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Teowl - WoW to LotRO? ...Craziness? I think not!

I am Teowl, i have recently had my WoW account hacked, and completely ruined. as you can imagine i was quite annoyed, however as a result i have come to realise that the MMO world is better than WoW and i intend on explaining why i choose to switch games.

Author: Teowl

The MMO experience, and why i don't feel it anymore playing WoW

Posted by Teowl Monday December 29 2008 at 8:54PM
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I first starting palying World of Warcrafttm (WoW) when it was first released in 2004, and i was utterly stunned by it. It was sooo fun! i couldn't stop playing it, and it wasn't long that i reached higher and more exciting levels of game content. then the release of ever bigger and better patches flooded the game. soon after that is when i stumbled upon the one thing i didn't like about the game...The people!

I'm Sorry! i know it sounds harsh and don't get me wrong i met many, many nice people that i enjoyed playing the game with, but there was always these people that HAD to be the best! no matter what. they would go around shouting abuse and controling any aspect of the game they could...i couldn't work out why, all i could think to say is 'calm down, it's only a game' or something to that effect, however that rarely cooled their hot head. instead they would hurl more abuse and obscenities to combat their challenged 'authority' in the game.

to be confused me and just accepted these people and carried on regardless.

then The Burning Crusadetm came and these people seemed to multiply. now everyone wanted to be the best!...the best tank, the best PvPer, the best Grinder. WHATEVER! but they had to be the best at it, and i think it was that more than anything else that turned me off WoW. i just wanted to be normal and enjoy it with other people who want to enjoy it too. not for it to seem like a chore.

so when i had my account hacked and armored sold to vendors etc i felt rather liberated of this continuous pressure to be better.

... so my love for WoW has gone but my lust for a MMORPG with the fun factor of WoW and the casual ness of a normal game lead me to Lord Of The Rings Onlinetm which i will aim to start playing in february sometime.

you can

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