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The Trionicus

Annihilating common sense one blog at a time.

Author: Trionicus

My Issues With MMO's And Outlook On Their Future

Posted by Trionicus Sunday April 7 2013 at 5:16PM
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I've been trying to make better judgement calls about what games I want to play and how much time and money I want to put into playing them. Hardware isn't a problem, I upgrade my PC often, even side-grade for optimized gameplay and graphics. i.e. I'm about to cop a GTX 660 so I can experience Physx on the 600 line (I've been using mainly ATI / AMD only for the past 7-10 years on all my PC's). I don't want to dive in on a 680 or 690 just yet.

Truth probably is that I won't notice a difference in graphics or performance, I'm usually on single monitor configurations. I could probably be running cards from 5 generations ago and still have a decent MMO experience so this particular side-grade is mostly for Single Player games.


My Real Problem

I think I can honestly blame the games or game devs by default. I completely understand that we can't have the best gfx in an mmo environment and I'm not going to continue hounding them for that... Aion was pretty...pretty and Tera, oh my Tera.. is a hot piece of A5$ too!




Gameplay is the issue here. Lifeless worlds, linear everything, wack ass combat systems etc.. I'm going to skip the debate about the "twitch skill based" vs numeric key rotation spamfest and say that both are inadequate systems of combat. In short, I find all mmo's fall short, even the ones from the past. I no longer romanticize SWG or similar older games with their atrocious bugs at launch or tedious crafting systems. I have come to grips with the fact that I want more from an MMO and that some company should package and deliver it.


My Solution

If you've every heard of "The 4 Hour Work Week" you might appreciate my solution. I also believe it is THE most effecient solution to the problem of weak ass games, which is...Patience. I'm just going to wait it out until DEV's come up with something awesome. There are other solutions such as;


Learning to program my own MMO

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars

Those require wasting time or spending massive amounts of  time which is = to money or spending money that I don't have which requires winning the powerball... who wins the powerball? Ofcourse 38 Studios is a great example of what can happen when you decide to spend your own money AND time. Why do all this when I can simply wait. The industry won't die because of one man, I'm fairly certain that leaves 4 other outcomes. Games that are made become really shitty, mediocre or awesome OR a combination of all 3. Probability is on my side, eventually 1 or 2 MMO's will be pretty awesome and tada!

I didn't have to bitch about shitty games

I didn't have to learn how to make an MMO

I didn't have to spend shit tons of money

All I have to do is wait some years and pay $59.99 roughly and PROBLEM SOLVED ~ WIN!


I see MMO's on the horizon, games might become even better than I anticipated. Maybe something will actually impress me. Who am I to need impressing you may ask... I'm the guy with the $59.99 AND SO ARE YOU!

Star Citizen

Word on the streets is that Star Citizen and EQ Next WILL be those impressive games I'm talking about, only time will tell. I'm glad to be young though, I have at least 20-40 years before my time is supposed to run out. As for that older generation who will croak before awesome MMO's hit the shelves (now mostly digital shelves) Sorry old folks, you got humped. Father time is like an Ahole crackhead, he'll never stop running.




My Current thought's on MMO's & Back In The Land of Skyrim

Posted by Trionicus Sunday March 17 2013 at 6:20PM
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Sorta... I've been away from gaming for a while and wanted to jump back into playing online MMORPG's. I have a swtor account that I rarely use and to be frank, I haven't been motivated to login anyway.

Looking at whats coming up on the horizon, I see 2 large IP's that interest me. They are the 2 IP's everyone is looking at;


The Elder Scrolls Online

I'm not sure I could really "get into" either of them. I want to try though. Nothing that's out currently is really catching my eye (Sorry to all you GW2 Fans out there). Speaking of GW2, it looks like Neverwinter is going to be quite similar in terms of gameplay mechanics while TESO looks like some sort of GW2 & WOW hybrid.

In the absence of a an MMO I feel comfortable playing I have yet again substituted Skyrim. I haven't finished the Dawnguard questline yet so I have that AND the new Dragonborn DLC to finish before I have to worry about MMO's. (Link to my latest Skyrim excurision at the bottom).

