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Grim Determination

I give my two cents on the games of now, the future and the past... only TWO cents.

Author: TheGrim55

A rez for AoC?

Posted by TheGrim55 Monday October 6 2008 at 7:28PM
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I got caught up in the hype, thats for sure.

Age of Conan was to be the best MMO EVER to me.

Because who has not watched Conan the Barbarian with Arnold Swartzanager (last name is hard :(. ) and not laughed after he puches the camel?! Who has not wanted to be tottaly ripped and cut people in half?

I certianly think they had all the right ideas for the game, it was really revolutionary, but it was done in by its compilation, or how it was all put together. The director (thank god hes gone) was a good idealist, just not a good... director. The grafics were good, the gameplay was not. The lore was good, the bugs.. were not. The classes though unblanced were good, but the armor, and items for those classes were not.

They fired that guy though,

i logged in just yesterday and found that i was able to PvP (kinda) There were not that many bugs left (kinda) and that there were more people on than EVER. I really hope this new guy gets things right, and turns my game into the game it should have been.

If not... i can wait for Warhammer 40k, just using one of these nice ads on the sides! :P

Warhammer 40k Online?

Posted by TheGrim55 Sunday October 5 2008 at 3:41PM
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As most of you have heard, a Warhammer 40k MMO is going to be produced (god knows when). This has really been a dream of mine for quite a while!

This should be a squad based MMO, where you can obiously upgrade your troops with loot, take vehicles, buy vehicles, MAKE vehicles. Somewhat like guildwars nightfall with the additional heroes.

There are some problems of course.  First off solo and group play, it will be easy to solo with your own squad! There will be no need for other human interaction but to buy new gear, and PvP of course. That is the way out though, make the game skill based, and very PvP oriented.

Thats what Warhammer 40k is all about, lots and lots of death, and destruction, and mayhem, and more destruction. The Imperium, sacrficing everyday to stay alive and protect the emperor. Orks to keel and continue the WAAAAAAAAAAAGH. Eldar to stave off there inevitable doom, and extinction. Chaos to crush the false corpse emperor. All of them fighting and NEVER allying.

This could be the first 5-8 (idk) Faction MMO! 

Classes could be just one for each section of the imperium. One for each section of eldar (striking scorpions, dark reapers, etc) Orks for WAAAAAAGH. Chaos could be diferent types of deamons, or space marnines.


There might be alot of holes to fill in Wahammer 40k Online, but i would love to see the squad based stuff and the vehicles, and multi factions come into an MMO.