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TRANSYLVANIKON - first transylvanian knights medieval MMORPG project

Promote and connect TRANSYLVANIKON new project to the game comunity, both creators and gamers .Learn from pros "how to " develop a real succesful gamers comunity .Get into the MMORPG games in depth features .Make a bridge between TK warriors and MMORPG .

Author: Transylvanik

Transylvanikon -or how to have RT strategy features and MMORPG both togeter

Posted by Transylvanik Tuesday July 29 2008 at 8:07AM
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I make efforts to avoid the silly hit and run away style from many games and keep the things in a reasonable realistic style. . Its true  , we need something new schema . Its borring  just pick up and collect hundreds of  items and potions, run from an instance to another without any sense like lunatics. Need more organised actions and a home land to start the quests.I saw here some critics and they are  right. Are a little childish most of them.

During I'm wisiting London for my new job in UK , I'll try tu put fiew illustrations to get the spice of this new game. It is real time strategy combined eith MMORPG , both ancient and medieval  very hard to be well programed . New things are expreimental. Changing the class using the Arena and gladiators fights in a separate map is my task now . About the new things are so many its hard to be listed here .

Be patience and will worth this adventure to be a knight, illuminate yourself and fight against the dark forces. Start your own crusade and get the Holy Grail wich is waiting to be recovered by your army now or to be forgoten for another thousand years in the dust of history. The threaths are more powerful than ever.Your home land is atacked from everywhere. From dark Asia hundreds of tribes and hords of barbarians wants to invade your kingdom.They use the dark forces ,ill will dark spirits will try to dominate you , make you feel weak and scared will create fake targets and dangerous traps. You will need much more skills to learn how to use your strenght . The art of war means to dominate your fears and weakness against an unknown force .Means in depth selfknowledge , high level strategy and the knowledge of diplomacy . Don't be afraid, you are not alone out there. Learn the art of diplomacy and make allies . When you art of war and diplomacy cant get you out of trouble . Don't forget your primary shield -The Faith-you didn't used yet. The real powerful force . Enjoy this fantastic journey and you will discover an unrevealed yet new amazing secrets of the early european civilizations. Starting from the Hyperborean extreme north to the midle east Holy land Jerusalem. You will discover a lot of hiden wonders in this odessey. You will meet Burebista , Decebal and theyr officers tarabostes who leds the small Dacs army against the Romans . and theyr original technics of building "snail " fortress. Your enemy will be confused between fake coridors and passages. You will learn to use natural environment every rock and each tree could be your ally. The white Spirit of Carpathyans Zamolxis will guide and illuminate you through this whole new world. If you are succesful, you will be enough well prepared for the next. Because this is just the begining ...You just becomed a knight , and your missions, raids, campaigns are just starting in the second world- The Knights Crusade-. If all these challenges are interesting for you , well prepare yourself and learn a new more key element for a real knight - PATIENCE. I know you are excited to try a dragon ride or put your saddle on an Unicorn ' back. You will do that soon but wait for the right moment . The good things will never come easy and fast. Ave

TRANSYLVANIKON previews and details will be posted here:

Posted by Transylvanik Monday July 28 2008 at 9:22PM
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I manage to find a real reliable server and move all the stuff there in short time. At this moment  the site is unnderconstruction , but I'll keep in touch with my  friends at this address :

Hey guys! need some help, I feel crushed, this project is going to kill me

Posted by Transylvanik Monday July 28 2008 at 8:56PM
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Iff somebody knows how to find a good agency to deal with a new MMORPG project pls give me a hint, cuz  I started this work alone here and this become frustrating for me . I started to design the characters and the general structure of game. But I realised how interesting its started to be but how difficult to  see this project come true and be programed. I found few graphic engines opensource but I'm not sure it is the best ideea. Wich is the best engine at this moment if some body knows details pls tell me. Cheers Gabe from Dracula's land