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TMORBG - Temper's Massively Overblown Ranting Blog [about] Gaming

After 25+ years of gaming, it's fair to say that some opinions written here may be older than some of its readers.

Author: VanadromArda

Friendly Hardcore Guilds – They Live Again in Guild Wars 2!

Posted by VanadromArda Friday June 15 2012 at 11:07PM
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Quite recently I sat down and spoke with the founders of two very promising Guilds preparing themselves for the upcoming title, Guild Wars 2: Colfy of RAGE Coalition and Rorek of Infamy Gaming. The reason why I spoke with them in recent interviews is because I was approached by them after my more recent article, “What’s Wrong with Guilds Today? They expressed mutual concern for the way guilds were being managed these days, and I couldn’t help but appreciate their dedication to upholding a competitive spirit while at the same time creating an easy going atmosphere. At that moment I couldn’t help but feel that perhaps there may be hope for guilds that still follow the Old Ways.
In entries before, I spoke of my remorse for the loss of the Old Ways. As of ten years ago, much of the beliefs and philosophies of running fun and cooperative guilds has begun to fizzle out. The idea of playing with a group of friends, a fellowship, and a band of brothers – started to die out in favor of more structured and determined guilds. The guild name became precious, became the key focus of all things. The world must know the guild’s name, and all must take notice that there is only one guild that is greater than the rest. These ideals came into being with EverQuest, Final Fantasy XI, EVE Online, and later World of Warcraft. People became a resource, something that was faceless and easily replaced. This was the mindset of a business, and that model was steadily being applied to guilds.
I mourned the loss of guilds which held the individual higher than the name, believed in friendship and fun, and the same time remembered that there is life beyond the game. There is a purpose to life beyond the guild’s name and recognition of other in-game players. My call to action sounded out, and believe it or not some people heard the call and decided it was time to bring back the Old Ways. The Ways in which guilds were a unified and cooperative group of growing individuals. Quite recently I was contacted by some of these guilds. They told me of how they understand the problem of guilds today, and that it is a shame that some of the more friendly community driven guilds are fewer in number than ever before.
Guild Wars 2
After some conversation and discussions with the members of these groups, I decided that the only right thing to do was to share my findings with the rest of the world. I felt I just had to take the time to spotlight them. I feel that perhaps there are readers out there who truly desire to find guilds that are far separated from that of the business structure and works as a whole unit to achieve a goal as friends – not co-workers.
Perhaps some of you don’t even know what it it like to be in such a guild, and can’t even imagine what it is like within them either. Long now have the raiding structures of Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft held dominion over how guilds should be run. Thanks to World of Warcraft, the gaming world has seen a large influx of gamers who are interested in MMORPGs, but since WoW was their first undertaking they have little experience outside of that mold. We shouldn’t forget that even the console market has grown a great deal as well, and that there are players out there who wish to finally expand into PC Gaming and experience MMORPGs for the first time too.
For many people Guild Wars 2 is their very first real MMORPG beyond World of Warcraft and console games. For them, the Guild experience is also something new and foreign. For these reasons I felt it was dire to inform my readers that yes – there are guilds out there that have risen up to take pride in following the Old Ways. Guilds that really want to treat people with kindness, respect, and friendship. I want to climb the highest peaks and shout out the names of these guilds, and point the way to the beacon of light and hope to show that all is not lost. There are sane people in this world after all!
Guild Wars 2 02
For those of you who have followed my entries, you may know that I'm not exactly a big fan of the needlessly hardcore. There is no point to scheduling hours for your guild member’s to work, there is no need to apply penalties to your members if they have to excuse themselves for their daughter’s birthday. There is no reason to lord a person’s mistakes over their head, and keep a list of each time they’ve stepped out of line. Let's face it, we all have real lives, there is no need to turn your favorite form of recreation into a job too.
Playing a game can be a real struggle for starters, and what's worse is that sometimes so can being in a Guild too. Let's be honest with ourselves, not everyone is going to be perfect: always smiles, always a good attitude, always polite, always informative, and never-ever one to offend anyone. These people are few and far between, and even those who seem to wear that appearance aren't as genuine as they seem. Yet still, many guilds expect everyone to be just like this no matter what their personal backgrounds really are. On top of that, many guilds expect you to be somewhere and do something when you may not want to or do not have time to. If you don't show, then you will lose out on precious guild points and lose your overall standing in the guild.