I welcome any suggestions, I'd like to focus on a game that has a large community, whatever my choice for future MMO gaming may be, I can assure you it isn't going to be World of Warcraft.


Skyrim Video


P.S. I'm actually not that interested in playing any beta's believe it or not.


Posted by Trionicus Monday December 3 2012 at 12:59PM
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AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT, I tried the free 2 play model of SWTOR. A little peer pressure was involved but I won't directly blame others for my short comings LOL.


This game is awesome for children who are trying their first mmo, or rpg. You can complete your storyline quests among the many other kill quests offered, group with friends and raid / operate (Operations lol?) every so often.

Even the community isn't so bad... at least, on the Role Playing server. Stil a less mature crowd then I would like to see but I'm not too picky since I mostly play with friends, or alone, which is stil what the game is designed towards in terms of completing your personal story.

Most of the stuff you have to pay for (if not subscribed) are overpriced and should have been included in the F2P version anyway. I'm sure there is a list out there with the options for the non lazy folks who want to find out. Value-wise it seems a better idea to sub then any other option, that is, if you want more then 2 quickbars etc.. LOL.

I am well aware of the effects of inflation and that $15 ain't what it used to be but, I still hold the opinion that none of these MMO's are giving us the value we deserve. Actually, a better way to put it is that, the MMO space and, even to an extent the single player RPG PC space are not where they should be in terms of game design. If statistics are true, then most gamers are veterans now and so I believe tactics like starting us with training lightsabers and rusty swords is outdated.

I know, I'm being redundant I'll just linky the Oliver Twist blog.


Until Next Time!

PAX Live D&D aaand Even More Skyrim Dawnguard Videos

Posted by Trionicus Wednesday September 5 2012 at 2:07AM
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Well... This is awkward since the main reason I'm writing this blog is to share 2 links. I could continue to ramble on about something, add a few non related pictures found on google images and pretend this is an article instead of being just a blog :O

...but I wont, if you are a fan of table top D&D and have been following Aquisitions Incorporated then this video is for you. The most recent PAX D&D table top D&D live event Dungeon Mastered by Chris Perkins.

For those who like my Skyrim shenanigans well enough, here is a link to my most recent video. Feel free to work your way backwards. I decided to do away with the "subtitles" and go for straight useless narration of a sort. Don't comment letting me know what you think or anything because I don't care. Just joking, I'm sharing this on the internet after all.


As usual, time to get smashed





The Reasons I Did NOT play GW2 Early

Posted by Trionicus Saturday August 25 2012 at 3:26AM
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Number #1

I react opposite to peer pressure. If a bunch of people are telling me something, it's likely I will auto feel the opposite. This WILL fuck me over in the end, when they come out with that eternal youth pill, I'll end up not taking it. 


Number #2

Even if I wanted to (FML!) I'm pretty sure I didn't buy it early enough to get early access, which was a day or two ago if I'm right?


Number #3

I didn't really think it looked all that impressive. Maybe more impressive than most games out now but, like I've said before, nothing was significantly improved for my gaming style. I will play COD:MW3 if I was to twitch around.


Number #4

My gf doesn't like it at all :\ AND, she is usually the one to make most of the gold, ridiculous amounts of gold, so much gold that I never have to do SHIT. Just ride the mounts and all that other fancy shit the game has to offer financial over achievers.


Number #5

I subbed to Rift not that long ago. If I throw GW2 into the mix, then there would not be enough hours in the week to play both. Simple math I think.



EDITI've just decided. If 10 people message me or comment telling me that I SHOULD play GW2 then;

1. I'll be amazed and

2. I'll do it because random strangers have just went out of their way to say the game is THAT good.

Maybe not random strangers, we're all in the family ;)



I am playing Rift

Posted by Trionicus Wednesday August 22 2012 at 10:25PM
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For the past 20 days I have been playing Rift very casually. So casually that I'm only level 49, maybe for some that is normal play, for me, I've never played a game this casually. It's been sort of refreshing not racing to max.

This is something I could have done in SWTOR I suppose, especially being a Star Wars fan. It makes me feel like I judged SWTOR too harshly but oh well. I'm having fun in Rift, even with the lower than WOW population I can still afford to get the fastest level 50 mount even though I'm not 50 yet.

