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Teowl - WoW to LotRO? ...Craziness? I think not!

I am Teowl, i have recently had my WoW account hacked, and completely ruined. as you can imagine i was quite annoyed, however as a result i have come to realise that the MMO world is better than WoW and i intend on explaining why i choose to switch games.

Author: Teowl

The MMO experience, and why i don't feel it anymore playing WoW

Posted by Teowl Monday December 29 2008 at 7:54PM
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I first starting palying World of Warcrafttm (WoW) when it was first released in 2004, and i was utterly stunned by it. It was sooo fun! i couldn't stop playing it, and it wasn't long that i reached higher and more exciting levels of game content. then the release of ever bigger and better patches flooded the game. soon after that is when i stumbled upon the one thing i didn't like about the game...The people!

I'm Sorry! i know it sounds harsh and don't get me wrong i met many, many nice people that i enjoyed playing the game with, but there was always these people that HAD to be the best! no matter what. they would go around shouting abuse and controling any aspect of the game they could...i couldn't work out why, all i could think to say is 'calm down, it's only a game' or something to that effect, however that rarely cooled their hot head. instead they would hurl more abuse and obscenities to combat their challenged 'authority' in the game.

to be confused me and just accepted these people and carried on regardless.

then The Burning Crusadetm came and these people seemed to multiply. now everyone wanted to be the best!...the best tank, the best PvPer, the best Grinder. WHATEVER! but they had to be the best at it, and i think it was that more than anything else that turned me off WoW. i just wanted to be normal and enjoy it with other people who want to enjoy it too. not for it to seem like a chore.

so when i had my account hacked and armored sold to vendors etc i felt rather liberated of this continuous pressure to be better.

... so my love for WoW has gone but my lust for a MMORPG with the fun factor of WoW and the casual ness of a normal game lead me to Lord Of The Rings Onlinetm which i will aim to start playing in february sometime.

you can

thanks for reading





Quizzical writes:

If you don't want to play alongside people who are in a rush to level up their characters (or get stronger gear, or whatever), then don't play a game that caters to that sort of players.  That is, pick a game where there's a hard cap on how strong your character can get, and the cap isn't that hard to reach. 

Mon Dec 29 2008 8:02PM Report
Teowl writes:

i don't mind the rush to level up, i totally understand that. i always wanted to get stronger i just feel that in WoW there are too many people that would shot you down verbally for having lesser gear than then or not being the best at something.

it vexes me because it isn't a game just for the elitests, half the fun is progressing through the game by trail and error...learning what to do.

it upsets me that the game must have that negative feel about it.

Mon Dec 29 2008 8:37PM Report
astrob0y writes:

I understand your feeling man.

Come and test Vanguard. I guess that is a game for you. Send a mail if you want 14 free days :) 

Mon Dec 29 2008 8:57PM Report
Quizzical writes:


Players generally want to win in whatever sense is applicable.  In group content, game mechanics demand that players refuse to group with those who will cause them to fail.  People on the Internet being as they are, it's a very short step from there to demeaning players in the process of declining to group.

For a game like WoW that is so heavily based on level and gear, those are the most common factors for players to pick on.  Players who run off and aggro a bunch of unnecessary mobs may well get yelled at, too, I guess.

It's partially a matter of degree.  A player who tries to group for a boss five levels above him or wearing gear 20 levels below his own level is a dead weight to the group.  So is a player who hasn't spent enough time farming specialized resistance gear for particular raids.  That's simple game mechanics.  If you don't like them, then don't play the game.

If you really want a game with a good community, though, you'd best avoid ones that are based around killing and looting mobs.  Those attract the worst sort of players.  Games that tend to bore the bad apples have better communities as a result.


Mon Dec 29 2008 9:35PM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Well, in terms of WoW, I think the game is so ridiculously easy, that if you do not perform to a certain level many people will see you as being ignorant and maybe a bit daft.

