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Author: TesterNGS

All Points Bulletin - What CoV Should've Done

Posted by TesterNGS Friday August 15 2008 at 3:48PM
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All Points Bulletin - What CoV Should've Done

There isn't a whole lot of information available about the upcoming cops and robbers MMOG: All Points Bulletin (APB). But one thing they have mentioned looks like something that City of Villains should have done years ago.

APB is building content around the players. You see, in APB you'll play either a criminal or a (law) enforcer. From what I've read, what will happen is that a criminal player will, for example, rob a bank. This action will trigger an alarm - an All Points Bulletin - that enforcer players can respond to. The enforcer will show up and attempt to foil the robbery. Not only is this a wonderfully contextual way to trigger PvP, it also helps sell the good vs evil vibe of the game...something CoV utterly failed to do.

This very thing could have been done in City of Villains years ago. Villain players could have just decided to attack citizens or destroy things, which could have triggered impromptu missions for hero players. Heroes could have had the option to go after the villain-players, thus creating great contextual PvP! And by allowing villains to rob, destroy, and cause chaos, all of a sudden you've solved one of the biggest gripes players had about CoV from the start - villains not feeling like villains.

But alas, the developers fell short. Instead, they decided to shut villains off in their own seperate game. Only story text and the gritty scenery of the Rogue Isles told CoV players that they were different from the heroes. And the PvP zones did a poor job of creating the good vs evil conflict that should have been at the core of the CoV expansion.
Just a thought.

sigamon writes:

i agree. CoV would of been really amazing if they could of done those things.  In CoV you just fight villains...... and in CoH you fight villains. Their not actually villains its just gangs...

Fri Aug 15 2008 4:28PM Report
Liquidvelvet writes:

I couldn't agree more with you Tester. And, starting from this idea, they could make a better use of the Supergroups in the game. Maybe everytime an specific Villain SG decided to make a mission, a particular Heroes SG could received the option to do something about it. Players could have acess to standings, to know how many times an specific character defeated another one and etc...          This way, not only they could creat a great PvP content, but they would also make the best of game aspects that already exist.

Fri Aug 15 2008 6:40PM Report
hanshotfirst writes:

"City of" was never intended to emulate Grand Theft Auto, which is exactly what All Points Bulletin is aiming for. Additionally, PvP in "City of" was never intended to be anything but consensual.

Sorry if it fell short of what you wanted it to be, but that's not really a compelling argument that it should've been any different.

Fri Aug 15 2008 8:03PM Report
mrprogguy writes:

I hate to say it, but Tester's vision of CoV would have been completely unplayable.  Look how it is in the overlap zones now--hordes of villains attacking a single hero, or vice versa.  They're not pleasant areas, and it's nothing like enjoyable.  When CoV came on-line, the player base had already demonstrated a majority disregard of PVP (the arenas were and are empty), so there was no sense in making that the style of play promoted by CoV.

Believe it or not, CoH and CoV are about the journey.  That's why the mission arcs exist.  That's why rescuing NPCs on the street is basically so unrewarding.  Having to stop what you're doing to go face off against the evil Doctor Snatchpurse every four minutes really wouldn't have made much of a game, from either side of the line.  It would be like trying to do your daily workload while constantly being interrupted by the phone. (And maybe you're doing that already, and you know what a joy it is.)

Sorry, just can't go with Tester's assessment.

Fri Aug 15 2008 11:26PM Report
UnSub writes:

As an additional system for CoH/V I can agree.

However, as a core system, I can see a number of issues (and I see them for APB too) such as:

1) how do you balance the encounter for both players (or both teams)?

2) how do you make a casual player build effective against a PvP hardcore build?

3) how do you maintain a level of challenge if there is a way to cheat out (and the best example I can think of here is teleportation)?

CoV needed what it has to be an actual experience (i.e. a separate game area), but I do think that player generated content like the above has potential. Unfortunately, it has lots of issues that require solutions too.

Thu Aug 28 2008 12:01AM Report writes:
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