So far and without digging deep, Rift end level content has seemed somewhat of a mystery to me. There aren't people pugging in the equivalent of trade chat letting me know what raids are popular and there isn't a massive amount of item linking. This could also be due to the fact that the main chat channels seem segregated, possibly not allowing a "trade chat" scenario between inappropriate levels.

Closing Rifts are getting a little repetative but still enjoyable for now, It REALLY beats doing something like dailys, but you all already probably know all this so time to get down to the meat.


1. Female character models have nice asses especially when they are wearing something short and are swimming under water... it's hot, even compared to real life booty.

2. Character models look nice in general and so does the outfits / armors... in general.

3. Different crowd. I'm not going to say it's better than the WOW crowd but they seem different. So if you're looking for a different speed / type of community.

4. Everything seems convenient, you can have like 6 character specs if you have the gold / plat for it. That's stupid nice.

5. 1 / 7 people in Rift smoke weed, that only comes in handy if your a casual player, as dedicated players don't like to tolerate tom foolery.


MMO's are quickly becomming not my type of game, not my preferred genre. Even as a hold over game I'd much rather be playing high level single player RPG's, or gettting my _____ grinded down by a nice _____.

As a WOW replacement I think Rift will do though.

Journey Quest Season 2 I'm Ecstatic!!!

Posted by Trionicus Thursday August 2 2012 at 10:49AM
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I know, I know. I should be blogging about games, and more specifically MMORPG games but, for the past few days it's been grim news and arguments. SWTOR F2P failure, GW2 fanboys and haters going at it about the trinity or the broken trinity. Well, she died in the last matrix movie and so I moved on.


I found some time today, right now as a matter of fact, to search YouTube. I found me a present just waiting on me. Journey Quest Season 2!!! I haven't checked how many released episodes there are or any details, I just see'em up and ripe to be watched.


If you're unfamiliar with Journey Quest, well, I'll sum it up since I don't like long blogs. Journey Quest is a fantasy based comedy about a group of adventurers. It is a very low budget project but I find it has charm. It was made by many of the people involved in creating the lower budget movie "The Gamers" and "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising"


I found both movies to be extremely enjoyable and if you give it a chance and get past the low production quality, I think you may like it. You can find both movies up on their website if I'm correct, and possibly up on the Tube. I suggest purchasing a copy as the online versions seem to be edited down a bit, I'm not sure why, and I could be wrong, I haven't watched either in a while. ANYWAY! It's out and ready to be watched AND... It's a happy day.

Guild Wars 2: IT'S NOT FOR ME :\

Posted by Trionicus Friday July 20 2012 at 11:17PM
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You have most definitely heard it all when it comes to Guild Wars 2. I will not rehash it, in actuality I have not experienced enough of the game to go through its finer points. From the little I have experienced this beta weekend I could tell immediately that this game was not for me.


Simply put, I am in the belief that this game is for a different generation of MMO gamer than whatever category I am in. Similar to the way that I am not a fan of music from the 1920’s I am not into this game. This is NOT to say it isn’t a good game, or even that anything is wrong with me personally, it’s just not my style.


World of Warcraft isn’t my style either and were it not for friends who got me into it, I would have avoided that cartoon-fest forever. There were elements of WOW that I enjoyed but, as with anything, you can always find the silver lining. I have even been attempting to play Rift recently and I find it a superior model to the WOW style, but again, it is not my ideal game.


The truth is, my ideal game hasn’t been invented yet, and the majority of elements I would like games to primarily focus on, I find lacking in all others. Well… The exception is Neverwinter Nights. It is my observation that quite a few of the things I would like to see in MMO’s reside in that game.


Guild Wars 2 seems to be the conversion of Unreal Tournament and Quake style gameplay into the land of MMO’s. Hacking and Slashing with special moves has now been partially ported into the massive multiplayer arena. The only problem is that I was never a huge fan of hacking and slashing or button mashing. I liked Zelda, especially Ocarina of Time but that wasn’t dependent on internet connection stability and had a much more organic feel to it, the way I remember it.


