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Wizard101 Overview/Review

Posted by TheRPGPope Tuesday December 2 2008 at 10:01AM
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Alright Wizard 101 I been playing around with for the last few days. It's a free for the lower levels, and to get access to the rest of the game it's 10 dollars a month or if you have more then 1 account it's 6.95 for each account (family plan.)

The game is basically Harry Potter Concept mixed with Card Battle Dueling, the cards being your spells.

you are a young Wizard, and there are several types of Schools of Magic, you choose your main school right off the bat. Necromance, Pyro, Ice, Mythical (Conjuering), Life, Storm, Balance. And all your main spells from that line are free, for the others every so many levels you get a point, and that will purchase your next spell from a secondary line. Also you can get treasure cards, which are one off spells that you can put in your deck. And last your wand will come with a few preset spells that have 100% casting, as will some items.

The more rounds you are fighting the more pips you get to cast stronger spells, but you also use the pips when you cast a higher rated spell too. So there is a bit of a stratagy to it. Also the higher the card, the harder it is to cast (have a chance to fizzle.)

The game has no groups, that I can tell or guild, but when you are fighting creatures up to 3 other players can join, and the creatures will even themselves out too. (so if you have someone join, a nearby roaming creature will rush in to help his buddy as well.)

Fashion, well you can buy different styles of hats and robes, and shoes, plus wands (there is even a lollypop wand) You also can get new decks, that allows for more duplicates of cards, and higher card count. Plus you can color each outfit with the main color and the trim another color.

Kid Safe? Yes they actually did a good job at this, they have parental controls on the account website side, so you can lock out chatting from your kids. But there is a very sizable preset sentances, and emotes so they can still communicate that way. (yes I see alot of people with locked chat) Also there is open chat, good thing, kids with locked chat cannot see open chat, so you don't have to worry about the exposure. Good thing is under the persons name it will tell you if their chat is locked.

Overall: I find it rather fun, and relaxing to play, you have to think, but in a different way, you got time before each spell to cast so you don't have to worry as much as in a normal game... (it's turn based combat) I'm thinking about giving it a 9.95 try and see what more it has to offer. The one thing I am not sure about is in the game you get Crowns, but not very much, so they have a way for you to purchase crowns. But I don't know if this is so free people can have access to something specific, or if things are sometimes just to costly so the add the "item mall" feature, which I don't like if you are already paying for the game. But I don't know with the full account if youre "Crown" amount is increased kill/quest or if costs are lower. Mostly because they say to get access to advance stuff you have to either purchase crowns, or be a member. Soooo we shall see. But I do like the little pets you get to have follow you!

Hope this review helps for those that have been wondering about it.


nkraew46 writes:

Sound like another mediocre, childish Korean bullshit.

The fact that the game has "Harry Potter Concept" makes me want to vomit.

Or, as the AVGN says - I'd rather have a buffalo take a diarhea dump in my ears.

Tue Dec 02 2008 1:47PM Report
TheRPGPope writes:

Well it is a game mostly designed for kids, they are just bridging the card game into the MMO market, just like they always hoped Card games would bring kids into RPG's or War Gaming at Hobby Shops.

Tue Dec 02 2008 2:11PM Report
TheRPGPope writes:

Almost forgot it's a company in Texas too, if you take a look it's not the standard korean build.

Tue Dec 02 2008 2:16PM Report
dj_launchpad writes:

I find that this is actually a fun little game.  The crowns as far as I can tell offer you a way to access a few of the higher level zones w/o having to have a full on Subscription to the game.  I have a few quests that are in Firecat Alley & Cyclops way that I "could" buy crowns to access Via that "Access Pass".  I may give it a go, but for now some of the Bosses in the free area are pretty tough on your own.

All in all its a fun game and for Free its got some darned good graphics :)

Tue Dec 02 2008 10:18PM Report
Ataaka writes:

The artwork is fantastic in Wiz101.

It it were called AoC101, I would subcribe immediately. The developers went back to the basics of gaming, having mastered that, they added some Card Game Elements. In fact, I have re-learned the meaning of resource management and patience.

This is a winner for parents who can't afford to watch every minute of their child's online time.

Wed Dec 03 2008 1:31AM Report writes:
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