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Author: TesterNGS

No New Games for 2008! (for me)

Posted by TesterNGS Thursday January 3 2008 at 4:20PM
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No New Games for 2008! (for me)

This year I resolve to not buy any new MMORPGs.
The past few years have shown me one thing when it comes to my favorite genre of games: few MMORPGs are released with what most people (well, me at least) would consider a complete set of quality features.
Gaming is big business, but when business becomes more important than quality and entertainment, then you've lost touch with what games are supposed to be all about. Recent games, like Tabula Rasa, have spent a very long and expensive time in development, but what did the game have when it went live? Combat, partially implemented crafting, barely supported PvP, shallow classes, and....? Now NCSoft expects its subscribers to fund the continued development of the game - they call them "Free Expansions". A more honest way to put it would be, "Stuff You're Paying For That Should Have Been Here At Release."
Some people may say that it is unreasonable to expect a complete game upon release; the very nature of MMORPGs is that they evolve and grow over time.
Call me crazy, but when I think of a game growing, I think of a greater variety of existing content, not, "Hey, we added an Auction House!!" I don't want to pay for stuff that should already be implemented. I WILL pay for new quests, items, classes, spells, zones, and other expansion content. I will NOT pay for "catch up" content, where a developer scrambles to add features that should have been there at release.
This year I won't purchase a game that isn't, to me, feature-complete. So essentially, no new games for me because I don't think the industry will change its ways. I'll just keep an eye out for free trials, and wait for games to mature before I subscribe.


DaX.9 writes:

You said it. My thoughts exactly. Games should be finished before final release. I was thinking to try tabula rasa but figured out that I will but much later when it is all patched up.

Thu Jan 03 2008 5:51PM Report
Thatim writes:

I disagree. Sorry but some games just lay the focus on something else. I have to agree that some gamepublishers are doing it the easy way.


But there is a game for me in 2008! This quater to be morer preciesly. Its called Spellborn and I am really looking forward to it!

Fri Jan 04 2008 1:25AM Report
germanicus writes:

you want complete games don;t get mmorpgs then they are a lot of good games like crysis WiC CoD 4 and more. i also agree with you. hellgate is also incomplete when i bought full of errors

Fri Jan 04 2008 3:18AM Report
Drolletje writes:

If you want finished games with a lot of content, you should really look at the games that are out for a few years now. It seems that it's a bad habit of mmo developers to release unfinished or unpolished game.

Fri Jan 04 2008 11:25AM Report
Litchfield writes:

I'm currantly playing TR and i love it. I enjoy being with a game from the begining and watching it evolve

Fri Jan 04 2008 2:44PM Report
BigDaddyTee writes:

Well, I tend think your assessment of the state of MMO development is correct.  However, Like Litchfield, I enjoy working through stuff like that from the beginning.  I don't mind it as long as they do get it right.

Hellgate... the tragedy... 'Nuff Said.

But seriously, if you want complete games, you are better off settling for standard games these days.  germanicus had a good point about the good games available.

But I'm not giving up on MMO's just yet.  Maybe if W:AR doesn't deliver or Conan... But not before I give them a shot.

Fri Jan 04 2008 3:25PM Report
Saryk writes:

I agree with you!


I got Crysis, Call of Duty 4 , Unreal Tournament 3 and Stalker, are just awesome games. And have me playing them a lot more than playing my EQ2 account. But I think Vanguard has done the most damage to me from really wanting to try new MMOs.

Fri Jan 04 2008 4:29PM Report
sh4dowst4lkr writes:

True that, when we buy games we expect them to work, and MMOs lately haven't been of the greatest standard, it annoys me to that when you pay for something its not what you expected, I guess for a little while I'm going to stay out of the MMOs and might  do some multi-player fps gaming, but if your looking out for some good MMOs I suggest the two completely opposite games; Age of Conan and Stargate Worlds. Conan well because it sounds awesome with player built cities and mounted combat, and Stargate because it will be awesome and have some modern ranged combat and more than 10 years of show story line behind it.

Fri Jan 04 2008 5:49PM Report writes:
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