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Teala's Wickedly Cool Blog For The Masses

Just my thoughts on MMO's, roleplaying, game companies, and the people that play these games.

Author: Teala

Am I the only player left in the world...

Posted by Teala Wednesday December 23 2009 at 11:49AM
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Am I the only player left in the world that wishes to see an MMORPG that is built around a virtual world, filled with wonder and adventure and has combat like that which we see in a game like Mount and Blade where player skill and knowledge of the weapons will determine the outcome of a fight instead of some random number generator?

Seriously...I am getting seriously bored with today's button mashing hotkeyed games that are full of flash and auto targeting. Where is the excitement and the fury of a battle where you face your opponent in combat with just your shield and sword, where your characters life is one sword swipe away from death? OMG how I would love an MMORPG with Mount and Blades combat system.

Unless you've played Mount and Blade you'll no doubt not understand where I am coming from, but once you've tasted the style of combat one finds in that game you'll find yourself wishing and longing that you could play your Blood Elf or your Tauren in an MMORPG with that kind of combat.

Plus where is the dungeon crawls? OMG not the lame arse dungeons we see in current MMORPG's. I'm talking dungeon crawls that require you to be on your toes at all times because of tricks and traps and all manner of beasties that hide in dark. gloomy places and jump out at you making you flinch because it happened so fast. I'm not talking the strategically placed MOBS that always spawn in the same place in a dungeon like you see in WoW or a lot of these other MMO's. I'm talking about ruins that have catacombs beneath them with narrow passages and chambers filled with all manner of horror and death to those that may wonder into them looking for a long lost wondrous treasure. One dungeon that I loved in one of these recently released games came from the game Vanguard. I know...I know...just hear me out.

See this place sets the mood first. As you approach the entrance to this dungeon you notice the area around it goes all gloomy and you know that something sinister is afoot and it makes you sit up and be prepared. The sky goes dark, a mist covers the ground and the trees have cobwebs and gnarled branches and you hear strange noises...OMG it can freak you out.  Then to top it off there is a sign at the entrance that warns of the death that awaits those foolish enough to enter.   This sent shivers up my spine because when I played I heard tales of this place from otehr players telling me to avoid the heartache and pain that I would find in that place.  They told me to literally forget it and move on.   To wait until I had a lot more experince before attempting it.    They were serious...and I soon learned why.

Once inside this dungeon of terror, you encounter spiders and such and  the way the lighting is done a small spider can cast a huge shadow on the wall and you think to yourself OMG how big is that spider we're about to encounter? Then some spiders drop from cobwebs that cover the roof of the spider tunnels and some spiders pop out from around dark corners right in your face - making loud hissing sounds as they gnash at you with their nasty pincers or try to stick you with their stinger. OMG that dungeon had it going on and I will never forget the time I spent exploring that spider hole from hell. That is what a dungeon should do and it should be a challenge to make it in and out alive...and that one truly was a fun, memorable romp.

OMG I am so sick of having to grind for gear! Please of please...just let me find some decent armor, a good sword and maybe a bow that I can use to slay my enemies that will last the lifetime of my character! I do not need some flaming sword of death or burning skull staff of doom! N0... just a simple scimitar and shield is all I ask for. To many games are so gear centric that that is what the games all about is gear! So much so that when you do get that good gear you discover that your character looks and behaves just like the next Joe/Jill gamer # 420, 678....doesn't that get old? God I hate it.

I so wish for the day when I can customize and create a unique character that looks totally different and plays the way I like and wish to play in a virtual world and not some never changing world of pre-placed - never changing mobs whose AI is so predictable that you can set up a macro to kill them because they always behave the same way. I know game designers can do better - so do it!

Details - details - details.   WoW got this right when it comes to details.   Watch your character one time.   They fricking breath!  Yes - just watch.   They are animated to show your character breathing.    When in cold areas and they exhale you see their steaming breath~!   That kind of detail you'll not see in other games.    This I would like to see and more.    When a game designer takes the time to polish the details it makes the game that much enjoyable to it really to much to ask other game designers to pay attention to the small details as they do with the big ones?   I think not.    So come on...when you make game - make it seem alive and not dead and stagnate!  OK!  Blizzard did a great job here in a lot of ways...I just wish it wasn't so theme parky.   Plus  I wish we players had more impact on the world itself and - like over hunting an area causes certain mobs to migrate or not hunting causes things to certain MOB's become so abundant that they start randomly attacking towns and villages and can even over run them!   That is what we need.  

OMG I am telling you...the time has come for a game that pushes the limits of technology and gives us a hybrid virtual world/theme park/sandbox/fps/rpg game. more than ever we need a game like like this. We need designers to go back to the basics and look at this genre and shake it up the way WoW did. We need innovative game mechanics that put the action and game play truly into the hands of the gamer to allow them more control than ever before on how their character, looks, behaves, and acts in a game and how they can impact that world through their actions and interaction with it.

A game like this can be made - come on designers - use your creative brilliance and really give us a cool arse MMORPG the way one should be made!  Surely I am not the last gamer who loves MMORPG's that wishes for such a game?