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Sometimes I just get thinking about gaming and people and how it's changed over the years. These are my thoughts

Author: TicToc

No more friendships for you!

Posted by TicToc Sunday March 15 2009 at 7:37PM
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Gaming in the past 10 years has evolved into a speeding train of greed. Everything is about getting to where the loot is whether by levels or traveling. Or running with a zerg with the possiblitly of loot at the end or ranks to gain more loot.
Remember EQ? Took 20 minutes to get from Kelewan to Butchblock to catch the boat to Freeport, even then you may wait another 15 minutes for the boat to get back. In that time you may have been running with one or two people chatting with them or your guild. That time gave a closeness to each other that no other game has dupilicated. Because everyone screams no! I don’t want it to take 15 minutes to go from one continent to another. I want instantaneous transport and the world better be small enough that I get to my final destination in 5 minutes are less. The wizards in Everquest as they leveled up were able to provide unusual transport.The ports were in areas where again you had to journey a bit to get to your final destination. Again you talked to your friends and guild and achieved more understanding of each other’s strenghts and weaknesses. You knew what they enjoyed and what they hated and even to some degree what was going on in their personal lives. And because not all ports ended up in nice places, you had people coming to meet you to help you get where they wanted you to be. Working together you got loot but a lot more. Friendships that endured beyond the game. That is what made Everquest 1 such a special game in the beginning.
Now it’s, here’s where we are come on get here, if you can’t find oh well we’ll replace you with someone who can. There are no more helping hands because people feel that loot or points of some sort is the primary reason for gaming and not people. It’s become cold and unfeeling. Sort of like a job huh? Guilds I’ve been in with the exception of one in DaoC have been nothing more then groups of people in search of the best gear without regard to each others needs, only their own. Within most guilds are subsets of people who gravitate towards each other, seeing in the other people themselves. They also close ranks when newcomers come in, afraid that that person will get something they’ve desired or achieve better skills then they have. Driven by wanting to have the best, they’ve become the worst. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting great gear. But when you push others aside or manipulate situations so you end up on top that is nothing more then pure greed in an imaginary world. Wonder how that is translating to RL.

Sargoth writes:

Gah, Wall Of Text.

Well, it translates to real life like this.   Your blog for instance.  It appears to be rushed and flung together.  While you have a point and I do agree, it is not fleshed out and enough examples provided.  There is no overall flow of thought.  

You have become the norm of many a blogger where a topic is presented and views are expected from the readers.  It's all hashed together and neither expects great works from the other because after all, its a blog not a published article in a magazine.

There are many other reasons in why things are trending towards the current route.  I'll expound upon mine if you clean up yours.  Deal?


Sun Mar 15 2009 8:23PM Report
dcostello writes:

I concur with you Sargoth, but I believe you are a bit too harsh.  People come to this site to release their emotions and thoughts, which do not require a specific format.  If you can understand the orginal poster's message or blog, then does the format truly matter?  Why must the author of this blog conform to the conventional essay-formated mode of expressing thoughts, via writing?  Can't vernacular dialogues and discussions be as intelligent as "sophisticated" ones?  Would you chastise Geoffrey Chaucer or James Joyce for their innovative--yet unconventional--styles of writing?

Sun Mar 15 2009 9:26PM Report
Sargoth writes:

I may be too harsh I suppose.  I didn't really write it with that in mind although I dont like the format to be true. 

But the thing of it was that he was making a post on how you used to have to work for what you wanted and the next generation is being spoon fed everything.  I was pointing out that his wall of text not following the intro, body, conclusion design format is much like how the newer generation writes not following the 'older' traditions.

I did not much care for chaucer, his writing style did make it hard to want to keep reading.  Never heard of Joyce.  Will look that up now :)


Good day.

Sun Mar 15 2009 10:16PM Report
talismen351 writes:

Agree with TicToc on this one. Making friends and enjoying the game world is a thing of the past. Everybody is so rushed with getting that next level, or competing for that next uber item. When it comes to grouping, it is not about having fun and trying different playstyles. It is about getting the most powerful and usefull for the job. How often in games have we heard 'Lookin for one more member for XX quest...must be a tank/healer/mage'. And then after the quest, they all go seperate ways never chatting again.

Guilds are no longer about friendship either. Guilds are about 1) numbers. 2) Having the best players. Few are out there to establish a group of friends to help each other, or to create a static playgroup.

Most times, you are only a persons friend, as long as you are usefull to them. Once you or they level up past being much help to you, they are no longer a friend.

And Sargoth, if the OP had made a huge wall of text eplaining so much more about his past experiences, you woulda complained about the wall of text. The OPs point was clear n well written without draggin on. Just cause he didn't carry on for pages n pages, doesn't mean he is like todays MMOers.

Mon Mar 16 2009 8:01AM Report writes:
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