Picture Guild Wars 2, in design, then, picture Asheron’s Call. Obviously the complexity of gameplay had shifted. I wouldn’t say in this case that it was dumbed down exactly but, the focus has shifted from advanced strategic planning to instant “twitch play” mechanics. In Asheron’s Call you were forced to plan your character in advance and master your particular style of gameplay, you must even do this to a degree in Neverwinter Nights. In Guild Wars 2 as far as I’ve experienced it, it seems that it’s all about a sort of halfway console hack and slash combat style mixed with moments of adding your special moves in a fixed sequence depending on 2-4 variables. Variables being things such as:


Is your opponent is primarily ranged and you are melee, then; Advanced quickly with move X, slow movements with move Y, perform maximum combat sequence per enemy defenses & attempt to use “console dodge” tap button.


In a game such as Neverwinter Nights or Asheron’s Call there were more variables due to skillsets being unpredictable. There were sometimes visual cues, sometimes. Most times enemies would attempt to deceive you by using secondary skills and dressing contrary to their class / skills to initially throw you off, deception could be key often enough. Magic items also caused strategy to vary in such an unpredictable way that pre planned combat sequences were almost always guaranteed to change. This is also assuming you were in a position to attack first.


It may seem like I’m saying that previous games were more complex and maybe I am. I do think there is something to be said about players that have the affinity for extreme keyboard & mouse gaming combat but it is not the same as pre planned combat tactics. The action required in Guild Wars 2 is more reactionary, you must be willing to counter or seize upon your enemies mistakes in a more immediate way. I would say the comparison is like the difference between table tennis and chess or even chess and pool. Guild Wars 2 has brought a different combat style to the table, much more improved than a Vindictus, that’s almost all I know for sure.


That’s really all I want to say for now, I may make a few videos of some lowbies crap in GW2 but you’ve probably seen it all by now and I’m not into YouTube gameplay footage necromancy unless it’s Skyrim.


I hope orange is easier to read, I'll update it back to default if requested.


Gamer FOOD!!!

Posted by Trionicus Tuesday July 17 2012 at 3:24AM
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Lots of us game late, aka play hard, don't eat or eat horribly. Doritos, oatmeal cookies with frosting in the middle, bags Smartfood popcorn. Well, I have a slightly healthier alternative for 1 or 2 of those nights when you decide to eat terrible food.

Actually the fact that we call that stuff food is pretentious. The ingredients half the time were never actually food in the first place, I like to think of it as flavored cardboard. Synthetic food substitues (WTF IS RED 40), ewe gross. So my suggestion, take the 20-40mins and make something like this;


I made it one night knowning that I was going to be up late. It took maybe 30-40mins to whip it together   ( I used a blender for the feta / Spinach, might have added to the time). It was super delicious and super filling. I made 4 of'em, 1 for me and 1 for the gf. I wanted to eat the third and fourth but it was too filling, ended up eating 1 for breakfast and I think somewhere in there my dog ate one.

It's not even close to the healthiest choice, but it will be better then fake food stuffs, even if it says 0 calories. I watch quite a bit of UFC PPV's so I've also been introduced to the Dolce Diet. You can have great tasting snacks and not have immediate heart attacks! 

I will not deceive you. I have massive sweat tooth so I suppliment my terrible diet with Lindor chocolate balls, lol South Park bastards. However in the near future I will eliminate all fast food from my diet in an attempt to remain as healthy as possible. I don't want to be like these 65 year old gamers having to guess whether or not they'll make it to the next gen MMO release. I WILL be playing games in full holodeck so fuck you papa time!





Pineapple Express For Free!!! on Youtube

Posted by Trionicus Sunday July 15 2012 at 11:00PM
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Normally, as in, almost never, as in maybe 3 times ever I've watched a movie on YouTube and usually never the full length. I will watch a clip and cut out, mostly because I've seen the movie already.

Actually, I've watched Pineapple Express already. While searching for gameplay videos I ran into this vid. It's a completely free legit version of Pineapple Express on YouTube. The downside I believe is that it contains commercials. I remember really liking this movie when I first watched it so I thought I'd share my random stumblings with you guys.

So there it is. I know you guys have alternatives but, there it is anyway.


Non-hyperlinked link: