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Has the Ocean dried up?

I am an experienced MMO gamer, and have contributed to most of the MMOs in many diffrent ways. i will be discussing diffrent games, what to expect of the future games, the current ones, and the MMO market in general. You can trust me, for reliable info.

Author: Thailan

Back again

Posted by Thailan Sunday October 5 2008 at 3:45AM
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hey everyone. i left for a while to get into other MMOs and look for something greater ;).

sadly..i found nothing, AoC, WaR, and VG, all dissapointed. so now i renewed my eq2 sub. and i think i agree with the re-review taht if you re-join " You will most likely be pleasantly surprised. Considering the games currently out on the market, those just released, and those about to be released Everquest II is arguably the best mmo out there."

as was said from the girl that did the rereview (i didnt look at the name, i think it was a girl, maybe not)

anywho i just wanted to know if i should join a roleplaying server or a normal server? i do like to roleplay occasionally yet, at the same time, there are those jerks in every MMO who get kicks out of ruining it.


Darkfall Online A

Posted by Thailan Monday August 27 2007 at 10:38PM
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WOW, darkfall online, this was a requested review from another MMORPG fan, so i looked into this title.

though i dont know all the details (the game appears to be in beta at this time), with no solid release date notified.

the game has been pretty quet, with little to know publicity around. apparently only a month ago is when the game was even announced.

but this grade is based on what the game is promising to accomplish and the general "vision/view" of the game.

and its inspired nothing short of an A out of me.

if this game launches before WAR, i think WAR will easily have a hardy competitor in the PVP world.

With the low publicity, however, this game wont do anything more then nudge WAR a little to the side of the winners circle seeing as how WAR has a, currently, much larger following.

Darkfall promises a lot, including getting rid of the Grind all together. thats right, the ENTIRE grind, no armor grinds, no cash grinds, no grinds of any kind.

in fact its not even sure if levels will be in this game (im fairly certain levels arnt a part of Darkfall online). Darkfall will go by a skill based system, meaning, thats right, you can be whatever you want based on what area you place your time and energy.

sound familier? thats because oblivion (a ps3, xbox 360, and pc game) did exactly the same thing. the diffrence here, however is that you wont be playing in a world that grows with you. thats not to say the world isnt dynamic. in fact, if your looking for a dynamic world i'd look into this game a little more after reading this, the games world hints at multiple layers of the player being able to have a real impact on the world.

AoC is also including a dinamic world in which guilds will fight and capture castles, guild cities and so fourth, whether Darkfall will have features similer to AoC or not is yet to be seen.

from my understanding (which is little as even though the game is in beta, the darkfall development cycle was the main focus and not the advertisement, meaning information on the game itself is extremely sparse) it will copy oblivions class style in that you may pick, or custom, a class and will get an initial boost in its abilities. it will be extremely diffrent from the popular oblivion game however, as you do not level, meaning you can sit and train (training is an actual part of the game, you can get together with your clansman and train your abilities with them) with no downside (anyone who played oblivion knows what i'm talking about when i refer to "leveling" and "downside" together) other then your spending time away from the front.

the game is supposed to be oriented around pvp combat. however word of mouth from the developers state that adventuring will be as huge as it should be in the game.

this is a hardcore game. it perfects "freedom". on oblivion terms its what many wished for.

i say that loosly, but, in simple terms, darkfall has (possibly) no leveling, but it has "high level, Low level, Medium level" areas. with this you can go to a hard area right off the bat if you want. the game is real time combat, resembling AoC, it also brings a multitude of stratagy elements to the front.

ones that the developers thought about and designed. in many games you learn "half" stratagies such as zone camping, zoning to run away, kiting, etc. those arnt things the developers intended but you learned to make your own stratagies.

here the developers have given you specific tools MADE to let you stratagies without going out of the view of the game (without using cheap tricks such as zone camping) . such as the character models being "hard" by this i mean you wont walk through them. meaning you can actually make formations, wizards in the back, warriors in the front to keep out other player enemies. you can push people with a specific feature however. friendly fire on this game is present. meaning if your a wizard you shouldnt expect your ball of lightning to go through your warrior friend to hit the guy on the other side.

