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Walk Softly and Carry ---? Pffft! Walk in Stilettoes and Carry a Big Gun!

I hear over & over that I possess "presence" & "voice". Certainly I am no pushover but I only push when sorely pressed & even that takes doing. When you have "presence," there is little need for "voice". However when I must speak out, you'll find it here.

Author: TheRedPill

We'll Meet Again

Posted by TheRedPill Thursday January 15 2009 at 10:43AM
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Despite the generous feedback from so many of you who've supported me in private --- unwilling to subject yourself to the likes of a particular tyrant in the forums --- I feel its time to take a step back and re-examine my choices. I've come to the conclusion that if the community manager, and in general, are going to permit readers to assault with impunity their own Correspondents with charges of "malicious" and "intentional misinformation," which falls way beyond the scope of harrassment normally found in public forums, then this is a company with which I do not wish to be affiliated. A $10 bone of acknowledgement for 16-20 hours of work per article (sans my normal rate of $23 per hour), multiplied ten-fold by an unchecked uber bashing in the forums... This is defined in my manual as a mission objective that is not worth the reward. Good luck finding a replacement for the City of Heroes Gaming Correspondent. Again.

I currently have one article going up on the boards, probably today. I worked very hard on it, as I did on all my articles. For those of you who never failed to let me know how much you enjoyed my work, I would like you to know that I enjoyed it too, and no doubt we will meet up again.

---Marjorie Rhoadhouse

A Belated Introduction

Posted by TheRedPill Monday January 5 2009 at 4:23PM
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Finally the holidays are over! I again have extra time for my writing. Now I can introduce myself to the community here at The name is Marjorie Rhoadhouse! I joined the fray as a feature writer just before Thanksgiving, hit the floor running, and have only now been able to sit back, take stock, and make real plans for what I hope to accomplish as the City of Heroes Gaming Correspondent.

City of Heroes Gaming Correspondent Marjorie Rhoadhouse

No one was more surprised than me to discover I was granted the position. Even though I play every day, I never considered myself a hard-core gamer, and as a middle-aged woman, I hardly fit the stereotype. Perhaps that was the point. The editors at made it clear they wanted something fresh, not the same-old- same-old that could be found at any of the big gaming sites already out there. And it's undeniable that the gaming industry owes a snowballing share of its customer base to people like me: mature adults, computer-friendly, with a budget for online games and the time to play them. Regardless of the resources vested in our gaming however, we tend to be more casual players.

I myself am likely more casual than most. My take on the game is simple. It's an adventure. I love exploring the virtual world of Paragon City. I play with all the options. I try out the varying archetypes, the powers, all the many and varied enhancements... Don't even get me started about the costuming! Most things in this game are so flexible and customizeable, its just awesome. The variety is mind-boggling. I'm not a computer geek, nor am I big on number crunching, but I know enough about both to play the game, and I've been playing it for four-and-a-half years. Still I learn more all the time. What I do know, I enjoying sharing with new players --- and those players who are perhaps new only to a given aspect of the game.

This doesn't mean I know everything there is to know about the game. (Boy would that be boring!) Far from it. I love finding out new information from fellow players. That kind of rapport opens the door onto some pretty amazing discussions. I hope to prompt many such here at, via thoughtful and witty feedback on my articles and posts.

Hopefully my readers find my writing style casual and conversational. Based on factual information and research, and my own in-game experiences, my articles and posts illustrate for the new player what the subject matter is really all about --- not what it would be like if the player were already an expert with an uber toon, running with a hand-chosen elite squad. (There is no shortage of advice addressing that circle of players.)

My years of experience as a professional writer include Production Manager of a newspaper, and I've even written a users manual for a software program, so I am very familiar with breaking something into its component pieces and using words to put it back into some sort of sensical presentiation. What I find most difficult about writing for is keeping to the 1000 word limit imposed by the editors> I am a novelist at heart!

A friend introduced me to City of Heroes when it first went live. It was a gift, as I was home abed, recovering from a prolonged illness. Soon my husband got in on the act and the rest is history. We also play Lord of the Rings Online. We've dabbled in Anarchy Online, Star Wars, FFXII and Eve as well, and look forward to Aion, the new Star Wars, and Star Trek. We're even curious about Champions. But City of Heroes remains our first, best and favorite! I can't say we keep going back to it, because we never leave. I wish more people could get out if it what we do. Perhaps they will, if I can show them how by writing about it, as their Gaming Correspondent.

--- Marjorie Rhoadhouse aka TheRedPill, CoH Gaming Correspondent

--- PrettyPill, Leader, MMORPG Moms

Keeping it Real for the New Year

Posted by TheRedPill Thursday January 1 2009 at 10:44PM
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Keeping it Real for the New Year

Feature Articles by Marjorie Rhoadhouse

Posted by TheRedPill Friday December 19 2008 at 6:24PM
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City of Heroes: Getting Your Cape

City of Heroes Raid Guide: Taking Down Lusca

Next up for the New Year: definitions, explanations and how-to's  for performing a respec on your toon... And how respecs differ from the new option for Dual Builds.

Lusca Raid -- A Note Of Thanks

Posted by TheRedPill Monday December 15 2008 at 5:30AM
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Dec 15 - The well-deserved thanks I intended for my article about taking down Lusca were cut due to limited word count. Nonetheless, the raid which made possible much of the exacting information cited would never have happened without the encouragement of my friends Afllicktion and Kwee, and the amazing Supergroup they (and now I too) call home, the United Heroes Brigade on Champion.

Despite the short notice, the failure of chat servers early on, the abandonment by a rogue team when their leader's faux paus caused a mass wipe, the true heroes came through in the end, and the raid proved a success!

And as for that stoic little man with the word Fluffy in his name---? When the rest of us were staring with our mouths hanging open as that one team of beefy macho guys abandoned us mid-raid, Fluffy sends me a Tell that says, simply, "I'm gonna start another team." I owe you a hug, Fluffy.

Unbeknownst to me, at the same time Afllicktion herself was sending out the call to the UHB for reinforcements. *HUGS!* Then came the calvary: Million (40 Lev50s) Dollar, ReDorthy and Artic Chilly, among others.

And you know I am grateful for the help of my husband's PB, Pigger!

I must also thank my sidekick, Mr. Reegins, who helped me as much as I helped him. And a special mention goes to HardCore (or was it HardCourt?) for sticking with us despite the debt he accrued.

Once we got the raid in full swing, it proved quite fun, and I am indebted to all of you for your assistance. ---Marjorie aka Pretty Pill