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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Fanboys Not Allowed! That should be all gamers rallying cry!

Posted by Teala Tuesday December 27 2011 at 1:33PM
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Wow...I love when a new MMO releases.   Gives me lots of material for my blog!  Thank you SW:TOR and BIOWARE!  You're my new muse!  

I think I have covered this topic before, let me check...on second thought...let's just do this, again, even if I have covered it before - what the hell - MMO's use this model all the time!  Woohoo! 

I am going to catch a ton of flak for this, then again, that's OK...makes me tough!  Rawwwwwrrrr!  Plus I have a good flak jacket and goggles for all the incoming poo being slung my way.   So let's lock and load this puppy!


The biggest problem with the gaming industry today is >>>> FANBOYS / FANGRLS

Saying it here and now, possibly again, for the bazillionth time, because in these types of peoples minds, and in their eyes, their precious game is perfect.    They refuse to see even the biggest flaws in a game, and discount anything anyone else says, lashing out at anyone saying anything remotely critical of their game.   Whether the person is being honest in their opinion or not, and has a legitimate complaint, issue, or criticism of a game - to the zealot fan it doesn't matter - "YOU ARE A HATER! YOU ARE A TROLL!"

It's OK to really like, or even love a game, but to deny that a game has any shortcomings, or maybe flawed, or not so polished, and finished, is, to the zealot fan of a game, an immediate call to retaliate and do whatever they can to shout down a games critic.  Even if the critic is right, the fan will deny, make excuses, or spin what the critic says in order to make that persons point of view disenginious or just outright false.  

Seen it, been there, and yes, go to any gaming forum and you will see this.   Even on's forum this is practiced and widely used by over zealot fans.

I say this is bad on the gaming industry because, IN MY OPINION, when fans of these games refuse to acknowledge a games flaws, issues and shortcomings, and proclaim a game to be perfect, that is sending the wrong message to the people that design and make these games.   

It really bunches up my knickers(yes that is a word - google it), when people, players, gamers, whatever, refuse to acknowledge that something is not "PERFECT!"   What can I say...the Universe is not a perfect place.   It isn't.   In fact it is because the Universe is not perfect that we even exist! 

When you proclaim a game perfect, you are sending a message to the game designers that their game is perfect, and there is no incentive and no reason for them to fix, or try harder to fix an existing game, or to deliver better games.    I am sorry...I love Skyrim...I love Mount and Blade:Warband, and even I(two games I am a huge fan of BTW(huge doesn't even start to cover how much I love these two games)), can see these games shortcomings, and point out the flaws, and issues these games have.    Go read my reviews of those two games.   I can love the game, but I am not going to proclaim them perfect, and discount the problems with the game.

Not just no, I am not going to do that - but, hell no, I am not going to do that!

I am going to call the developers out on their mistakes and point out the flaws of their game so that they can make the game better.    I want a better game, so that it enhances my over all enjoyment playing it. 

Second reason this is bad on the gaming industry.

When the zealot fans start their hype and proclomations that X game is perfect that sends a signal to other gamers, that, the game is perfect.   Then when Jack and Jill gamer buy the game and see that the game is not perfect...guess what?   Jack and Jill gamer are like, WTF!  Why didn't anyone tell me this game was like this?  Why can't  I do this?  Where is this feature in the game?  Why doesn't this game allow me to do this when it is a basic game element of games like this?

Jack and Jill then come to message boards or go to the official message boards and start complaining.  They ask how come this game is like is not perfect...why were we not told that this game is missing even this basic feature we've come to expect in our games?

Well Jack and Jill gamer, someone did try to tell you, but we were shouted down by the fanboys and fangirls of this game, and you were told that the game was perfect - remember?   

Then the next step of Jack and Jill gamer is to go to their friends, and gaming forums, and you know what they do?  They tell friends, people on forums...don't play X game.  It is not perfect.   It is a bad game.   Next thing you X is on everyones "this game sucks" list and the game then becomes unpopular.  And instead of seeing lots of constructive criticism all we will see or hear is, "THIS GAME SUCKS!"

For MMO's this can mean one thing - it means less subscribers.   It means ghost town like servers with less people to play with because lots of people left the game.  It also means the game company producing it has less money coming in to keep developing their game.   Then the game company has to make a choice.  Either they stop development or slow it down and new content and bug fixes are slower coming in, or the game goes free-2-play, or they just shut the game down all together.  

Is that really what we gamers want?  Do we really want to see more and more of these games launched half-baked only to see them either get shutdown or go free-2-play and stop growing?  Especially AAA title games?  Guild Wars/NCSoft is excused from this model since some how they defy all other game companies and allow people to play for free.   I dunno how they manage to do this and keep putting out content, but they do.  ::shrugs::  It'll be intersting to see how their no subscription fee will work on GW2, since it will be a full-fledge MMO.  

Anyways...that is for another topic, but the fact remains, AAA MMO's live and die by subscriptions.    Not all, but most do. 

What else does it do to the game industry when fanboi's and fangrls scream that X game is perfect!  It stagnates the genre.   Tell me, what innovation have you really seen in the Call of Duty games, or the Battlefield games series?   Yeah..not much have you.   Basically re-skinned, some new destroyable game world pieces, new map, but all in all what has really changed?   Not much.  COD still has the same boring arse small maps.  BF3 added a couple of new tweaks and destructable assets in game, but over all...meh, the game is just the same thing - but looks prettier.  

So, will we ever see Battefield 4: LET'S GET MEDIEVAL!   How about a co-op conquest game for Battlefield series based on medieval warfare of Europe where players can battle it our for England, France, Italy- the Holy Lands - using medieval weapons and settings?  Doubtful.   Because all we've been getting from these two companies over the past few years is the same game - just re-hashed - over and over again.   Anyone want to see something new!  Something innovative?

Never going to happen if the zealot fans of these games don't stop and say...hey, "Can we please have something different.  Your game is getting old...we've been there and done this all ready.   How about something different for a change?"

We as gamers owe it to ourselves to me very vigilant and watchful of people like this.   Because it is these people that are not helping anyone or any game.    In fact these are the very people that are hurting the games industry more than anything else.    I am telling you here and now, it is OK to be critical of a game.  Even if a game is good...::cough:: Skyrim ::cough::, doesn't mean we cannot point out its issues and flaws, "Bethesda really screwed up with the console to PC port of this game - WTF were you thinking Bethesda?!" - see, the world did not implode.   Praise it for its good, but have the nerve to also bring up the things that are wrong with it.    We as gamers owe it to ourselves to be critical of game companies...because if we do not hold these game designers and publishers butts to the fire...guess what, we get what we deserve.


Special Note:

Bashing a game is when someone says nothing critical about a game, they just say things like, 'this game sucks', or 'this is the worst game ever'.  That is a troll, that is someone bashing a game.

Being critical of a game is when someone says something about an element or feature of a game, for instance, 'UI is not customizable', 'character creation is not up to par', or 'game is very linear in its game play'.   Those are critical statements.

Constructive criticism, is when someone says, "the UI in the game is not adjustable, Bioware should allow players to resize and move around the UI.' or 'There is no target of target in game, this is something Bioware needs to put in especially for healing classes.'