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The Grinding Gamer

I'm writing about a hodgepodge of topics about whatever game I'm playing. While some of the early blog topics have been about Rift, I'm currently branching out into TERA, GW2, and D3. Hope you enjoy.

Author: Totec

The Lore Behind the Rifts

Posted by Totec Wednesday February 2 2011 at 10:07PM
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During the last  beta, while I was killing an endless number of invading forces, I started to wonder... Why is it that there are so many different types of Rifts? More peculiar still, why are they fighting each other? So I decided to explore the lore and history that Telara is immersed in, and what I found was...  intriguing...

The first heavily recorded event in Telara took place 1500 years ago.  It was during this time when the Dragons of the void all were attracted to Telara for it was the only place in the void that had the Sourcestone, the element used to forge Telara.  The beasts that descended on Telara were powerful and all came from different elemental planes...

Akylios- the leader of the abyssal, and houses great and terrible magic within his mind.  This leader of the water plane was said to have gone mad countless eons ago from learning every evil magic, and sipping on the nightmares of countless worlds. There truly is no word to describe his mind today...  

Crucia- The great dragon goddess of the air plane.The leader of the storm legion and master manipuator. She is said to be able to sway all but the strongest minds to do her will, and to kill in here name. 

Greenscale- The head dragon of the life plane, and the most evilest reincarnation of Charles Darwin anyone can imagine.  He knows that the strong kill, and he will stop at nothing to be the strongest life form. His cult, The House Aelfwar,  share the same bloodthirsty desire to dominate all life. 

Laethys- The dragon goddess of the earth plane, and leader of  the Golden Maw. Her form is that of molten steel and eyes made of diamonds. She has an unending lust for riches and power.  As the only other dragon goddess she has a wretched hatred for Crucia and her mindless slaves. Lust is all there is, and lust is all that should live in ones heart for Laethys.

Maelforge- The leader of the Wanton, and ruler of the fire plane. Maelforge only wants to see the world burn, regrow, and burn again. He despises Greenscale's desire to see life take over everything, and will stop at nothing to have the whole world wreathed in flame. 

Regulose- The strongest of all the dragons is the leader of the plane of death. His cult is known to all as the endless court. Promiser of an ultimate release in death he is ruthless and quick to anyone that drops their guard. He wants all things destroyed so that he may gain more power in their destruction.

Together these 6 dragons make up the blood storm, and came to Telara 1500 years ago.  When they arrived they instantly started to pursue their own desires... nightmarescontroldominationrichesdestruction, and annihilation

The natives of Telara were helpless, and the dragon cults decimated their lands.Greenscale severed the elven's ancient connection to the beasts of Telara, so they could no longer call aid from the creatures of the wilds. Shortly after, Crucia lead an assault on the elven lands. Crucia, being as brutal and controlling as she could, drove the elves from their Heart Grove sanctuary, and forced them to flee to Silverwood. Elsewhere, Laethys lead her clan to Eboni home of the Eth and subverted their government from within, causing it to enslave the very people it was sworn to protect. 

However, fortune smiled on Telara for the blood pact  is a volatile alliance. Each dragon had it's own plan for Telara, and this caused civil war between the beasts.  War broke out between the dragon clans and each one fought for the control of Telara. This was the chance the natives had been waiting for...

 It was the Eth tribe Mkhai that learned how to control the energies of the sourcestone,  learned how to harness it's power, and use it to eventually trap all 6 dragons in their separate planes. With the dragons trapped in their separate realms theVigil, forgers of Telara, and keepers of it's natives, erected a ward to prevent Regulose and his blood storm from ever harming Telara again.. 

Fast forward 1500 years, the ward is beginning to weaken the dragons are once again able to send their cults into Telara, and the Vigil are no where to be found.

Each of the rift's we see in Telara today, is an invading army from one of the dragon's cults. The leaders of the blood storm are still fighting to possess Telara for their own ends.  Vigil help us if  one of them succeeds.


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