instead all you will have accomplished is damaging a friendship, wasting your magic, hurting your team, and having your horrible aim be on the chopping block of criticism.

the thing that worries me about Darkfall Online is that it may passing the overdoing it mark.

no model has a name floating over there heads or any recognition if they are friend or foe. this is done so that "KillzYou the sneak" wont have "KillzYou" floating over his head when he hides behind that rock to ambush you.

it makes actual war tactics possible as well as hiding. but the possibility is also there that one of your scouts could get shot down by a new recruit because they didnt know it was him.

or you could see a friend while adventuring, and not knowing it is him, ambush him.

luckly the game sports an extreme customization system. the details are not yet in the light, but we are told that customization is going to be so deep that the use of floaty names will be irrelevent.

their confidence in their customization system is great  but if the game ships as dark as it is now, customization will be the irrelevent part of the scale as you wont be able to see clearly enough who is who anyways.

lets hope Darkfall brightens up a smidge so that i can actually see my friends faces with crisp clarity.

there is also a new and innovative option on death. ones you become incapacitated there are two things that can happen. either the enemy will walk up, finish you off with a finishing move, and take all you have (A.K.A. loot you) or an allie will waltz up and revive you.

if there are any other penalties or aspects of death are uncertain. i hope they add more then that however, as, if it ships with just those two options, people out by themselves may be extremely frusterated when they wait for 8 hours just to get looted. and whether or not a priest of somesort will be needed to do this act of reviving is also unknown.


this game is worth looking in to and currently, it well deserves the A despite its possible lacks, what it promises is far too good to overlook.

the only thing that worries me now is that the game wont get enough publicity and fall before it stands up.

The world of the critic)

Posted by Thailan Monday August 27 2007 at 8:16PM
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is a funny one. i wanted to make this one to point out that i dont do my reviews to gain anyones approval, nor do i attempt or say that i am a professional reviewer or critic.

never did i say my facts would be perfect, i simply write these to give the public the opinion of a long time MMO player on future and current games.

i dont do this with no experience whatsoever as i have been a game reviewer for diffrent sources.

now i realize that most of the time a critic will get a "nice job man!, great review" from the people who agree and a "man you suck! go crawl under a rock!" from the people who disagree. HOWEVER, i will hereby destroy the theories that my reviews are biased, as they are not.

of course i am human so i will have my own personal opinions about each game that will, uncontrolably, shine through. but my reviews themselves are based upon facts, while some of the facts about future games may have changed (such as from WAR, the last time i had checked on the WAR information it was diffrent but still, the basic race to the final battle stands).

So please, feel free to comment, feel free to tell me to go to hell, do what you like, but i do try very hard to make sure i keep little personal stance leak out into the reviews.

WoW (world of Warcraft) C+

Posted by Thailan Sunday August 26 2007 at 6:32PM
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i'm a real MMORPG player

that being said i know the average rating WoW is acustomed swirls around 10s and 9s.

i do NOT however believe it deserves the praise it gets. Think of WoW as a stitched together zombie of all of the dead MMOs, a zombie with a low pixle count. in other words its like making a superhero by taking supermans strength and speed, batmans gadgets, spidermans webs, wonderwomens shield, stitching them together to make this thing that looks rather horrible but is a killing machine.

that is WoW. WoW is nothing new, in fact it thrives on using old stuff. it wouldnt take a scientist to see the obviouse grind which leads players to keep playing.

Currently WoW is fairly polished, its had all the time to do so as well as the money. but nothing will change WoW from being WoW.

i actually think WoW is one of the worst products in the MMORPG market BUT its the best possible game to play to get into the MMORPG game. which is where i think most people are at right now. WoW has introduced LOTS of people to the MMORPG game with its low system requirements, low time requirements, and easy "you win" gameplay.

Do i think WoW will rise or fall in the comming days?

WoW is defenately falling off its perch. whether thats a bluntly obviouse statement or a sharp not so obviouse statement is for you to deside. but people are only going to crowd the doorway into the MMORPG for so long, before they start seeing that the lands behind the doorway are actually much nicer.

many players are already doing this.