I know I've been quilty of such behavior, when after a hard day of work some random 'moron' has ruined my ten man pug or heroic run by not knowing. The game is simply so easy to master that people expect individuals to know where to gear up, how to spec their talents, and how to play their class in general.

Its the same thing at work, if someone shows up completely unprepared for a meeting, he or she is sure to cause some frowns.

i don't know the particulars of how you grew fed up with the constant nagging and whining, but I don't like it either. WoW is full of teenagers ready to emo at any available opportunity, people who always have that bad day and are not afraid to show it. That's the nature of the current WoW community. However, you should also consider things from the flipside, in WoW it doesn't take much to gear up and learn to play, so there is no reason not to.

Tue Dec 30 2008 1:55AM Report
vyper21oo writes:

I agree with you all the way!

It's not just WOW though IMHO, almost  every MMO I've played the last year  is just like what you have described!  I think alot of mmo's these days there is no reason to really help anyone out unless they are your friend.

Tue Dec 30 2008 3:22AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I agree the playerbase is the worst feature of WoW. The mentality (and immaturity) of MMORPG players took a turn for the worst with WoWs success. It didn't used to be as bad in MMORPGs as it is now.

Tue Dec 30 2008 5:49AM Report
BarakIII writes:

Any multiplayer game with a lot of people you play, whether mmo, fps, or whatever; has people who are good at ruining the experience for everybody else. WoW is no better or worse than any other mmo.

Any game that attracts a lot of people is like that. I like EVE but there are some real jerks in that game as well. Does that mean the EVE player base is bad? No, it means wherever you have a gathering of a lot of people many of them are going to rub you the wrong way. That's just the way it is.

It's not the fault of any particular game, it's the fault of the human race.

Tue Dec 30 2008 7:56AM Report
Giddian writes:

Comparing WoW to Work? If that’s what it is, I wouldn’t play. And that is the bottom line. It is about having fun. EVERYONE having fun. The noob pays the same bill as the no life expert. If some one wants to spend every waking moment grinding and farming for gear, that’s fine, it's their life. But there are those who DON'T play but 4-10 hours a week that deserve to have the same fun playing and disserve being abused for their lack of knowledge. IT'S A GAME PEOPLE. If it's that big of an obsession, Get help.

Tue Dec 30 2008 8:44AM Report
SupaMutant writes:



Well... people like that exists in all games of all genres... if you are experiencing an overwhelming amount of them you should have tried to switch servers... or played with a friend and just ignore the other buffoon...


ALSO!!! from what I have experienced... the only time anyone would trash at you about your gear is... IF you tried to join a group to do something that you just DON'T meet the requirements for... wether it's level or gear stats... if that was the case then it was your own fault... if that's not the case then you shoulda switched servers...

Tue Dec 30 2008 8:55AM Report
happyclappy writes:

Dear Teowl

Reading your post was like holding up a mirror. I have done EXACTLY the same thing as you even from when I started WoW. Yesterday I deleted 10, yes 10, high level characters. Don't belive me? Look here and scroll to all the characters starting with 'Fel' and get this. I have gone to LOTRO too!

Thanks for reading.

Tue Dec 30 2008 9:17AM Report
Phenoca writes:

 I've stopped playing 3D MMORPGs in favour of the browser-based games (ie. PBBGs), as they generally have stronger player-communities.

Tue Dec 30 2008 12:44PM Report
Teowl writes:

Well thank you all soo much for your comments and sharing your thoughs, maybe oneday MMO's will be a nice place to spent our spare time once again.


Tue Dec 30 2008 5:07PM Report
Tideland writes:

I've played WoW and now I play LOTRO.  I love LOTRO and the community is wonderful.  There isn't the same drive and competition for better gear.  We all want our legendary gear and items, and we all help each other with it.   The story and quests in LOTRO have meaning and substance for the most part, and the community is much more mature and fun to be around than any other game I've played.  Give it a try!

Wed Dec 31 2008 1:33PM Report writes:
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