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TMORBG - Temper's Massively Overblown Ranting Blog [about] Gaming

After 25+ years of gaming, it's fair to say that some opinions written here may be older than some of its readers.

Author: VanadromArda

Arena.Net, This June We Need Action!

Posted by VanadromArda Wednesday June 13 2012 at 7:01PM
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This week, many gamers around the world are shaking off the shell-shock of not being able to Login to Guild Wars 2. Naturally I include myself in this equation as I look back upon the weekend with a feeling of mixed satisfaction and frustration. What lingers now in my mind is a single question, “How long until this thing is released?”. Well in my head I hear the battle of both prospectives, and I write this now to work out my own feelings on the situation.
The weekend was not without its problems. Friday saw difficulties problems with imbalances of server populations. My entire guild's plan to join a server was inadvertently cock-blocked by the server transfer protocol and wasn't fixed until several hours later, long after my guild had already switched to a different server we did not plan to join. Saturday saw continued issues of course, as suddenly Siege could not be deployed properly in World vs World causing a lot of people to become frustrated because they could not execute any battles that had measured impact.

Image 01
The only day that appeared to be fine was Sunday, but the Tournaments and Structure Player vs Player match-ups were also broken and not working as intended. This was only just scratching the surface on the many, many, many issues that plagued the game to the point of causing a lot of people to question whether or not Guild Wars 2 really was the awesome game everyone said it was. But at the end of the weekend, everything slowly seemed to just come together.
Even despite all of these problems, I still feel as though my overall experience with Guild Wars 2 was more than satisfactory. Why? Well let's be honest here, it's still Guild Wars 2. The game is just really great for me, and it really does manage to keep me busy doing something even when other things aren't working quite as they were intended to be. Quite frankly, the entire weekend was a complete and utter disaster, but it was still the most fun I've had gaming in the past six weeks (the last Beta Weekend Event).
Now I find myself in reflection, thinking about how close the game may or may not be to release. After everything bad that happened, I still want to play. That to me is a very good sign. That to me is a very healthy sign. And that sort of sign, really shouldn't be ignored. Ever since February 2012, I've really been keeping my ear to the ground on this one. Been keeping a close look, reading articles, forming guilds, and trying to put together material people can use and enjoy for the upcoming title. Now, more than four months have gone by and I find myself feeling just a little bit frustrated.

I imagine this frustration will grow, but in small, tiny increments. For instance, I was sweating bullets when it came to wondering when the Beta was going to happen back in March of this year. So much was happening, Beta Invites coming through and then a Pre-Purchase!? People falling over one another just to log in and submit a code onto an online profile, just to have it say “Congratulations, you've purchased the game! Stay tuned for information about future Beta Tests.
At the end of April, all of my questions were laid to rest and I could finally spend time just sitting back and playing. After the weekend ended, I felt completely sated and satisfied. Years of pent-up frustration has been ejected from me like a tween-boy who finally figured out how to bring himself to orgasm, and perhaps the end result was equally messy.
Six weeks later, we get to do it all over again with some improvements. Indeed, the game had a lot of differences in it, but ultimately it was the same game and really had the same feel. I liked it, it was very nice. I felt happy and comfortable, and even though something may have gone wrong or maybe I found something to be broken --- at the end of the day none of it matter. I had fun. I had a lot of fun. I can safely say that.
I had so much fun I question myself, would I still give Guild Wars 2 the benefit of the doubt and keep playing, and keep giving their game positive PR even though the game was breaking on a daily basis and even my most favorite toys were ruined for several hours --- would I still keep playing? Yes. I fully know, through and through, I would keep playing. I'm a loyal gamer. I'm not a whiner, though I do complain a lot, but I'm not going to bitch my way into another game – because frankly I've found the game for me. That game is Guild Wars 2.
At this point, the only way they are going to lose me as a customer and eager GemStore money giver is by pulling a StarWars NGE and completely flipping the game onto its head and started all over again. I don't see that happening, and quite frankly it's laughable to even think a mistake like that is going to happen twice in my lifetime. I know, beyond a doubt, Guild Wars 2 isn't ready for release. But I really don't care. I'm really one those people who can devote hours of my time and life to spilling into the game because I want to see it blossom and become a fantastic piece of work.
I've spent years of my life in Final Fantasy XI because no other game really matched what it was. But now, Guild Wars 2 has come along and I really don't want to see it turn out bad. But at the same time, I really don't want to sit patiently for release, nor do I want them to hold back on announcing another BWE. The fact that the last one took them five weeks to announce was pretty painful enough, but waiting that duration again? Well that would just be bloody sadistic at this point. I don't think I can endure that kind of pain.
My Summer has only just started, and each day I see it getting shorter and shorter. Each day I see that I'm not doing something that I could be physically enjoying aside from my other daily activities. This is really the only time when I can spend day in and day out just pouring over a game, for when the Summer ends my life begins again and my business kicks up as well as more of my Graduate courses. All that precious, precious time I could be spending working and helping to tweak Guild Wars 2 and just have a bloody good time doing it --- wasted.
At this point, I'm starting to feel like the game may actually benefit from – at the very least, events which happen each and every weekend. Of course I would like an all-out release. But in all seriousness, they really should step up the pace, and start assuring the public that they are on some kind of home stretch. While it may not happen, and more than likely will not happen, I cannot help but feel like it really would be the right course of action for ArenaNet to take.
I know it's probably just my system yearning to play, but it's really starting to eat me up. My patience is really starting to get thin, and with each BWE I admit --- it's getting thinner. Each time I play, I really only want more. Each day I spend in the game, means less days I'd be willing to wait to continue. For as I grow in my knowledge of the game, there is more I want to do. There is more I want to try, and it becomes difficult to put those desires aside as I wait for the next signal.
I know I will have to wait, just like everyone else. But something needs to change. If not now, then especially after the third BWE. By then, I fear a lot of people are going to be crying foul at that point. So many people were optimistic for a June release back in March, that is why I dropped my money. Something really does need to happen at the end of June. I'm not saying a release, but something to change the face of the game before people become too frustrated. Just think about it.