Blizzard is doing a good job attatching more parts to its zombie to fortify that door and hole people there but the zombie is getting old.

there isnt just one game that is labeled the "WoW killer" its all of the MMO market. people are flocking to all diffrent kinds of MMOs these days and slowly draining the zombie that is WoW of life.

What do i think of WoWs stance in the MMO market?

i think WoW, Blizzard rather, used to care about its players but now all that matters is their get rich quick money scam. Blizzard just throws out whatever they see increases sales and, since people like to win, they made the game easy, people like to show superiority, PVP is now a big part of the game, people like raids, raids are everywhere, people hate taking a long time to level, high exp give outs abound.

Do i think WoW is a good game?

yes, regardless of its horrible representation of the MMOs that lay behind it, in itself, it is a good game. not worth my personal time and money but besides its graphics being horrible (we know its true) it does well to stitch together the best of the previouse games.

But people will always like superman as a whole, and batman as a whole, rather then the two of them stitched together to make a freakish hero. Even if it would be a killing machine.


Posted by Thailan Sunday August 26 2007 at 6:06PM
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Welcome to the WAR Preview

WARHAMMER ONLINE as is its full name.

WAR is revolved around PVP,no this is not lineage 2, nothing like it, in fact the only thing that resembles lineage 2 about WAR IS the fact that its based around PVP.

Besides new abilities and effects nothing is really new about WARs style of combat.

what is ment to attract new players is its intresting structure on going from "weak" to "strong". And its storytelling Mirror that reverses and twists stories based on what side you play. In the beginning you start off either raiding or defending a beach head, and it twists on polar oposites like that throughout.

at the end of your long journey you are pit into a never ending battle between the two capatle cities. it's endgame should be intresting to be sure but that is about all there is to it. the structures of the two civilizations are intresting to behold, as well as the well researched beliefs and personalities of both, the dark elves and high elves and more.

but at its core its simply a race to the end so you can join the great battle.

which is exactly what it will become.

Do i think it will succeed?

for a time, but it's fanatic race to the top structure will stab itself a few months after launch. people will get tired of roling new toons to the same events and same race to the final battle over and over again.

perhaps the first time around it will be fun.

Do i think it will be a "WoW killer? or lead the gaming industry?"

absolutely not. regardless of its hype it is intresting at most but far from A quality. Yes the game is early in development but its not bugs or things that are expected to be there at this stage of development that let me say that. its the features that the game is based around and things that have already been announced to the game, whether they are in or not.

the low profession count and race playability, and the central core of the basic race to the top that the game revolves around is enough to predict upon.

while the game will be intresting, perhaps a worthy game to play for a few months, i wouldnt expect it to become anything huge.

AoC (Age of Conan) B+

Posted by Thailan Sunday August 26 2007 at 5:53PM
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Welcome to the AoC non-biased Preview.

AoC...where to begin, first off we all know about AoCs recent announcement of the sex buff. and the fact that some of the first words to be said about the game was "we have boobies!".

lets delve past that. if you look at AoC at its core it is a mix of fable and god of war with MMO qualities sprinkled on top.

As many know AoC has a live action combat system, an FPS fighting system if you will with a midevil spin. like Bethesda did with Oblivion and Lionhead did with Fable are acurate enough. I do think this is a good thing, a problem with MMOs currently is the ability to stand still, click a button, eat cookies and watch T.V.

AoC promises that either you will have to pay attention or you will die, which is something the playerbase has been craving. AoC also inhabits something which no other MMO really has. Character. you see there is a certain attention given to the game world where things like bars and things that dont revolve around slaughtering your enemy is present.

do i think AoC will succeed?

from my past experiences with MMOs, yes i do. People have been wanting a mature MMO for a long time, a barbarian world with magic and pvp and platform features in a MMORPG seem to intermix very well together.

in comparison AoC has a chance to also split WoWs mountain in half. Do to the fact that its fast paced and on a strict easy to learn, hard to master bases. AoC wont hold your hand but due to its combat it will attract a lot more people then any other button mash MMO. the ability to actually counter, do finishing moves, and be known for your actual skill versus just your level is a highly appealing prospect.

