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Themepark MMOs are incredibly boring compared to Sandbox MMOs

Posted by TheExplorer Tuesday April 6 2010 at 7:37PM
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So, this came up from


read the first few pages of the thread if you want. But to sum it up, this guy reviewed most games from level 1-10 and people are replying that he has no basis to make a review.


If I'm not enjoying the game from the beginning then why do I need to torture myself to get to "end cap" to see the "real" game? WTF? Why can't the WHOLE GAME BE THE REAL GAME


Thats why I hate themepark MMOs so much, its always the "end" game that is the "best". Sandbox style MMOs (UO, Pre-ruined SWG, Asheron's Call, Saga of Ryzom, Vanguard and the few other sandbox MMOs) hooked me right from the beginning.


So yes, you can judge a game from level 1-10 because if a game doesn't start to level 60 or 80 or whatever, then it isn't worth playing, why torture yourself through the "fake" game. A sandbox game hooks you from the start. 

How to ruin an online relationship

Posted by TheExplorer Wednesday March 10 2010 at 2:49PM
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So, back when I played WoW (I moved to LOTRO since)...I always saw these two couples in the inn in stormwind. Same two couples went there all the time, never doing anything related to cyber sex or anything pathetic like that, but I always saw them chatting and saying how much they liked each other and one day they would meet.


Well, I'm an asshole. I get that from my dad. So the male character always saw me around, so he was sorta familiar with me, same with the female character. Well, I ran up to the female character and in chat said, "Bro. Dude, you are taking this too far. You should be honest with this guy and say you are really a male and it started as a joke." well, some conversation later, the male character ended up believing me and left. Never did see them after that. I did that a couple times before to people that were possibly about to start online dating. Worked, except once when they knew each other in real life.


I thought that was hilarious. Anything I can do to ruin a perfectly good relationship :) See, I told you I'm an asshole ;P Hey, you know what they say, nice guys finish last.

That story is one that pops out the most, cause they seemed really serious on meeting lol.