newbies because they are plenty but then ehehehhehe behind your back there`s a high lvl enemy waiting to kill you..!! 20 vs 50 ehehhe we were like really serious and then suddenly one of our guildmembers shouted on our vent "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" I was like WTH!!!?? yeah I can say that we really look like the Spartans in 300 ehehhehe..>!! in a way maybe...........^^  we really got owned on this one...T_T

         After all of it we`ve learned the most important thing in a guildwar... attendance is a must, plan your battle tactics.. study your enemy.... just play and have fun.... oh and coordination is a must too...^^ Doesn`t matter if you`re all high lvl if there`s only a few of your guildmembers who will me you will get owned...!! ^^

ummm i didn`t see this one coming..T_T ode to my pc..^^

Posted by TyPhoidLuLu Thursday December 13 2007 at 8:38PM
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      it`s snowing really hard outside and i`m busy finishing a certain quest on guildwars. since i won`t be able to go out because of the freakin` snow storm, thought playing would be my last resort to amuse myself.. anyways.., i spend like 2 hrs. umm...wait i think it`s 4 hours...or more like 6 hours playing pc and then suddenly out of nowhere i heard a loud noise and then "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" my pc went blank and smoke started to come out it.. i was like "what the hell.?" turns out a tree branch fell on one of the electric post near our house and caused some major damage!!! so i stood up went outside, and so did my neighbor and even the guy who owns the meat shop from across our street..^^ hahahaha!!! i seriously freaked out when i saw him coming out of his shop with a bloody apron and huge butcher`s knife on the other hand... i thought "holy crap... this is turning into like dead rising in real life!!!!" ^^ (or maybe something like resident evil)

    well, anyways.. the black out lasted until the next day....  and turns out my pc was completely wasted..and the tech guy said i needed to buy a new one coz` they can`t save my pc anymore..T_T i went home heart broken coz` i can`t heal my pc or resurrect it..hahahahahaha!!!! if only i have the power..^^ moral of the story...ummm......never play when it snows..^^ hahahahha!!!..^^

 oh by the way share your rants and raves about your favorite pc game.^^

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