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Gambles & Gaming.

Here I will be sharing some of my thoughts on whatever the hell it is I happen to be playing, or trying to play.

Author: TheGambles

A casual month into DFUW.

Posted by TheGambles Saturday May 18 2013 at 6:49PM
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Hey, I'm Gambles.

I decided just now that I would take a shot at sharing some of my views and thoughts on Darkfall UW. Let me just say now, that this is coming from a guy who has never played the original Darkfall and has only dabbled in sandbox briefly with Eve. 


Being a newbie.

I came into Darkfall fresh and ready to be slaughtered, still high on the thought of actually playing a game that wasn't just another WoW-Clone theme-park snore fest. My hopes were high and my attitude was good, I was ready. Except for the fact that I wasn't.

After spending a short time in what had to be one of the worst character creations I've seen in a while I was immediately greeted in game by a UI with text so small that I began to think I was losing my sight. No matter, a minor set back on my way to glory and ruling this world. I finished up the tutorial and set out on my adventure to pave my way in this wonderful sandbox world.

Being new and wanting to explore I immediately left the safe zone, after all who would want to kill a guy with absolutely nothing? I tell you who, everyone. Not only was I mercilessly butchered about 50 meters from the safe zone but I was then taunted in area chat by what can only be described as 'gangsta' slang. Oh well, I had learned my lesson, stay in the safe zone until I am properly equipped to deal with these DF Thugs.

So I did just that, I stayed in the safe zone. I harvested various raw materials such as ore, cotton, wood, etc. and then crafted those raw materials into some useful items like armor and weapons (I'm a warrior by the way). I killed and looted what I could from goblins, skeletons, and trolls within the safe zone for money and scraps to salvage. I did all of this while semi-afk and watching various shows on netflix all with the thoughts of glory and riches in the back of my head.

So I ventured out again, this time with 6k prowess, a polearrm, and a full set of chain mail, a mount and everything else in the bank as not to lose my precious gold and trinkets. I found a spawn of hags which I had read were great for feats that reward bonus prowess. So I started farming them one by one until I seen something out of the corner of my eye that could only be described as a circ de soleil acrobat. I messaged in area chat if they wanted to kill some hags with me, they didn't. 10 arrows later I was back in the safe zone naked and covered in blood.


Understanding the Game.

After many failures like the one above I had decided that it would be in my best interest to join a clan. I need protection, fellow adventurers to help me along my journey. I managed to join a clan that I had previously applied to when I thought the game was originally releasing and things became a bit easier for a while.

Hags? X. 

Ogre Bullies? X.

However I was slacking off in my Darkfall grind as I was busy with other things and soon fell behind. Everyone had done those lowly spawns that I still needed. So I recruited a friend to play with me and after a while of us both being slaughtered I couldn't get him to play any more, different strokes for different folks. I still wanted to succeed, no matter how painful it was now.

It was right around this time when I came to the realization that this game might not be exactly what I thought it was going to be. I was willing to do the grind, I understood what it took to get me to where I wanted to be and how to go about doing it. What I failed to consider was just how difficult it would be to just to stay alive long enough to grind.

There was no in-depth sandbox experience to be had here. No politics or trading, no meeting strangers in the world with the same mindset, no community, and certainly no honor. This world consisted of those with more numbers and more power crushing those who don't have that experience. The game has been turned into something of a large team death match by the community. New players are humiliated and farmed like cattle, the players who are now bored with their grind camp spawn zones of creatures needed for feats, frothing at the mouth as they wait for the next unlucky group of lowbies to stumble in to try and progress.

I understood now why the original had fallen from grace. Why new players have such a hard road to enjoy this game and why ultimately the game would have horrible player retention. It wasn't because of any mechanic in-game as much as the community loves to bash the developer, no, they only had themselves to blame for this mess.


A sad realization.

I did re-sub to Darkfall UW for one more month. I want to enjoy this game more than anything. I want to somehow reach a level where I can adequately defend myself in 1v1 situations. I just do not know if I have the time or patience to do that. 

