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This horribly titled blog is about the two most neglected letters in MMORPG.

Author: Token1337Guy

So it begins.

Posted by Token1337Guy Monday February 21 2011 at 5:51AM
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Hello there, reader.  Well, I suppose I'm already getting ahead of myself by assuming there's somebody reading this.  The advantage to that?  I can write like I'm talking to myself, which I'm quite good at.  I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog dedicated to RP on this site for a long time.  The forum section here I find to be... well, let's just say less on topic than I'd wish.


What I've created this soap box for is primarily people such as myself, who aren't looking for something simple from their RP.  I'm going to try as hard as possible to not sound like I'm making any elaborate pitches for games as well.

What defines RP?

It's a much more complex question than one might think.


I might be getting ahead of myself already.  First, I suppose a small amount of background is in order.  I've been role playing since the golden age of 56k, beginning as a lot of people do: in chat rooms.  Initially, my RP was dreadful.  Terrible copies of pop culture characters, a very loose grasp of proper grammar, and a penchant for power gaming.  Yes, I was that stereotype.

This period of time lasted for longer than I care to admit, as I moved on to the world of forum-based role play.  My characters would end up shallower than the shallowest pool of water, so transparent one might think they're simply vehicles to exhibit the newest idea for abilities I'd gotten.  Which, honestly, they were.

That is what RP was for me for the longest time.  A series of characters who never progressed in anything other than Dragonball Z-style power level.  But then, something happened.

All at once, I felt like I'd become completely disillusioned with the concept entirely.  I'd gotten better at RP, but it seemed like no matter where I went, I found people still stuck in that same stage I was.  There were no characters.  All sites would invariably fall into what amounted to a text based match of Soul Calibur.

This is when I discovered a new style of RP.  Hidden from my eyes for all these years, there was a thirving community of not just role players, but authors.  RP transformed nearly overnight from something I did to pass the time to just like writing a story, only in collaborative format.  For the first time, I'd found a world with not just characters, but people.  It introduced the missing link: character development.

To return to the question I posed, in my opinion, that is what defines RP for me.  Guiding a character through ups and downs, feeling how this changes them, watching them grow... it's an experience that rivals the best of novels.

I digress.  If you intend on reading this blog at all, note that I'm a fan of stream of conciousness typing when it comes to sharing my views on things.  To give you a summary, I'm going to be posting random, RP related issues in this blog. 

For my next update?  We'll delve into the world of the game that's captured my imagination for two years and refuses to let go.

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