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The Grinding Gamer

I'm writing about a hodgepodge of topics about whatever game I'm playing. While some of the early blog topics have been about Rift, I'm currently branching out into TERA, GW2, and D3. Hope you enjoy.

Author: Totec

The Breaking of the Magitech

Posted by Totec Sunday February 13 2011 at 6:11PM
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                It's the magical technology that is powered by Telara itself. When it was conceived it allowed the races to push back the evil blood storm. It has been the catalyst of the greatest cities Telara has ever seen, and can even stop death. This is the power given to those who harness magitech

              My eyes lit up when I saw that the defiant were using magitech as the source of their might. Not because it's an awesome name, not because it looks like something Nicolas Tessla would dream about, and not even because it was an awesome  mechanical nightmare from FF IV. It's because when I first saw magitech it was something that was believable something that I could relate to.  It's technology with a twist! Maybe that's the reason Trion decided to make magitech such a huge part of the lore in Rift, because it's something that we can relate to, something that almost feels like it's real, but at the same time has a little twist of fantasy...

The Blood Storm Wars

                The Eth of the south were once the strongest, wisest, and most industrial race in Telara. Over a millennium ago the Ethian people were composed of 13 tribes that wandered around that desert to the South of Telara. During the Blood Storm Wars, they were run out of their capital of Eboni by Laethys and her Golden Maw, and while they fought vigilantly they couldn't take back what was theirs. Until one of Mkhai tribes created a proto technology that drew it's power from the source stone itself. With this new technology they were able to drive Laethys and her greedy minions out of their homes, and sealed the dragon away in a tomb far beneath the desert sands.  
                There wasn't time to celebrate, for there were still many dragons pillaging Telara around them, but with time and a place to call their home once again the Eth were successful.  One by one they imprisoned the dragons, and when the time came to take on Regulos the Eth stood strong and with help from the highlanders they banished Regulos and his endless court from Telara.
                With their world saved the Eth turned their war machines into factories, their schematics into scholastics, and their proto-technology into magitech. There race prospered and build monumental cities that would cast shadows on the peaks of the tallest cities. They also gained knowledge and knowhow, so much in fact that it was said that "Their sorcerer-kings, high above in their sandstone towers, crafted tiny worlds of living diamond, enslave the paragons of the planes, and built technology so fearsome it could slay bloodlines with the flick of a wrist."

                Each of the Ethian cities was more magnificent than the last one all of them able to produce wonders that would leave the rest of the citizens in awe. but all good things must come to an end, and a tragic end it was.  The dragon hordes couldn't be fully contained... Laethys used her unstable appetite for greed to manipulate and coheres the Ethian people and before long the government was rotting from the inside out.  The sorcerer-kings saw this corruption and how it had consumed their once great cities. There was nothing even the mightiest of the sorcerers  could do to stop it. The decision was reached. The Conviction was cast... With that one spell the most advanced cities in Telara were swallowed by the sands never to seen again.                                                      writes:
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