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing horrible about the game it self. The mechanics are there, if slim right now. Holdings, villages, clans, crafting, feats. These things are there, but I will never put many of them to use. I simply do not want to be the content for players whose only goal is to halt my progress and kill me unchallenged only to taunt me as we lay there dying to someone 5 times our prowess level. 

I do not want to be babysat by clan mates with 40k prowess. I want to be engaged by players my own level looking for a challenge or fighting me over a spawn that we both equally want for each of our own groups. I want the community to look at the FFA PvP in game as something more than a tool with which to grief those who are new or weaker. 

Of course I don't have the power to change this, it's just the way it is. So I will continue on grinding for this month and see if I can't somehow find some kind of enjoyment some where along the way. 


wyrdaskolir writes:

"Of course I don't have the power to change this, it's just the way it is"

No, you do have the power to change that - by getting better at PVP. I played the old Darkfall so even though I have low prowess I could beat people with double my prowess. i.e. I beat a 40k prow skirm as a 15k mage

Sat May 18 2013 8:46PM Report
TheGambles writes:

The solution of simply being better than your opponent to a point where you can beat them severely handicapped by prowess is not a solution at all. I'm a new player to this game already, not only do I have less experience than most of my would be gankers I also have less prowess. How do you purpose I become better at the game if the only encounters I am able to have are those in which I get stomped? 

Your logic is beyond flawed and borderline silly. But you're entitled to it I guess....

Sat May 18 2013 8:53PM Report
Ubel12 writes: Well written post Gambles. Although I have never stepped into this game, and nor will I, I enjoyed your write up and it is exactly as I would have imagined. A bunch of l33t folks wanting nothing but a quit laugh at ganking anyone coming out of the starting zones. Now what I did imagine when I first heard about this game was of people joining together, and fighting against clans of the Ill at heart. We folks coming out as Palladians to drive the evil back! Righteous ones thawarting  the evil back from whince they came!! Huge clan battles of evil and good! Clans and Armies uniting under simular banners to have epic sea battles and land/castle battles! But ohh no, lets forget all that stuff! Lets sit outside newbie areas and kill those that try to make a name for themselves! No thank you Darkfall Community! NO THANK YOU! Sat May 18 2013 9:33PM Report
Broya writes:

I have played the game and I am up to 30k prowess now. I think I can help you, as I was new to this all too.

The key is, as wyrdaskolir writes, to be better than your opponent. Getting used to pvp should be your nr1 priority. Get a few friends that can help you out in the new spawns, or sit at the spawns they need to increase spawn rate for them. While doing this you can have some pvp duels with your buddies, this will teach you invaluable skills you will need in a real pvp fight.

I hadn't done this until 25k prowess, and I was still losing my pvp fights badly. But as soon as I started practising with clan mates, everything became so much more natural to me.

I hope this helps you a bit, I know it's a rough world out there, but don't be scared off by it. It's what makes Darkfall what it is. Don't take the game for anything it's not. There are other titles out there, that include open world pvp, without the rough edges.

Feel free to contact me in game.

Septimal Seven, SENSOU clan

EU1 server

Sat May 18 2013 9:43PM Report
TheGambles writes: Thanks guys, I don't plan on giving up yet. I think every game deserves a fair shake and I believe past this ache of trying to survive grinding without going insane lies a very interesting game that AV has made for us. Sat May 18 2013 9:46PM Report
Ubel12 writes: I was mostly turned off by the "Gangsta talk" part. I do not wish to hear that in a Fantasy MMO. Sat May 18 2013 9:52PM Report
Badaboom writes:

You are almost there in understanding the true power do darkfall.  Also, don't speak of which you know little as per your 3rd paragraph from ogre bullies.  Simply put, you are wrong and that is not a matter of opinion and certainly worthy of further discussion.  

Sat May 18 2013 9:53PM Report
Badaboom writes:

You are almost there in understanding the true power of darkfall.  Also, don't speak of which you know little as per your 3rd paragraph from ogre bullies.  Simply put, you are wrong and that is not a matter of opinion and certainly worthy of further discussion.  