Do i think it's a "WoW Killer? or going to be the next big thing?"

possibly, it has the potential to be great, judging based on combat alone it will stomp WoW into the ground as well as most other generic "press this button for this effect" MMORPGs. its combat is faster, funner, and more immersive.

but that is only based on combat. Many other things must be compiled to make it great, such as a variety in the world, if the whole world is based on planes the game will be dull (i know this isnt true but thats just an example). they must have deserts, cold mountains, unique places, everything or AoC wont stand a chance in todays market as by the time AoC comes out there will likely be another line-up of MMORPGs and people would rather wait for those then spend hard earned money playing a let-down.

in other words even if MMO players are hungry they arnt going to pick-up AoC just to do it. some might but the majority of us also have port systems or another free game that we could play to hold us over rather then buying an expensive MMO for the hell of it.

Do i have any worries about AoC?

well like always there are worries that come along with an M rated game, not the parental kind but more along the lines that the game will die within weeks if it is sex driven. if everything in the game is too focused on nudity and sex it will get old and the rest of the game will seem like a nock off. 

the fact that the game is based on barbarians worries me a little as well. barbarian places are intresting but very dull, if all of the towns consist of wooden houses with sticks and signs the game will fall flat. same thing with environments, if they are all fighting in wheat fields with loincloths and junk flinging this way and that, it will be more tediouse then fun.

those are rather half hearted worries though as i have also been following the game closely and it seems to be going along nicely.

i think it is stupid of the developers to not include the Online with the Ps3 however. simply excluding it will cut their sales dramatically. As Sonys internet functions with the Ps3 have signifacantly leaped and are still climbing beyond Xbox live with the addition of things like HOME which is free.

but that may yet change, i do, however, doubt it. despite that, i will still follow it closely. i will give the game a B+ in what i'v seen, i dont play Pay to Play games (excluding free trials) unless they are A quality but we will see how AoC fairs out.

it will need a lot more then God of Fable combat system to win the MMORPG race.

I'm starting to wonder

Posted by Thailan Sunday August 26 2007 at 3:14AM
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As i look at the MMORPGs that are comming...its rather disheartning, at least for me. As of right now you have, basically, two arguably great MMOs. those being EQ2 and WoW. and WoW is further argued as a marketing geniouse and nothing more, meaning it rakes in lots of cash for the developers but brings nothing new to the table and its actual quality is in seriouse question. EQ2 recieved bad talk before but its shining a new leaf, it looks cleaned up so we can only hope it is truly.

EQ2 is, however, nothing new. you can tell SOE cares about the customers (well, at least more then blizzard does, them being too busy with all of the cyclones of mony to notice the small little pleeing gamer that is now half dead of crappy graphics, and the same rehashed gameplay for the past year of his life). now before it gets any worse than that, i dont hate WoW as a game, i do think that blizzard is blindsiding the new gamers with lots of marketing, extremely easy gameplay, and such low requirements "even a caveman can play it" is a fairly fitting statement. I

 played eq2 for a time and im thinking about going back, but more because im starved then anything els. EQ2 has cleaned up its act, but its nothing new and its still eq2 if you catch my drift. its all questing, raiding, the same old, same old.

it could be that the MMO playerbase is just wanting too much these days and that our demands are impossable to reach.

personally, however, i would like an MMORPG that understands i want to have fun and not just be sucked into a running mouse wheel for the next year of my life. i want to feel accomplished and not by reaching level 60 where i can get that new "uber" armor. more like i actually made a diffrence.

when will companies realize that camping mobs is NOT fun, neither are time sinks. coin sinks (a.k.a. money sinks) are fine, as they help set the value of coin. but waiting around for a single creature to spawn is old and dried up, competing for mobs is not fun.

all this being said, i'm personally not sure what i want as a hungry MMO gamer. which i think is happening to a lot of the playerbase of MMOs in general.

I fear that if something isnt decided soon MMOs will lose popularity. WoW can only hold all those people up for so long and the base that is the World.....of warcraft mountain is starting to crumble believe it or not.

if someone cant decide how to make an honestly GREAT MMORPG, i fear we wont get any.