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Thoughs on aspects of MMOs nowadays

Trying to share what i think about different aspects of MMOs. Comunity aspects is what catch my interest over other things but not them alone. Have to apologise in advance. English is not my first language.I hope to make my writtes understandable.

Author: Trissa

Why do people keep trying to use WoW to judge everything?

Posted by Trissa Saturday November 8 2008 at 8:45PM
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The question arose in Aion forums on these boards and I’m taking the opportunity to use it to write some thoughts I got after just a month being active in

It’s easy to answer. Because is the only game they have played and got to know enough about it to use it as reference. They don’t have right now any other possibility.
Let me backup my statement with few numbers and history.
My source of data is of course .Really the only one I know about, but I think its reliable at some extend and more than enough for what I want to say here.

In October 2004 before WoW launch the estimate number of subscriptions to MMOs worldwide was 6.6 millions. No more than 2.5 were players of the western countries.
I’m very generous here because I just am deducting 3.7 million subscriptions coming from LineageI and II almost all coming from Korea. Sure there are some numbers to deduct coming from Asian players in games like Final Fantasy XI, EQ or other less populated games at that time, but anyway there aren’t information about it and these numbers are not so important, lets keep the 2.5 millions as accurate enough.

In April 2008 (I’m sorry, there is no more recent data available) the total estimate worldwide subscriptions were around 16 (yes around 10 millions in WoW) the information available about Asian market is Lineage and Lineage II got 2.1 million and WoW Asian markets more than 5.5 then we get 8.4 millions in the western countries coming from WoW (4.5 millions), Dofus (0.5 millions. Surprise?) and 3.4 coming from all the other games including Asian people that I’m sure have their share on the grow).

Where I’m going it’s that there are a lot of people, at least 4.5 millions that just played WoW in their whole life. I just made the above wall of numbers to show that at least 4.5 millions are new gamers that just played WoW (the right number is probably way higher). They don’t know any other MMORPG than WoW and in consequence, they can only use WoW as a reference, not because they are stupid or so. There is no point into argue about if WoW is a good or bad reference, it’s the only one they can use.

And it is not just a question of game designs, graphics or mechanics it’s a question about the game community too.

Let me go a bit further, that is my real goal with this post, some of these 4.5 or more millions of people have started to look for new games to play, asking friends, veterans in game, looking in forums like this and so. They have been received by lots of these so called “veterans” “old school players” “True PvPrs” and so with words we all know and I don’t need to repeat here. Talking shit about the game they enjoyed for long time and their community, insulting them. Also these “vets” tend to show to all their supposed superiority and strong feelings on being the owners of the truth.
The rest you all know about, these boards are full of it. As some one said using other words in the general boards (Sorry I can’t remember the poster nor the words they used, I just keep the idea in my mind) these is the new MMORPG game. “The Epic battle in the boards”. It has no rules, well at least not about what is a right behaviour between persons.

I share how the newcomers feel about the “old community of MMORPGs”. I know that not all pre WoW players are acting like these people. I’m sure they are just a little bunch in comparison with the entire pre WoW player base. Unfortunately in general they are a lot more vocal and furthermore to destroy it’s easier than to build. For some people to destroy their own little villages seems to be easier than to help to build nice towns around them.
I know also that there are people with stupid behaviours in these newcomers but sorry I blame less them because lot of times is just reaction against the aggression.
As it happens in all wars, nowadays, they both are blaming each other about who starts the war.

I’m not going to write more about other considerations on these things that some on practical matters.

If I try to show to someone how good is the music I like and I know he/she don’t have ever heard or may be not in the appropriate way. Sure is the worse strategy starting with “your music is shit” “you know nothing about music” “you are a retard noob because you just listen to this bunch of money makers” “come here I have the true music” and as soon as they shows some negative reaction or doubt I follow with some like “we don’t need you. You blind, stupid moron” “go to listen your shit” Probably I can finish in my Ivory Tower crying together with my comrades (that act the same) about “how stupid people is” and “musicians nowadays are just a money farmers” and so on.

If more than 6 years ago when I was starting in AC2 my path in the MMOs I could have been received with “what a f**** moron” “go to play your Diablo shit you stupid carebear” “go to dupe at” probably I wasn’t expending the thousands of hours I did expend playing MMOs and when the subject comes in any talk you can guess what I’m going to say about people playing online.
Fortunately to me the nice people in Dawnsong help me to start, teach me how to fight the easiest solo mob, how to play in group, what is a clan, how to enjoy the PvP. What a server in arms could do against the most terrible monster. I’m in debt with these guys and gals. They opened a door that leads to uncountable hours of fun instead of closing it.