Sat May 18 2013 9:54PM Report
Ubel12 writes: And the Ganking part as well. Sat May 18 2013 9:54PM Report
xpiher writes: leave what ever zone you are in to a less populated one.  Sat May 18 2013 10:16PM Report
rootedoak writes:

Becoming better at Darkfall has only but a little to do with your character's grind level. More to do with your understanding of the mechanics and the social interaction. I think I ought to make a training video.

Sat May 18 2013 10:52PM Report
rootedoak writes: I also want to add that I have completed all my feats, all the way up to Villians by doing friendly random group farming with the passersby. Sat May 18 2013 10:53PM Report
Grixxitt writes:

I'll have to support what Wyrd and Broya wrote.

Having more prowess only adds to your base damage or gives you another skill or two, you'll still be bad at PvP no matter how strong your character is. 

Set some personal goals (kill 50 of X mob, farm up enough to craft x tier of equipment) then stop the grind and play the game a bit. I don't know what clan you joined but I'm sure there will be people willing to group with you to help you get used to DF PvP.

Sun May 19 2013 6:48AM Report
eaos writes:

This is a dangerous open world where risk IS involved, and with that said the further you get away from the safe zones the safer you are. no one is stopping you from joining one of the bigger alliances, living in one of their cities, and making friends.  There is no reason why you can not go out with groups and kill what they are killing you can get any of the feats done with 100 or 100,000 prowess just the same. 


"There was no in-depth sandbox experience to be had here. No politics or trading, no meeting strangers in the world with the same mindset, no community, and certainly no honor. This world consisted of those with more numbers and more power crushing those who don't have that experience."

This statement is so false, you make your own adventures here, your own story. Sandbox leaves it up to you to create these things, be creative go on adventures, explore, take your time and experience things. It seems you are putting this artificial barrier on the game because you think you need to grind prowess to make you good. Which is totally wrong, and from reading your blog It seems that you don't even understand your character,  how to heal, find cover from skirmishers, and use a shield to parry.  Dueling and experiencing the combat in a controlled environment is important.  Do armies send soldier to war without boot-camp?  "Here son, have a gun go shoot something!" Again something you can do with a large alliance is find people of your skill level, but also above.

It sucks that you have had a bad experience with DFUW, but I also think you go about things mindlessly with some expectations that completely baffle me.


Sun May 19 2013 11:02AM Report
TheGambles writes:

Thanks for the well written response eaos. 

You make be right in some regards, I have been focusing on 'making my character more powerful' before making myself better at the combat within the game. However I do have the basics of transfers and heals down. I suppose I could just try to find people to duel with me as to get better at combat.

However I'm use to getting better at games just by playing them. For instance when you suck at an FPS game you eventually get better by playing against others, with experience comes skill. The problem I seem to be having here is that I can't seem to find a fair fight to last long enough at 10k to learn anything.

I understand that after reading many replies now that my best bet may be to just set up duels with people to improve myself in that regard. Which comes off a little siily to me as you'd think I would run into these instances in the open, and not to imply that I never have. There have been some instances of being attacked by a player around my own prowess level and these were the fights that I enjoyed, some lost some won.

I will definitely take your and others advice into consideration and try to hone my skills enough to where I can at least repel an enemy enough to escape. Thank you.

Sun May 19 2013 4:12PM Report
BuniontToes writes:

The problem is that you haven't played many other FFA, full loot games.


In FFA a fair fight  is one you win.  If you are outnumbered then you didn't make enough friends.  If you die outnumbering your enemy, then you didn't make the right friends.

Dueling is  important.  This is a vital stage before you will win open world PvP.  There are very good reasons for this:

1)  You have no down time replacing gear when you duel your friends

2) you get in far more fights with duels.  this allows you to focus on areas such as game binds, managing your stats, and learning the other "roles"

3) You can talk to the people watching you fight.  These people will tell you if you are doing dumb things such as jumping, running in straight lines, or not using your stats enough.


it is VERY difficult to learn these things without dueling.  All you know is that you died and you don't even know what ability your enemy used or what the counter is.



Sun May 19 2013 11:31PM Report writes:
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