That can be a massive headache to anyone who is really just trying to have fun and have a good time. Nobody is perfect, and a lot of people have forgotten that in their pursuit of perfection and complete domination of all things guild. I'm not a big fan of those guilds who want their name to be to be known throughout the world, as that only inflates the egos of just a handful of people --- namely the guild's founders. In guilds like that, it is those founders who will benefit the most from the hard work of the guild-mates they consider expendable underlings. I think it's time someone put the spotlight on guilds who are taking things in the right direction.
I speak of course of RAGE Coalition and Infamy Gaming. As no person is perfect, nor are guilds. But there are always certainly different flavors among them which help them stand out from the rest. With these two in-particular, I've taken time to speak with their guild leaders in conversation, in interviews, and I've even played with them in game in several occasions. They do stand out as groups which have come from a different time period, a time before World of Warcraft – where the individual was more important than the guild name. These guilds are not always seeking the best, this is because they believe the best can only shine when they are playing with people they know, love, and have learned with since the very beginning.
People who feel themselves to be elite, who feel themselves to be better than everyone else – will carry that with them wherever they go. They will join guilds, thinking themselves an asset that has to be pampered and pleased because of their 'skills'. But let's be honest here, skills are learned, and can be learned by anybody. These guilds believe it's best to take time to teach those skills to new players and treat them to a friendly, fun environment where everyone can have a good time and become hardcore at the same time.
At present, popular guilds are really only popular because of their mass number. They have no real special key assets over any other guild, or what any other guild could have with some dedicated players behind the helm. It would be wise not to fall down into the trap of following behind those big named guilds, just to be part of the crowd and bask in the glory of your guild-mate's hard work. Perhaps you may find it more personally satisfying to challenge yourself and venture into a smaller guild, where your skills will really shine as you are now part of the quality --- not the quantity.
One thing I've noticed from RAGE and Infamy is that they really do appreciate what it means to play and get to know people on a very personal level. The concept of friendship is not lost beyond the anonymity of the internet. From what I've discovered, as long as you are mature and want to give it your all --- it doesn't matter if you can't hit the broad side of a barn; you are still very welcome to join in with these people. Games are about having a good time and achieving things together, and if you are going to run with them you are not going to be a friend one day and forgotten the next. If you are honest, you're going to find some real friends in guilds like these.
I suppose the reason why these guilds are run by such a mature crowd, is because they’ve come along in age. Many of the people who I’ve found within these guilds are well over their mid-30s, and have actually come from a time well before World of Warcraft even existed in the minds of its creators. Back then, guilds were run very differently. People had to utilize a lot of imagination and devote a lot of time to make sure that people were happy and had a lot of fun things to do. This doesn’t mean that it was a fantasy land where everything was perfect, no.
There are always people out there who are determined to give everyone in the guild a hard time, and just really want to be annoying, immature asses no matter their age. These old fashioned guilds believed that everyone had a say, and since people were very active and very friendly – this also meant they were very connected outside of the game. So when someone was causing a problem, it was easy to get in touch with the bulk of the member base to make a judgment call on someone who was really trying to cause great harm in a guild. It’s easy to tell someone who has personality issues apart from a troublemaker, and often these guilds are very understanding to those who have a tough time socializing.
Guild Wars 2 02
People inevitably rub people the wrong way. That is just how personalities work. But these guilds do not believe in keeping records of problems. They will try their best to work it out with the people to secure and hold onto strong friendships they want to see grow and flourish. To forgive and forget, that is their philosophy. These days, that is very, very hard to find. Like it or not, most guilds these days will not think twice about throwing out a person who may be mildly disruptive because they really want to put on a good face. Anyone who threatens the guild’s name and face is considered toxic and a potential hazard. I for one don’t like being considered a toxic hazard, so I like guilds which not only give me a chance but take the time to understand my personality and help me when I stumble.
Only friends will help you when you stumble, they’ll be there to pick you up and brush you off and give you a hand. Friends do not see you as dead weight or a potential liability. These days, it’s easy to forget that there are people playing games with you. It’s very, very hard to find people out there who are truly willing to listen and help out the people that are willing to not only show guild pride but also build friendships. I am proud to say I’ve found a pair of guilds who really want to push this philosophy, and I look forward to seeing them blossom in Guild Wars 2. I can only hope many will follow in their footsteps, making Guild Wars 2 the game that not only changes the face of the MMORPG genre, but the guilds that play them as well.
If you feel your guild fits these positive philosophies and you’d like them featured in future articles, contact me via Private Message or email: Temperhoof ( at ) g m a i l . c o m – and I will share them in future blog entries.
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Ergload writes:

Lusternia is a great MUD (one of those games before WoW you mentioned) that is built around guild and city roleplay.

Sat Jun 16 2012 6:15AM Report
vkejai writes: This seems like a shameless advert for GW2 imo. As to guild you will get good bad and ugly in all MMOs and by focusing on two guilds which you think are what guilds should be like doent mean its right or actually got anything to do with GW2 . I guess you can blame the way some guilds go on human nature , the desire to be the best , its called greed and untill you change the way game are , like WOW chasing the neverending carrot of uberness, you will always get guilds which act like a business instead of a more happy family atmosphere, simply because they can and will progress faster. Also happy family guilds are just as bad some times , just in different ways. Wed Jun 20 2012 6:57AM Report
nyxxis writes:

A shameless advert? Really? Sad how people have find some way to twist something good into a fanboi rant. Anyways, I have been in two great guilds since I started in UO way back when. The first was started by me with one purpose in mind...having friends to play with. We were one of the biggest and most known on the chesapeake server, we also were all friends. Most of us had everyone elses e-mail or msn/yahoo/icq. We never required it, it just worked out that way. We knew what each otther did for a living how many kids everyone had etc.

We did intervine if a guildy was griefing other players, but that was to keep our repuation as a positive one to attract more members. We had a guildy that was dedicated to keeping the guild in armor and weapons and was always ready to make gear for members new and old. Our ranking system was simple, we had guild leader and council for dealing with issues and council members were tasked with hording loot until the end of a dungeon crawl. All loot was divided evenly no matter if you died 50 times or killed the most.

The second great guild was in WoW, we had 15  members and basiclly did nothing. We would quest when the mood would strike, but mostly we would sit in Ironforge and BS in game and on our in game voice chat channel. We would play around, cast spells, inbibe growth potions and cast enrage. We would remind each other of appointments and set time aside on holidays to have our extended family time. We justified our laziness as "building rested xp" Our most fun was running new or low lvl chars through deadmines a few times. As the groups first lvl 70 and only shammy big pulls and a fire or earth ele was the norm but super fun.

We were well known because we always could be seen having fun in IF and that is it. No great achievements other than being great friends somewhere we all found a common intrest. We all believed playing a game was ment for having fun not being all stuffy and raid raid raid. We would sit and wait for members to get on just to go do anything because we did not want them to miss out, not like most guilds now a days that would rather replace you that wait a few extra minutes because they might not be able to get as far in a raid that night.

I miss guilds that want to have fun for the sake of having fun. I despise guilds that are full of members that wont do something because it does not directly benefit them. It is sad that most of the guilds out there today are about who has finished this raid or that first or fastest, and will actually kick you out or not let you join if they feel you will not directly improve on their glory.

Sat Jun 23 2012 11:40AM Report
Zoyita writes:

I been in my guild for 4 years and had played many games with them, we are friends and know each others and the people who join us stick with us. We will play Guild Wars 2 we are on Kaineng Server, we are not the best guild but we have made achievements in the games we had played. I like this article (sorry for my bad english).

My guild leader was our GW2 commander, while he commanded we was conquering eventho our server was empty and the people migrated to stronger servers (joined the enemy). ahh sorry i had to praise is just that im really happy where i am xD and i share the feeling of this article.


Kaineng Server - [WF] WarFreak Guild

Sat Jun 23 2012 10:32PM Report
Zoyita writes:

I checked out their sites and are very nice.

+ Bump this because i liked it.

Sat Jun 23 2012 10:35PM Report writes:
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